McDonald’s Are Phasing Out Plastic Straws In Their UK Restaurants, No Word On Phasing Out Their Plastic Food

It’s the last straw… OK not really, but they’re working on it.

It’s been a long time coming but McDonald’s are slowly jumping on the ‘plastic is bad’ bandwagon, and are putting some top notch minimal effort into reducing waste and encouraging customers to get recycling.

Maccas in the UK will start trialing paper straws in some of their 1,300 restaurants as of May this year.

But here’s the catch, if you actually want a plastic straw, all you have to do is ask. They’ll still have them behind the counter, just not on the counter.

The straws are still being produced, and will eventually have to go somewhere when they’re either used, or discarded, so is this whole paper vs. plastic thing really going to do any good?

If you’re anything like me, your occasional trip to McDonald’s fits into either one of two categories: “I hate myself but let’s do this” or “Give me one of everything on the menu because I’m dying”.

Most people are there for an instant meal fix, so I’m not sure recycling is going to be their top priority unless it’s literally forced upon them (which it should be).

When I’m at McDonald’s I want to get in, get out, and eat my many reprehensible purchases in the privacy of my own car.

I’m not thinking about anything else, especially not the packaging I’m using.

But there’s a simple answer here that will steer us all in the right direction.

In order to make a real impact on the tonnes of plastic wasted by McDonald’s every day, all they have to do is remove the option of plastic straws entirely.

Don’t give us the option of choosing between paper or plastic.

Make the decision for us, and leave us to relax and chew knowing we’re only damaging our personal health, not the environment.

I’m hoping this initiative by McDonald’s will encourage better humans than me to be more aware of the impact of plastic products, practice waste reduction, and explore the benefits of recycling.

But I can’t helping thinking… wouldn’t it just make more sense just to ban the items that are doing the damage?

Just ditch ‘em, and get the UK on track to align with their goal of being completely free of avoidable plastic waste within the next 25 years.

A 2017 report by Zero Waste France claimed that as of last year, McDonald’s was using nearly 2.8 tonnes of packaging every single minute, and that its “insufficient” recycling and waste management methods needed to be revisited.

The French have a point.

Sure, introducing paper straws is a start, but it’s not enough when you think of what McDonald’s would actually be capable of achieving if they put in the effort.

There are plenty of other orgnisations and communities already flexing their sustainability muscles.

In Malibu, California, all plastic cutlery and drinking straws (pretty much anything that’s single-use plastic) will soon be banned, and plastic bags and Styrofoam have already been given the ol’ heave-ho.

In July of this year, the city of Seattle is also planning to ban plastic straws and cutlery, while the nation of Taiwan is set to be completely free of single-use plastics by 2030.

OK, Australia, so what are we doing?

Let’s get on it.

Tiffany Haddish Thinks We Should All Drink Turpentine To Rid Our Bodies Of Common Colds and Worms

Please stop taking medical advice from celebrities. Would you take driving lessons from a toddler? No, didn’t think so.

It’s important I say this up front – I am here to help you, not judge you.

As a former ‘do as the celebrities do’ addict, I finally know better after years of countless embarrassing Hollywood-influenced decisions.

Back in the day, before I had been shaken out of my celeb-obsessed stupor, I was one of the worst celebrity followers you’d ever seen.

When Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton made Von Dutch hats a thing? I bought three.

When I found out where Cate Blanchett and Jessica Gomes were going to get their facials done, I booked an appointment the next day and forked out $700 for the two-hour consult.

When Beyoncé divulged the details of her master cleanse, I bought boxes of cayenne pepper and maple syrup with the full intention of following in Bae’s footsteps.

In reality, I’m as much a lazy dieter as I am a lazy exerciser, so I never got passed the first three hours. But the intention was there.

Actual footage of me on a detox.

This week, the hilarious and talented Tiffany Haddish divulged some personal health advice during an interview with GQ magazine.

This advice turned out to be less side-splitting and more… head-scratchy.

Buried in amongst the anecdotes about Haddish’s personality traits and the story behind where her income has been going the last few years (she’s taking care of her mother and grandmother who both suffer from extensive health issues), Haddish divulged some life advice.

“A teaspoon of turpentine will not kill you. The government doesn’t want you to know that if you have a cold, just take some turpentine with some sugar or castor oil or honey and it’ll go away the next day.”


Umm… isn’t turpentine a poisonous oil distilled from pine gum or pine wood that is commonly used as a paint thinner?

Haddish goes on to tell the shocked interviewer that she discovered the benefits of turpentine after watching a YouTube video and purchasing a bottle of the toxic liquid from Amazon.


