Where Did Sam Worthington Disappear To After 'Avatar' And 'Clash Of The Titans'?

He was literally the face of the biggest movie of all time.

The year was 2010. You’re Sam Worthington and you’ve just come off two huge movies, Terminator Salvation and Avatar, about to headline a third massive blockbuster, Clash Of The Titans, and you’re voicing the lead character in a Call Of Duty game.

The world should’ve been your oyster, yet your star and name recognition fell just as fast as it rose in the span of a couple of short years. So what exactly happened to Sam Worthington that caused him to go from being the face of three huge blockbusters to being Lara Bingle‘s other half?

On the topic of people who seemed to disappear after making it big, the GOAT team talk about Nikki Webster and Rebecca Black’s comeback on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

If we take a look at Sam Worthington’s filmography immediately after the epic Terminator Salvation/Avatar/Clash Of The Titans/Call Of Duty blockbuster quadruple header, we can see that he has appeared in several smaller scale drama movies with the occasional dip into bigger budget territory as a supporting role.

So why the sudden shift from leading man to dramatic actor in under-watched indies? Well we have a few theories as to why Sam sorta just disappeared out of the public consciousness.

As big as Terminator Salvation/Avatar/Clash Of The Titans/Call Of Duty all are (or were), none of those hits were marketed based on Sam Worthington’s name. Sure he was the face and voice in all of them, but he was always overshadowed by something else, whether it was by his more famous co-stars or the sheer spectacle of seeing blue CGI aliens bone.

Okay, so Sam Worthington probably wasn’t the biggest drawcard for Terminator Salvation, Avatar, Clash Of The Titans or Call Of Duty, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t bring anything special to the big screen as his talent had to play some part in getting all those butts in cinema seats.

Well this brings us to our second theory: Sam’s rise through the Hollywood ranks during 2009-2011 came just as Marvel began to get huge and seemingly every leading man was named Chris began to hog the spotlight.

Hollywood is filled to the brim with good-looking white dudes and when you combine that with Marvel hiring most of them to front its movies, there’s very little room left for anyone else, let alone another similar good-looking white guy named Sam Worthington.

There’s also a plausible third theory: maybe he was just over it. Being in the spotlight isn’t for everyone and perhaps Sam Worthington just wanted to settle down with Lara Bingle and do projects he was passionate about, hence why the sudden pivot to a heap of smaller, local movies.

It’s not like Sam isn’t getting any work now that his Hollywood fame has seemingly disappeared as he’s been pumping out some good stuff in cinemas and Netflix, as well as some quality TV like Manhunt: Unabomber. It’s all just been lower-profile stuff compared to what he used to do back circa 2009-2011.

So in short, Sam Worthington never really left, he’s just kept things on the DL for a few years while still putting out good work and starting a family with Lara Bingle. Who knows if Sam will ever reach the same level of fame as he did back in 2009-2010, but never say never given how he’s got at least two more Avatar movies lined up.

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'Tiger King' Left Out A Bunch Of Cooked Facts That Would've Made Great Episodes

The cutting room floor was covered in gold.

It goes without saying that Netflix’s doco-series Tiger King has captured the world’s attention for how cooked every depicted fact is, as well as all the subsequent bombshells – like the Britney Spears and Michael Jackson connections – that have dropped since the show aired.

But as twisted and messed up as the seven-episode run of Tiger King is, it could’ve been much longer based on all the cooked facts the producers cut out because it just didn’t quite fit the narrative (or are perhaps saving for a potential season 2).

Speaking of ‘Tiger King’, the GOAT team talk about Netflix’s wild doco-series on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Here are just some of the crazy facts about Tiger King that were left on the Netflix cutting room floor, most of which would’ve made great episodes all on their own.

Joe Exotic’s dubious music career

When Joe Exotic wasn’t an attention-seeking big cat owner, he was an aspiring country musician who put out 28 songs across two albums and *checks notes* 16 music videos. The warped “song to music video” ratio aside, it was a fascinating little side plot that deserved extra time.

According to the directors of Tiger King (via The Los Angeles Times), Joe sang on some of the songs but definitely not all (most of it was by an outfit called the Clinton Johnson Band) and it was a nightmare trying to figure it all out that they decided to cut the story short.

That’s a shame. Maybe season 2 of Tiger King can dig into Joe Exotic’s turn as a country musician.

Jeff Lowe trying to get Shaquille O’Neal to throw money into a new tiger park

Jeff Lowe is one of Tiger King‘s seediest characters and his plotline ends on a cliffhanger where he is seen trying to convince Shaquille O’Neal to invest in a new tiger park.

Shaq’s appearance alone was crazy enough but getting him onboard for a tiger park? That’s pure gold that Tiger King unfortunately stopped digging for.

Since Tiger King‘s airing, Shaquille O’Neal has said he didn’t know Joe Exotic or what was happening at the zoos, but that sounds a bit suss given his known affinity of big cats and past encounters with Joe. Lost opportunity to dig further right here.

Carole Baskin’s personal life with her boyfriends and husbands is even messier than depicted

Episode three of Tiger King focused on Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin and the insane trainwreck that went on with her ex-husbands. But as crazy as the stuff we saw with the unexplained disappearance of Don Lewis, there’s more to the story.

Robert Moor reports that after Don’s disappearance but before Howard became husband no. 2, Carole had another boyfriend who ended up filing a restraining order against her because he was afraid for his life. Sounds familiar.

Given how unhappy Carole Baskin was with Tiger King‘s portrayal of her and her husbands, a hypothetical season 2 would probably tip her over the edge. Go on, Netflix, you know you wanna.

More Joe Exotic craziness

Joe Exotic’s life as depicted in Tiger King had more twists and turns than the tango, but there were a bunch of details cut out that would’ve easily fit another episode or three, such as:

At the time of writing, the story of Joe Exotic is still ongoing so we may well get a season 2 of Tiger King to follow up on all the craziness that’s already unfolded. Fingers crossed for that to happen.

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Fans Have Gone Too Far And Made The 'Cats' Butthole Cut A Horrifying Reality

I feel ill.

Hoo boy, you’ve really done it this time, internet. The whole “butthole cut” of the Razzie-winning Cats movie was meant to be a funny joke and something to laugh at as a way to lift everyone’s spirits while we’re all in isolation. But some fans have decided to take things one step too far by making a “butthole cut” of Cats a horrifying reality by taking footage from the moving and sticking CGI buttholes on the entire cast.

Speaking of actual, non-CGI cats, the GOAT team talk about ‘Tiger King’, Netflix’s wild doco-series on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Thanks to rumours surrounding the existence of an actual cut of the Cats movie where the entire cast has CGI buttholes, fans have been frothing at the mouth for this version to be released. Given how objectively crazy the original film was, the only thing that could possibly top it is the same film but with butts. It’s a logical train of thought.

Well since Universal Pictures would rather forget about the Cats movie entirely, some fans have decided to take it upon themselves to deliver the “butthole cut” to the masses by sticking pink CGI butts to footage of the cast and the result is… an absolute abomination.

There’s not enough weed, magic mushrooms or LSD that’ll make the horrifying reality of this “butthole cut” of Cats go down any easier so you might as well get it over and done with right now.

You know that moment where you think you want something, only to be filled with deep regret when you finally get it? That’s the exact feeling I’m getting right now with this horrific Cats butthole cut.

Now I’m really curious at what Seth Rogen thinks of all this. Maybe he can get high, watch this Cats butthole cut, and then tweet about it for our entertainment.

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