Friends Had Some God Tier Quotes, But Do You Remember Them Correctly?


Ten years of Friends means there’s ten seasons of niche quotes to memorise and recite at any given moment. Only OGs know how to perfectly replicate Joey Tribbiani’s ‘Smell The Fart Acting’, even if Matt LeBlanc kinda forgot.

After years of practice, we rounded up our fellow Friends fans and tested them on their knowledge.

Who can forget when Chandler was trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre and when asked if he’d like a stick of gum, he famously declared, “gum would be perfection.”

It doesn’t matter that Ross is the worst character, because he definitely had some of the best episodes. What I like to refer to as ‘The Fajita Episode’, sees Ross heavily leaning on margaritas to soothe the pain of seeing Rachel and Joey coupling up. He then spits the most incredible acrostic poem for LOVE that television has ever seen.

Scope the vid we did with our colleagues, where we tested their Friends knowledge and throw down on some of the hugest gems of the 90s cult classic sitcom. Flawless.

These are the best of the best underrated Friends quotes.

I can never unsee Joey lunging around in ALL of Chandler’s fugly bowling shirts and basketball shorts, while proudly declaring that he’s going ‘commando’. Thank god I never had a brother because I feel it would be exactly like that.

Friends had it’s run, and a good run at that. Ever since the show’s initial end date, fans of the show have been putting the pressure on the original cast members to consider a reboot, and picking up where they left off.

While we’re fans ourselves, we at GOAT believe a reboot would be hell on earth. Why would you ruin something so sacred when you can just pull up and have a shut-in marathon of all existing ten seasons, like the rest of us.

Nicolas Cage's Love Life Is Literally Ross Geller 2.0 And We Can't Stop Watching

Dinosaurs, Divorces And Disappointment.

Oh, Nicolas Cage, you’ve done it again.

King of short relationships and even shorter marriages, Cage has given Kim Kardashian a run for her money after calling for his most recent bride, Erika Koike, to be served with divorce papers.

Nicolas Cage’s fourth marriage has allegedly broken off, not even a week after the pair said ‘I do’.


Nic and Erika have been together since mid-2018, but have known each other since 2016 when the pair went to a comedy night in Vegas. (Classy.)

Cage is yet to address what happened and why the marriage ended, but I highly doubt he’ll come out with a full statement screen-shotted from his iPhone notes, but a girl can dream.


Reminiscent of the sporadic relationships of Friends character, Ross Geller, Nic Cage has had his fair share of failed relationships and marriages.

In one instance, was previously married to Patricia Arquette, sister of David Arquette who was married to Courteney Cox for a short time who PLAYED MONICA GELLER, ROSS GELLER’S SISTER ON FRIENDS!

Coincidence? I think not.

Good Luck Getting Your Head Around Ross Geller And Nancy Wheeler Being The Same Age

Cue your mind being blown in 3...2...

Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Netflix, where we lay our scene. Or for those that walk among us who didn’t do Advanced English in Year 12, ah, the crossover that we never expected.

Both Friends and Stranger Things fans are going through it after coming to the realisation that Ross Geller and Nancy Wheeler, from respective ensembles, are actually the same age.

Friends is set in the mid-90s to early 2000s and its characters aged from their mid-twenties as the show progressed.

Ross Geller’s age was always in question because of various Friends plot holes however, fan forums suggest that he was born on or around October 18, 1967.

Side note: That makes Ross a Libra, which makes so much sense as to why he took FOREVER to ask Rachel out. Sheesh, that indecisive little boy.


The counterpart to this narrative, is Nancy Wheeler of Stranger Things, which is set in the 1980s.

We haven’t been given Nancy’s actual birthday but Stranger Things Wiki puts her year of birth as, you guessed it, 1967.

This is just something to think about, and potentially ruin your day.

You’re welcome.

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