Game Of Thrones' Reason For Why Jon Snow Didn't Farewell Ghost Is Weak

Not good enough. <br />

Game of Thrones Season 8 has been a wild ride, and I don’t say that positively.

The first four episodes have been a mix of pure love, shock and hatred directed at HBO.

But the biggest shock of them all nay, the biggest let down in the history of Game of Thrones came this week when Jon Snow left Ghost behind without so much as a goodbye.

Ghost has been around for about half of Jon’s life but apparently loyalty means nothing to the ‘honourable’ Jon Snow.

Long story short: Ghost deserved better.

Posted by Game Of Memes on Monday, 6 May 2019

The director of the episode, David Nutter, has attempted to explain why Jon didn’t have any interaction with Ghost in this scene.

I say attempted because, frankly, it’s not good enough.

“Well the good thing was [Ghost] wasn’t right next to the actors and so forth, so there wasn’t any issues with green screen or situations where we’re dealing with any kind of rotoscoping,” he told INSIDER.

Simply put, Ghost and Jon were kept seperate to simplify the filming process and streamline editing in post-production.

Jon has been shown patting Ghost in past seasons so I call B.S. on this ‘reason’. It feels like more of an excuse to me.


The whole thing felt like HBO saying “we’ve run out of money for CGI direwolves, sorry guys” which just makes me mad. Fair enough if you don’t have money guys (I get that, I really do) but you could have at least made the scene more impactful.

I don’t know, maybe show Ghost running after Jon or something. I wanted to feel things. I wanted to CRY. Instead I just wanted to punch Jon in his constipated face for being a heartless idiot.

Ghost. Deserved. Better.

*louder for the people in the back*



This Jon Snow Theory Is Just An Attempt To Make Him Seem Less Useless In The Battle Of Winterfell

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

It’s hard when your favourite heroes don’t fulfil your expectations.

Take Jon Snow, for example. He’s been groomed at THE hero of Game of Thrones for the most part of eight seasons. He’s a kick arse fighter, a natural leader, and has cheated death. The dude’s practically invincible and we were all rooting for him to kill The Night King.

But thing’s went down much differently in Game of Thrones’ Season 8 episode ‘The Long Night’.

I’m still trying to get my head around THAT Arya scene. I fluctuate between “oh my god what a total badass” and “how the hell did she manage that it makes zero sense.”

Well, some people think they’ve cracked exactly how Arya pulled off her surprise attack. Apparently, she had a little help from Jon Snow himself.

I bet you do, Jon.

In the episode, Jon’s shining moment was when he stood up and literally stared into the face of danger by screaming at the un-dead dragon Viserion. It’s terrifying and totally stupid.

While it looked to me like Jon was screaming total nonsense at the dragon, a new theory suggests he was actually shouting “go go go” as Arya blurs past him.

If you have another listen you can definitely hear it:

Fans think Jon was deliberately distracting Viserion so Arya could make it into the Godswood. Jon, once again, proved he was the ultimate hero by being willing to sacrifice himself to kill the Night King.

It makes sense and definitely fits Jon’s character trope. But if you ask me it’s just disappointed fans trying to cling at straws. The reality is that Jon was completely useless during The Battle of Winterfell. He was too busy flying around on dragon back to fight 99% of the time and, when he was on the ground, all the did was charge angrily at The Night King.

Jon dropped the ball on this one. He wasn’t the hero we all expected him to be and that’s okay. Our girl Arya pulled through for everyone.

Yeah she is!

Game Of Thrones' Battle Of Winterfell Makes An Important Point About Ethnic Discrimination And Expendability

For the night is dark and full of white supremacy.

Everyone has been talking about the hot mess that was Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell.

It was too dark, the editing was confusing, you couldn’t see a thing, the plot twist was a lot, it was too damn dark and we didn’t know who was dying because it was dark, did I mention?

The internet isn’t happy. Hell, I’m not happy. I watched it in pitch black darkness at 12am with my glasses on and still struggled to see.

But there’s one thing that no one is talking about: the mass genocide that happened at the start of the episode.

I’m talking about the entire Dothraki army getting slaughtered in a matter of seconds (which was probably one of the only battle scenes you could see clearly).

The Dothraki dying is sad for obvious reasons- death isn’t fun. Watching a whole race of people cease to exist is a whole new level of ‘not fun’. Then when you start to think about WHY they died things get even more not fun and, honestly, just makes me mad.

Let’s think about the battlefield layout for the Battle of Winterfell, shall we.

The Dothraki were on the front lines, the Unsullied were behind them and then the armies of Westeros were at the very back and inside Winterfell.

There’s a distinct racial divide. Clearly, the more ethnically diverse armies are the more expendable ones. The armies that don’t prescribe to ‘acceptable’ codes of practice.

The Dothraki are a wild people and the unsullied are bloodthirsty fighters which ultimately makes them more expendable than the armies of Westeros.

Apparently, the colour of your skin, the armour you wear and the weapon you fight with determine your value as a human being.

Spoiler: if you’re not white, don’t wear chainmail and don’t use a sword you don’t matter.

Yes Donald, it is.

The Dothraki rush into an enemy they cannot see and are sacrificed for the greater good while the white armies watch on from their castle.

Only once the threat had been scoped out do the armies of Winterfell charge forward and into battle.

Only once an entire race of people has been wiped out do they step in- because they have no one else to fight in their place.

The thing that confuses me most about this tactic is that Daenerys allowed it to happen in the first place. Her bond with the Dothraki people goes back years and for her to willingly sacrifice them on the front lines is a shame.

Maybe we can put the decision down to ignorance. Dany isn’t exactly a well-practiced fighter or tactical planner. She’s always had people to help her. 

Or maybe the decision is white supremacy in action. Maybe, Dany values her life more than those of her followers. It wouldn’t be the first time a leader felt that way.

They say all is fair in love and war, but this doesn’t feel fair at all.

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