Mayonnaise Ice Cream Exists Now, Which Is Definitive Proof That Humans Have Gone Too Far

Trust the Scottish to create this monstrosity.

As if creating Haggis and the deep-fried Mars bar wasn’t enough, the Scots have now unleashed mayonnaise flavoured ice cream on the world. If your first thought was ‘why?!’, apparently the answer is ‘why not?’

ICE Artisan Ice Cream in Falkirk announced their newest flavour last week, and nobody knows what to make of it. This isn’t the first unique flavour ICE has released; they’re best known in Scotland for their Strongbow Dark Fruit flavour, which is a big hit with the punters all over social media.

Their mayonnaise flavour seems to be more divisive, however, with many people expressing outrage and concern.

The weirdest opinion goes to this journalist, though:

The disrespect being shown here towards French Vanilla, which is a delicious and delightful flavour, is staggering.

According to one person who’s tried it, the ice cream is “nice, creamy and rich”, and I’ll have to take their word for it.

I hope ICE Falkirk comes out with a mustard or ketchup flavour next. Heinz Salad Cream? Chipotle aioli? Gravy? The terrible possibilities are endless!

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