Um, 'Birds Of Prey' Might Be Changing Its Name Because It's Too... Fun?


Margot Robbie’s new DC flick Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) might be getting a name change in theatres because, apparently, it’s too fun.

Refinery29 reports that Warner Bros. has confirmed American cinemas will title the film Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey following a disappointing first weekend at the box office in the US.

The film opened with $33 million, but was projected to earn $50-55 million on its opening weekend.

Entertainment Weekly reports a possible reason for this – perhaps the film’s R rating meant younger viewers couldn’t watch?

Credit: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. seems to think the problem instead lies with people not knowing the movie focuses on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

It hasn’t been confirmed that the movie’s disappointing box office numbers are to blame for the title change and it’s very rare for a movie’s title to change post-release.

While the box office numbers might suggest the movie isn’t doing all that well, reviews for the film say something else entirely.

Reviewer Christy Lemire wrote, “From its lively and vibrant animated opening, [Cathy] Yan’s film is a complete blast, filled with zippy energy and irresistible girl power. And Robbie, in her seemingly endless versatility, is up for every challenge in a role that’s as demanding physically as it is verbally. She is positively infectious in the candy-colored chaos she creates.”

Credit: Warner Bros.

Lemire added, “The title refers to Harley’s emancipation but all five women get to feel what it’s like to blaze new trails on their own terms. The timing couldn’t be more apt in this post-#MeToo era, and the tone of “Birds of Prey” feels like a welcome breath of hopeful air following last year’s well-acted but self-serious ‘Joker.'”

“#ReasonsToSupportBoP” has also received a number of mentions on Twitter with one fan writing, “It’s a film directed by an Asian woman. Written by an Asian woman. With an Asian cinematographer. Starring all women, one Black, one Latina, one Asian. With multiple Queer characters. THERE YOU GO.”

Another wrote, “First ever movie for [Black Canary] and Huntress, first ever female team film, beautiful cinematography, amazing action sequences, and just an overall good time! Trust me see [Birds Of Prey]!”

Someone else added, “It’s a movie that Margot has been fighting for for five years. It exposes the general public to great lesser known characters and is full of diversity in front of and behind the camera. It could greenlight movies such as Gotham City Sirens in the future.”

While the title is quite the mouthful, it does perfectly capture the essence of the film and describes Harley Quinn’s journey of being her own woman following her split with the Joker and then the formation of the Birds of Prey.

Shortening the title actually does the film a disservice by taking away the importance of Harley’s new path.

It will be interesting to see the eventual box office success of the film, but Birds of Prey has definitely added some much-needed colour to the DCEU.

Every Clue Suggesting Daniel Craig's James Bond Will Die In 'No Time To Die'

"It will be the death of you."

No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s final performance as James Bond, but is the character set to die in the film?

While there have been plenty of actors who have starred in the role of James Bond, Craig has brought something very different to the role – a unique darkness and ruggedness that we haven’t seen before.

He’s also the most physical of the Bond actors and his version of the character has come far closer to death than all his predecessors.

There are many hints that Bond will die in the upcoming film with Craig himself remaining very coy about what the film has in store for audiences.

Throughout the trailer, there is a running theme about Bond’s mortality. A number of characters reference the idea of him dying, or they’re surprised he’s alive at all after he seemingly retired.

Lashana Lynch’s character Nomi seems to have adopted the 007 agent number in his absence, warning him to “stay in your lane”.

Christoph Waltz’s Blofield returns in the trailer, talking to Bond about his new life with Dr. Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux), saying, “When her secret finds its way out, it will be the death of you.”

Rami Malek’s Safin speaks about Bond’s background and skillset and tells him, “I could be speaking to my own reflection, only your skills die with your body, and mine will survive long after I’m gone.”

There have also been clues in other Bond movies.

Skyfall opens with Naomi Harris’ Moneypenny accidentally shooting Bond during a train chase. He is presumed dead but later returns to MI6.

The movie also leans more heavily into the theme of mortality with Judi Dench’s M. It’s the first time in the James Bond franchise that characters are seen as fully human.

Credit: Universal

ScreenRant compares the marketing of No Time To Die to Logan, which was Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine. Both feature their main characters coming out of self-imposed exiles to complete one last mission.

If No Time To Die is similar, we’ll be seeing the death of Craig’s 007.

At this stage, we don’t know who will take on the role of the iconic character next, but we do know that Nomi won’t be the next Bond.

No Time To Die is out in cinemas on 8 April.

This 'Black Widow' Theory Would Bring New Meaning To Natasha's 'Endgame' Sacrifice

And now we're crying...

A new Black Widow theory might give a little more meaning to Natasha Romanoff’s (Scarlett Johannson) final sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame.

ScreenRant has theorised that while Natasha’s ‘family’ seem to survive the Black Widow film, they may not have survived Thanos’ snap.

Natasha’s ‘family’ in the film include Rachel Weisz’s Melina Vostokoff a former Black Widow, David Harbour’s Red Guardian, who is basically Russia’s answer to Captain America, and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, who is also an ex-Black Widow.

Credit: Marvel

The movie goes back in time to the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War where Natasha is one of the world’s most wanted people and is forced to find her old family for help.

It does seem strange to introduce the group now when Natasha dies in Endgame as a sacrifice for the Soul Stone in order to bring back the billions of people who died at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War.

However, it would make a whole lot more sense if Black Widow adds some context to that sacrifice.

In Endgame, there’s a scene where Captain America is trying to persuade Natasha to give up on the Avengers and she tells him, “I used to have nothing. And then I got this. This job. This family.” Which makes it sound as though she’s completely alone and that her first family is dead.

It’s possible that at the end of Black Widow, Natasha leaves her family so as not to put them at risk – she’s a fugitive after all. This is why she returns to Steve Rogers and into battle in Infinity War.

If they died with Thanos’ Snap, it would explain why Natasha is clinging to the Avengers in Endgame, because she’s lost everything else and they’re all that’s left.

Marvel has previously hinted that Black Widow would give more context behind Natasha’s sacrifice and this theory would add a lot of emotional depth to the entire scene.

This way, the scene becomes a sacrifice and act of love for her family. She could have embraced her own death in order to bring back Melina, Yelena and Red Guardian.

Perhaps this will mean that her family will step out of the shadows and become heroes in her honour continuing on the Black Widow series?

Black Widow hits theatres on April 30.

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