Game Of Thrones Director Finally Addresses Daenerys' Last Scenes And It Makes Total Sense

"She’s not questioning herself anymore."

One of the directors of Game of Thrones, Miguel Sapochnik, has finally addressed the controversy surrounding the huge change in Daenerys character in the final episodes of the show.

Sapochnik, who directed the third and fifth episodes of the season has revealed to IndieWire that he never questioned Dany’s dark turn in the end.

Many fans questioned how Daenerys could do what she did in episode five, The Bells, after she had devoted herself to freeing slaves and protecting the innocent. But the director’s answer is simple: she had gone mad, just like her father.

“The way she has treated humans, and the conviction she has, means that conviction is eventually going to fall afoul.”

Sapochnik, who had hoped to also direct episode four but was unable to, said he didn’t want the audience to see Dany’s reaction to Missandei’s death until the opening of The Bells.

Credit: HBO

“We said, ‘You’ve never been like this,'” said Sapochnik. “It was this idea of us trying to piece her back together, but something’s broken.”

He added that Missandei’s death signalled the beginning of Dany’s descent into madness and he wanted the juxtaposition with Tyrion who had made a number of mistakes and was questioning everything.

“She’s not questioning herself anymore, which is the difference between somebody who, I think, has kind of lost their mind.”

“That’s part of what makes us human, is we question whether we’ve made the right decisions or not.”

During the episode, Dany agrees to stop her attack if the bells in the city ring to signify a surrender, however once she saw the Red Keep – the symbol of everything she’d ever lost – she couldn’t stop herself.

Credit: HBO

Sapochnik decided while shooting the episode not to cut back to Dany for an interesting reason.

“At that point, you don’t need to see her. We decided not to cut back to her. When she makes that decision, she and the dragon become one.”

“The destruction of King’s Landing, for me, has always been an audience participation event. You wanted this, you wanted this, you wanted this. Here. Is that really what you wanted?”

“I felt like there was this thing of this bloodthirstiness that exists in the fans, for revenge, for this payback that is personified by Dany. I just wanted to get to the core of what that actually means.”

“Because even though the characters that don’t exist in the end, what you’re looking for, as an audience member, is death and destruction. I wanted people to know how bad death and destruction can be in the safe environment they’re living in.”

He added that he wanted to draw your attention to the regular people who lived in the city.

“What I wanted to get to in King’s Landing was the idea that every single f***ing one of these characters matters. Not just the characters, but the extras, and the people you don’t know, and all the people you’ll never see, and never know about. They all matter.

“That’s maybe me, or maybe that’s Dan and David [Weiss and Benioff], I don’t know. But it was something that evolved out of the need, or my desire, to not just add to the equation of violence in television, but rather to at least propose, ‘Think about it.’”

So, does this change how you feel about the final episodes of the show?

Game Of Thrones' Composer Confirms This Wedding Theory About Brienne And Jaime And Now We're Crying

We'll never be able to watch this scene the same way!

Warning: This post is dark and full of spoilers.

The last episode of Game of Thrones may have aired almost a month ago now, but fans are still finding clues in the show’s ending.

During an interview with INSIDER, the show’s composer Ramin Djawadi confirmed a theory about Jaime and Brienne that was hidden in the song that plays when Brienne writes about Jaime in the White Book.

Credit: HBO

The song ‘The White Book’, begins with the same melody as the show’s love theme, ‘I Am Hers, She Is Mine’ and Djawadi has confirmed it wasn’t an accident.

He revealed, “It’s just a hint of what their relationship — if they had stayed together, if he was still alive — what it could have been.”

Credit: HBO

“What they could have become. That’s why I put that in there.”

Djawadi said that he thinks of the song ‘I Am Hers, She Is Mine’ as the show’s wedding theme. It first played on the show when Robb and Talisa consummated their relationship in season two.

He added, “I just threw that in there because I thought it would be a subtle nod to [Brienne and Jaime’s] relationship.”

“When she sits there and she thinks about him and writes down all the things he had done, the second half is the honor theme, but yeah a big chunk of that [song] is the wedding theme.”

Credit: HBO

So, now all we can think of is the fact that had Jaime stayed in Winterfell with Brienne they probably would have gotten married.

Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

Emilia Clarke's Biggest Regret About The Last Season Of Game Of Thrones Probably Isn't What You'd Expect

"I deeply regret it."

Since the final season of Game of Thrones aired, Emilia Clarke only has one thing that she “deeply regrets” about the whole thing, and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

During an interview for Variety done by Black Monday’s Regina Hall, Emilia was asked if she ever took anything from the set of the show and it turns out she never did!

Emilia said, “I didn’t take anything, and I deeply regret it, and I’m very annoyed. I’m really hoping that the showrunners give me a dragon. I need my smelly socks. I think I did take those.”

After starring on the show for almost ten years and pretty much all of her 20s, she never took anything from set?!

Surely the showrunners should give her something, maybe one of Daenerys’ rings or the crimson cape?

“Having it come to its completion feels utterly surreal. So much life has happened in the 10 years that I’ve been on the show. I’ve grown into a woman. I was 23. It’s been almost a year in post, and it’s taken me that long to come to terms with it. Where are my dragons? That famous line. Where the hell are they? It felt deeply emotional.”

While she may not have taken anything from set, Emilia does have something to commemorate her time on the show. The star has a tattoo of three tiny dragons on her wrist which she had done after the show finished shooting.

Other GoT stars made sure to take some kind of memento from the show with Jason Momoa revealing to Entertainment Weekly he took the tongue and throat that Khal Drogo ripped from an aggravated member of his khalasar.

He said, “I’m a big fan of taking the things that I worked with. So I have the souvenir of the tongue and the throat. That’s just on my desk.”

Meanwhile, Kit Harington kept the Jon Snow statue from the Winterfell crypts, while Maisie Williams kept Arya’s brown jacket.

Who knows, maybe Emilia will receive a different kind of keepsake for her time on Game of Thrones in the shape of an Emmy? We’ll find out next month when nominations are announced.

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