No One Roasts Fallout 76 Harder Than This Girl Reviewing Her Boyfriend Playing The Game

Should Your Boyfriend Play (insert video game here), has quickly become the best game review series around.

Last week we revelled in the glory of ‘Should Your Boyfriend Play Red Dead Redemption 2?‘, AKA, the ‘Girlfriend Review’. It’s a game review from someone who is a second-hand consumer of the game, and it’s honestly more insightful (and hilarious) than any other review around.

After fielding an onslaught of requests to review other games from her new legion of fans and followers, our new favourite non-gamer has added another incredible video to her YouTube channel Shelby & Daphne: ‘Should Your Boyfriend Play Fallout 76?’

The ‘Girlfriend Review’ does not hold back when it comes to healthy criticism of Fallout 76’s downfalls, of which I’m sure we are all well aware there is many.

She describes watching her boyfriend play as a nostalgia trip back to 2008, recalling watching him play an earlier iteration of the game. But all is said with a soft kind of love for the game, even when she’s going ham on the many, many, visual glitches. Apparently they are a great source of entertainment.

“I think a mutual hate for something can be really powerful and romantic,” she says, “So i give the graphics in Fallout 76 an A+, for really bad.”

The musical ode to Todd Howard acting like “video game Jesus” before the anticlimactic release of Fallout 76 is perhaps the most beautiful, insightful part of the video, and we await eagerly for her next review.

This Girl’s Video Review Of Watching Her Boyfriend Play Red Dead Redemption 2 Is The Only Review That Matters

Say hello to your new favourite (non) gamer.

A big part of what makes Red Dead Redemption 2 so epic is the sheer size of the world you’re exploring. You can literally spend hours on the fishing mini game alone. But that does mean that since it came out a few weeks ago, it has usurped a whole lot of time and focus.

Which is exactly what motivated this excellent review. ‘Should Your Boyfriend Play Red Dead Redemption 2?’ claims to be merely “a review of the experience of living with someone who plays RDR2“, but it’s literally the most hilariously accurate review of the game you’ll find online. 

“My boyfriend has been playing RDR2 non-stop since launch and I’ve had to sit through shoot outs, listen to the murder of innocent bunnies, and watch some bath house girl wash his left leg.” The video description reads. 

The girlfriend’s review gives credit where it’s due, complimenting the aesthetic and the music, but her commentary on the more ridiculous aspects of the game is absolute gold.

She laments the dude who says he has a plan (AKA Dutch van der Linde) “probably 600 times”, the fact that every upgrade in the game requires you to “like, kill Bambi or something”, the unsettling realism of the animal killings and horses doing sh*ts, among a whole lot of other insightful criticism.

Please enjoy, the best review of Red Dead Redemption 2 that has ever existed.

The Girlfriend Review is an absolute masterpiece from the YouTube channel Shelby & Daphne, which only has less than 900 subscribers (at time of writing). It looks like that’s going to start growing rapidly though because her video is fire and the audience is already demanding more.

Whether or not you know or even like Red Dead Redemption 2, this review is comedy gold that everyone can enjoy. A solid 10/10, thank you for (not) playing.

Fortnite Just Won A Game Of The Year Award Over Red Dead Redemption 2 On A Stupid Technicality

The Golden Joystick Awards have just made a lot of people very mad.

Fortnite has been named Ultimate Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards, and honestly, why?

Although Fortnite is a great game and a global sensation, it has come as a surprise to the gaming community that it beat out the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 and a slew of other fire games that have been released this year. Spider-manGod of War? Anybody?

The Golden Joysticks – handed out by GamesRadar – are copping flack for counting Fortnite as a 2018 game, when the early release was actually July 25, 2017.

While it’s normal for games to do an early release, iron out all the kinks, then do an official release of the “final product” much later, it’s a bit of a loophole when it comes to awards. It’s like releasing a film then finessing it and only ~officially~ releasing it once it’s good enough to win an Oscar.

So people are generally feeling against both the choice of Fortnite, and the technicality that allowed it to qualify for the 2018 gaming awards.

At least Red Dead Redemtion 2 won the Golden Joysticks Critics Choice Award, so that’s something.

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