Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner Sculling Her Wine On The Big Screen At A Hockey Game Would Make Cersei Proud

Joe Jonas watching her chug is what I imagine true love to look like.

While of all the Game of Thrones characters, the Lannisters are the family known for their love of wine, Sansa Stark could clearly take Cersei in a chug-off.

Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa, obviously) proved as much last night when she was spotlighted on the jumbotron at a New York Rangers hockey game, and voluntarily sculled her entire glass of red wine. She’s come so far!

The stadium big screen was showing some Game of Thrones footage of Sansa Stark as part of their ‘Celebrity Welcomes’ tributes, and Sophie Turner proudly embraced the spotlight by cheering, dabbing, and chugging.

Like a true queen.

Turner wiped off the red wine dripping down her face with her arm and cheered for her own victory. This is the kind of excellence we want to see on the Iron Throne.

To top it all off, we have Sophie Turner’s fiancé Joe Jonas sitting beside her, proudly watching her scull and cheer on the big screen.

Just look at the admiration in his eyes. And look at the red wine on her face. Everything about this vignette is poetic.

Sophie Turner’s general awesomeness just reinforces why Sansa Stark is my favourite character on Game of Thrones and they best not be killing her off in the final season.

Joe Dempsie Laments The Main Challenge Of His Return As Gendry To Game Of Thrones

Better than rowing though.

For a long time it really seemed as if Gendry, the talented blacksmith and unacknowledged bastard child of former King Robert Baratheon, would never return to Game of Thrones.

He rowed away into the horizon in season three to escape sure death by the Red Woman, but he never rowed out of our hearts.

But the neglect of Gendry’s just-keep-rowing story line became a joke that even Joe Dempsie (who plays Gendry) got around.

Eventually when Gendry made his long-awaited return to Game of Thrones in season seven, the show itself even poked fun of Gendry’s extremely long rowing stint via Davos.

Classic Davos. Big lolz all around.

According to Joe Dempsie, the rowing gag wasn’t the biggest challenge he faced returning to Game of Thrones, though he did admit to Entertainment Weekly that, “It became my daily life…There was no escaping it.”

But Gendry eventually came back and ventured north of the Wall with his new big-ass warhammer, looking better than ever. According to Dempsie the stunt team told him to build his strength by practicing with a real hammer, which was seriously anticlimactic when his GoT warhammer turned out to be foam.

“I spent probably three months like a psychopath in my garden, swinging a sledgehammer around,” he said, laughing. “So I was the strongest I’ve ever been, trying to make a foam hammer look heavy.”

Of course Joe Dempsie’s problem was being too strong for his light little hammer. Bless our strong boy!

Apparently as time passed, it became harder to believe Gendry would actually come back. It definitely felt that way from an audience perspective. But when he finally got the call saying his character finally makes a return in season seven, Dempsie explained,

‘It almost felt like a new job because the influence and the impact of the show changed so much over those years,” he said. “It was like getting a call out of the blue, saying, ‘Hey, so do you fancy stepping into the biggest TV show on the planet?’”

And we are glad to have our strapping lad Gendry who is too strong for his big hammer back in action for the final season.

Jonas Brothers Recreating Year 3000 For A 2019 Parody Somehow Makes Everything Feel Better

The wigs!!!

Back in 2006, the Jonas Brothers did an unforgettable cover of ‘Year 3000’, a song originally by British pop punk band, Busted.

Everything about the JoBros music video is so gloriously of the era, and the cover still bangs.

But they’ve brought that era back to life as a special treat on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and brought us the most spectacular recreation of the hit single adapted for the year 2019.

The Jonas Brothers have blessed us with ‘Year 2019’, a parody of the original hit with lyrics to describe the wild world we are living in right here and right now.

Between swipes at the current President and lyrics celebrating the band being back together, there are plenty of gems like this in the rewrite:

“I took a trip to 2019, so many brand new milks that we are trying. Cashew, almond, flax milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk, hemp and goat milk.”

“We thought the future would be the best, so what’s new with Kanye West? (Uhhhhh)”

“You can filter any photo/ Look I’m a dog, a sexy dog!”

But please enjoy this masterpiece for yourself in its entirety.

The song parody itself is fantastic but Nick, Joe and Kevin’s recreations of their 2006 ~looks~ really steals the show.

Nick Jonas reuniting with his big curls is almost as exciting as the band reuniting.

Cheers to the Jonas Brothers for this light-hearted parody of the messed up stuff that’s going down in 2019, it actually helps to laugh about it.


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