Game Of Thrones Showrunners Confirm They're Another Example Of White Men Failing Upwards

It's a miracle Game of Thrones got made at all.

Stories of how Game of Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, struggled to get the show off the ground is basically television lore at this point. But as it turns out, not only was it a miracle that the show was made at all, the duo proved that they’re just another pair of white men who managed to fail their way upwards.

To white men failing upwards!

With the backlash over the final Game of Thrones season finally over (more or less), David Benioff and Dan Weiss emerged from their hiding place to do a panel for the Austin Film Festival. Talking about how the show came together, it seems like it was less about being meticulously prepared and more “making it up was we went along and hoping for the best.”

Twitter user ForArya managed to keep a record of what was said by the duo and it was a surprisingly open and frank discussion on how the pair got away with everything in making the show.

They talked about their meeting with George R.R. Martin and the duo were forced to admit to the author that they didn’t have any TV credentials or experience, and was baffled why he trusted them with “his life’s work.” Trust me, we’re wondering too.

The revealing anecdotes only escalated from there as they again talked about how awful the original Game of Thrones pilot episode was before revealing how they made every mistake that was possible to make in the process, and yet HBO still went ahead with the show because apparently the network had a lot riding on the series.

One good thing did come of this phase and that was the casting of Jason Momoa, who David and Dan found by scouring internet fan pages, so there’s a silver lining of sorts at least.

The duo revealed how woefully ill-equipped they were when it came to working with various production departments, such as the costume designers, and how making Game of Thrones was essentially film school for them that was funded by HBO.

Perhaps the most surprising (or unsurprising) reveal was how David and Dan didn’t understand the many characters in the series. Since this is a fundamental problem in any TV show, the pair resorted to letting the actors do the work for them by allowing them to define the characters before simply writing for the actors.

On the topic of the writing for Game of Thrones, the show was notable for the lack of a writer’s room compared to other shows and it was simply because David and Dan “didn’t know better” and decided to write everything themselves.

HBO twisted their arm and they eventually hired Bryan Cogman (their assistant) to write for the show. When asked why there weren’t women or people of colour writing for them, the pair said they had Vanessa Taylor and David Hill (who is of Asian descent) do some writing for them but they wouldn’t properly hire writers unless they were willing to be part of the production team, presumably because they knew they were in over their heads and desperately needed help.

Vanessa ultimately ended up leaving Game of Thrones to write The Shape of Water with Guillermo Del Toro and was nominated for an Oscar for it.

When asked about the actual writing process and how they tried to understand and condense the novels’ dense themes and elements into something digestible for TV, David and Dan basically said “nah, we didn’t do any of that actually.”

In addition to removing “as many fantasy elements as possible” to appeal to a wide audience, the duo said that since Game of Thrones‘ scope was so big, they boiled it down to a show about “power.”

With so much they didn’t know about both Game of Thrones and making TV in general, you would’ve thought David Benioff and Dan Weiss would go around seeking as much feedback as possible.

Turns out they tried that once but got upset after reading some fan feedback online and decided to not bother going forward.

The entire thread is stuffed full of tea and deserves to be read in full. But the biggest takeaway from it all, other than David Benioff and Dan Weiss being incompetent filmmakers who somehow conned HBO into greenlighting Game of Thrones, is how the entire series is yet another depressing example of more white men failing their way into success.

There’s no denying that film and TV productions are the result of many mistakes, compromises and a whole lot of trial and error. But hearing the creators of the biggest fantasy series ever admit that they were woefully ill-equipped for the task or why they were even given the greenlight in the first place is a big kick in the teeth to all the equally – if not better – qualified women and people of colour who were denied these sorts of opportunities over the years simply because they weren’t white men who can bullcrap their way through almost anything.

Gwyneth Paltrow Phoned It In For 'The Politician' Because She Just Wanted To Run Goop

Jade eggs take precedence over memorising lines.

We like a good-natured dogpile on Gwyneth Paltrow here at GOAT whenever it is warranted, and boy did she serve up a doozy this time around as she somehow managed to involve her Netflix show The Politician and Goop.