Haddish adds that “back during slavery”, people would often drink turpentine to cure their health problems. She then throws in a quick anecdote about how “there’s worms inside your body” and the interviewer appears justifiably confused…

But rather than grab the torches and pitchforks, let’s look at Haddish’s statements in a calm and collective manner.

There are a few problematic issues happening here. These tweets sum up the first and most important issue spectacularly.

There’s also the issue of celebrities not realising the immense responsibility placed on them when they offer health advice to literally millions of people – many who take their words as gospel.

This is both dangerous and irresponsible on the part of the celebrity, as well as the publication printing the quotes.

In Haddish’s case, her advice is extremely worrying.

Turpentine is a poison, and while she’s correct in saying that it was once used as a health remedy, it was dangerous then and is still dangerous now.

Taking turpentine regularly can severely damage your liver, as it will struggle to remove the toxic by-products from your body (not to mention a whole host of other issues relating to your kidneys, your bowel… the list goes on). It can also cause death.

At this point, it’s important to highlight there’s a difference between gum turpentine, and mineral turpentine, which is a petroleum-derived liquid used to clean brushes, and thin paint and enamel.

But let’s not place all the blame on Haddish. She isn’t the first (and won’t be the last) celebrity to dole out unsolicited medical advice.

Who could ever forget Jenny McCarthy’s anti vaccine crusade, Gwyneth Paltrow’s approach to skin-cancer, “the sun is the sun – how can it be bad for you?”, or Shailene Woodley’s fondness for eating clay to help rid her body of toxic heavy metals…

Oh, and of course there’s the Kardashian-endorsed waist trainers that promise users a perfect hour-glass figure – because who needs to feel comfortable ever again when you can give the appearance of being skinny?

When new mum Kylie Jenner took to Instagram this week and posted a picture of herself posing in the controversial product, people weren’t happy. Probably because among other things, her followers are mostly teenage girls.

Besides perpetuating the idea that all new mums should either want  to (or feel the need to) “snap back” as Kylie puts it, childbirth is a trauma on the body.

Putting your body through something that it doesn’t do naturally, i.e. compressing bones, nerves, and tissue – is not what you need when you’re trying to recover.

Big sis Khloe Kardashian is also a fan of the waist-trainer, which can among other things cause skin irritations, nerve damage, and lower intestinal issues.

When it comes to celebrity health advice – if you want to follow it, go right ahead, but read the fine print. Do your research, and do what’s right for YOUR body. You have to live with the consequences after all.

Air New Zealand Served Former President Barack Obama Pineapple Pizza Because Pineapple On Pizza Is the Actual Business

It’s the debate that ignited the passions and taste buds of a generation, but now we finally have an answer to our pizza quandary. More importantly, we have the right answer.

Do not attempt to change your browser, this is not fake news: yes, pineapple on pizza is the best thing since sliced bread.

Need proof? Air New Zealand served Former President Barack Obama as many slices as he could get his hands during a gala dinner in New Zealand this week.

Guys, suddenly, it’s all so simple. Life just got so clear and uncomplicated.

If pineapple on pizza is good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for you.

It was one of the most important questions of our time (and most certainly one of the biggest conflict issues Barack has ever had to deal with), but the pineapple on pizza dispute has now taken a positive turn.

The virtues of this delicious and sweet fruit cannot be ignored.

Not only does pineapple undercut the savory ham and salty bacon flavour in just the right way, it is one of the only toppings that’s still delicious enough to eat on its own.

Can you picture yourself eating cooked capsicum on its own? What about anchovies?

How about a big bowl of bacon?

Pining for pineapple.

There’s something to be said for supporting the underdog – and munching down on the foods less eaten. Best of all, pineapple can be enjoyed by both meat lovers and vegetarians.

As pineapple slowly becomes more accepted by the palates of the ignorant, it’s important we support it’s sweet taste in the hopes of creating potential for  more pineapple inspired meals.

After all, where would the humble burger or the traditional poke bowl be without a touch of pineapple goodness?

Sure, the pineapple debate has the potential to divide and tear us all apart, but if we just surrender to the sweet sensation (as well as the undeniable health benefits of this juicy friut), I’m sure we can all just get along, right?

Pizza is meant to be about enjoyment – about freedom. Why restrict ourselves by placing rules around what we can and cannot sprinkle on our cheesy bread?

Don’t silence us. Don’t ignore us. We are pineapple lovers and we have a place in this world.

Also… don’t be the person who agrees with Gordon Ramsay.

If you’re one of the one-the-fencers, please join us on #teampinapple. It’s nice here.

We have pizza.


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