Um, Star Wars' Jawas Are Actually Horrifying Under Their Hoods

Cannot unsee.

Fans were first introduced to the Jawas in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope on Tatooine.

Not much is known about the scavengers who most recently appeared in The Mandalorian, but according to Wookiepedia, the Star Wars Wiki, the humanoids were rumoured to be giant rodents or devolved humans.

One thing that was for certain was that their glowing eyes made them seem pretty creepy and no one knew what they looked like under their hoods, until now. Sort of.

Lucasfilm has yet to unmask a Jawa on screen, but a new toy has given fans an idea of what’s hiding underneath.

Twitter user @ThomasLHarper has shared a photo of a Jawa action figure that has removable clothing, and it’s horrifying.

I have to agree with Harper, who wrote, “The toy designer who thought it was a good idea to give Jawas removable clothing should be imprisoned for not less than 10 years,” alongside the photo.

Seriously, why would anyone need to undress a Jawa?

Many fans replied to the tweet sharing disgusted gifs and wrote about how they can’t “unsee” the photo.

One fan joked that the unmasked Jawa looked like Chucky after he was burned by Andy in Child’s Play (in case you need a reminder, you can watch the scene here).

Another responded, “I want to hate this because I love Jawas… But this is better than what I thought they would look like, and it gives me 80s horror vibes.”

Considering Lucasfilm haven’t provided any details on what the Jawas look like it’s difficult to know just how accurate this depiction is, but what we do know is that it’s terrifying.

Wookiepedia reports a behind-the-scenes shot from Return of the Jedi, the Jawas appear to have squarish heads covered in black cloth with large yellow eyes, however, this is just the costume and might not represent their canonical appearance.

Maybe it’s something that can be looked into in future Lucasfilm projects – perhaps once The Mandalorian has revealed more about Baby Yoda’s species they can look into the Jawas?

It's Actually 'Shockingly Simple' For Penn Badgley To Get Into Character For 'You'

"It does not mean it's easy."

Penn Badgley is back in another season of Netflix’s You, proving he can go from being super charming to incredibly creepy in no time at all as sociopath Joe Goldberg.

Credit: Netflix

Now, the actor is showing just how simple it is for him to make the change from charming to creepy during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Colbert asked Badgley how he makes himself seem so scary on the show, “You, as this character, have this neat trick of going from charming to very creepy fairly smoothly.

“Is there a trick for making that turn from charming to creepy?”

Badgley responded, “It is shockingly simple,” adding, “It does not mean it’s easy,” in response to the audience’s laughter.

He then recalled a moment during a photoshoot during the first round of press for the show.

Credit: Netflix

“My love interest in the first season – she’s not around anymore… Elizabeth Lail, she was already on set. They bring me in. She’s in a bed, under the covers, but she’s in her T-shirt and her underwear,” he said.

“I’m fully clothed in a windbreaker and a hat, which is, like, my character’s stalking outfit… I arrive on the mark. I do nothing but look up, and the entire crew behind the camera goes, ‘Oh! Woah, man! That is phenomenal! That is so creepy!'”

“And I did nothing,” he added.

Credit: Netflix

Badgley then went on to explain that he didn’t need to try too hard to make Joe seem creepy, because the character is just that creepy on his own.

“If you put a fully clothed person, staring at a woman in her underwear in her bed, when he’s not supposed to be there, it’s inherently creepy.”

“So, you put yourself in a really questionable circumstance and then you do nothing,” he said.

Colbert then asked if he could do it for the audience, “Could you do this for us? Could you go from charming to creepy?”

And he did this:

Credit: CBS

Yep, seriously uncomfortable.

Colbert exclaimed, “Wow! That was wonderful, a real Charlie Manson vibe. “Badgley was shocked at the comparison asking, “Was it?!”

Yes Penn, it really was that creepy.

Watch the full conversation here.

You can watch You season two on Netflix now.

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