Speaking to Variety, her costar in The Politician, Ben Platt, said they didn’t have to do many takes while on set because:

“a) she’s brilliant and she never needs more than a few [takes] and b) she simply doesn’t have time so whenever Gwyneth was there, everyone is on their toes and working at their most efficient level.”

Alright, save those tears because there’s a “but” coming.

That’s a pretty positive recollection of Ben’s time with Gwyneth on The Politician but it all reads differently when you hold his quote side-by-side to what Politician creator (and her husband) Brad Falchuk said about her.

Speaking to Elle, Brad said not only did The Politician production team agree to work around her schedule, it even agreed to cut some of her lines in an attempt to streamline everything for her.

“She’d show me a giant chunk of her dialogue and be like, ‘I have a board meeting in two days. Please don’t make me do this.'”

So in short, Gwyneth Paltrow wanted to work less hours and memorise less lines because she’d rather run Goop than act in The Politician and wanted to be more efficient with her time.


To be fair though, Gwyneth is a pretty damn good actress (she won an Oscar for crying out loud) so there’s merit in Ben’s recollection of her nailing scene after scene in a small number of takes.

But seeing as how Gwyneth can’t seem to remember her Marvel co-stars or all those MCU films she’s been in, we also shouldn’t be surprised Gwyneth phoned it in just a little bit on the Politician set. Jade eggs and whatever the hell Goop sells are clearly higher on the priority list than some “tiny” Netflix show.

Oh Gwyneth Paltrow, please keep serving up the tea because it’s hot and we can’t get enough, especially if Goop and her husband is involved.

The Conspiracy Behind BoJack Horseman’s Inability To Hold A Phone Has Been Cracked

Seriously, how does he operate a phone like that?

Netflix’s BoJack Horseman has been one of the greatest animated TV shows to hit our screens in recent years due to its ability to juggle moments of brilliant comedy with soul-crushing examinations into depression and life’s tribulations.

It’s also been the source of one of animated TV’s greatest mysteries: why does BoJack Horseman hold his phone like a moron?

If you watch any scene from the show where he speaks to someone on his phone, you’ll notice how he holds it against his cheek rather than his ear.

You’re not going to express anything through that phone if you use it like that.

The enormous distance between the phone and BoJack’s ear will render any call moot since he won’t be able to hear anything clearly. And when you consider the gap between the phone and his mouth, the person on the other end of the line won’t be able to clearly hear him either.

Seriously, how does that work? It’s like the whole “Arthur’s headphones” meme all over again but somehow even more baffling.

This makes no sense.

After literally years of continuously binging the show on Netflix and pondering on the logistics of this, we’ve finally been given an explanation from BoJack Horseman producer and production designer, Lisa Hanawalt.

She explains that the team were well aware of the weird problem and while she got “maybe too annoyed” at the fan complaints, many conversations were had over decision to have BoJack hold his phone the way he does.

But despite putting so much time into coming up with potential solutions – such as having BoJack alternate between holding the phone to his ear and mouth, and having his very own gigantic BoJack Horsephone© – everything still ended up looking “stupid.”

These solutions also caused unexpected headaches for the animators and writers, and the BoJack Horseman team decided to just have him hold his phone to his cheek, suspension of disbelief and logic be damned.

It’s almost a shame we never got to see the BoJack Horsephone© because seeing him deal with a phone that big on a daily basis would’ve been an all-time great sight gag in a show filled with them.

For those wondering why the BoJack Horseman team didn’t just give BoJack a Netflix-branded earpiece or something, Lisa explained it in very simple terms that he “never really seemed like a Bluetooth guy!”

Okay fair enough, earpieces are definitely more of a Princess Carolyn thing anyway.

Looking stupid, and writing and animation difficulties isn’t exactly the greatest explanation as to why BoJack (and most folk in Hollywoo) hold their phones like a weirdo, but hey, at least we got some closure on this dumb mystery.

At the end of the day, we have to give credit to the BoJack Horseman team for doing their best in trying to solve a problem no one really expected.

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