Fortnite Is Kicking Off A New Mode In Gradual Expansion To Dominate All Gaming Formats

This is Fortnite's world, we're just living in it.

Today Epic Games is launching a new mode on Fortnite, that lets players design, construct, and just hang out in their own environments, without the threat of being attacked. So basically, they’re edging into Minecraft territory.

The new option is called Fortnite Creative, and it’s set to be available from the main menu alongside the current modes, Save the World and Battle Royale.

In Creative mode, players choose from a selection of island shapes and are granted access to their own private landscape where they can roam freely.

You can go for an architectural flex and populate the land with an arrangement of pre-made buildings and scenic objects, but you can also create your own mini-games like deathmatch shoot-outs and obstacle courses, to play with friends.

If you buy the Season 7 Battle Pass you get early access to your private island playground, so let the next stage of the ever-growing Fortnite empire begin. 

Redditors Voted On The Ugliest Red Dead Redemption Character Creation Whose Unique Visage Haunts The Game

Creativity at its best.

Red Dead Redemptionreally does provide a nearly endless outlet for entertainment. You can spend hours on the fishing mini game, explore the flying horse function (AKA ‘glitch’), and if you’re playing online, you can channel your creative energy towards the making of your avatar.

As you’re wandering around the game, you see a real diversity of faces. So naturally, the people of Reddit have already put it to a vote to decide on whose freshly made characters are the best or most beastly.

The Reddit post awards a winner and runner up in the categories of ‘Best Look-A-Like’, ‘Best Original’, and, of course, ‘Ugliest’.

‘Ugliest Male Character’ has been awarded to Reddit user /u/nattynate12 for their creation of ‘Cricket‘. Cricket is a great example of how facial hair can really make or break you.

While I’m not accusing the voting system of corruption or anything necessarily, the female winner of the ‘Ugliest Character’ category is just…very normal looking. Not worth the title. If anything she’s rocking some cool hair and deserves an award just for that.

Meanwhile, in the ‘Original Character’ categories, we have some certified hotties. ‘Silas Jones‘ could 100% get it.

The best female ‘Original Character’, ‘Gringa Bandita‘ bares a real resemblance to Meghan Markle if you ask me, and she’s an all round beauty. Well done to /u/hailteamore7 for this original creation.

It’s good to know that the online Red Dead Redemption 2 game let’s you flex your latent Sims avatar-making skills. Be anyone you want to be, look any way you want to look, just make it unique.

This ‘If Fortnite Was In Australia’ Skit Is Actually A Cultural Masterpiece That Really Captures The Spirit Of The Game

"Do you want me to make you a tea or a Milo?"

“What are you looking for?”

“Guns you f**king d**khead.”

This pretty much sums up the exchange between the ‘player’ who is breaking and entering into a stranger’s house in the imagined world where Fortnite takes place in rural Australia. It’s a glorious thought experiment brought to life by YouTube channel Fairbairn Films, and the execution is a fine piece of comedy.

From falling out of the sky to enjoying a nice cuppa, this is the crossover content we didn’t know that we needed.

Watch to the end. Just trust me, do it.

The visionaries behind this skit also released ‘If Red Read Redemption Was In Australia‘ just last week, and they’ve racked up well over 1 million views on that video. These guys really know how to capture the spirit of the Aussie outback, and take the piss out of a game completely, through one innovative piece of content.

Who knew that at the intersection of gaming and Aussie culture, lay comedy gold?

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