Ugh, The Puffy-Chested Captain Marvel Trolls Now Have Birds Of Prey In Their Sights

Surely there's better things to do than troll a female-led movie.

An unfortunate thing that happened during the lead up to Captain Marvel‘s release were the trolls bombarding the movie with awful comments because of ridiculous, misogynistic reasons that range from hating on Brie Larson to being mad that the protagonist is female.

After a period of silence from the loud, puffy-chested bros, it seems like they’re rearing their heads and misogyny again, this time for Birds of Prey.

Despite having not seen Birds Of Prey yet – the movie isn’t even out at the time of writing – some bloke on Twitter boldly predicted that the movie will bomb like Charlie’s Angels because the movie *checks notes* “removed any sex appeal these characters had to appeal to a female “girl power” audience instead of the core male comic book audience” before doubling down on his position by saying “even women want to see attractive women on screen.”

Okay then.

One has to assume that the Twitter dude’s definition of sex appeal is “super revealing costumes that show off a ridiculous amount of cleavage and arse” because going off the Birds Of Prey footage that’s been released so far, the leading women are oozing in sex appeal.

Presumably he was hoping for more of Harley Quinn’s gratuitous Suicide Squad outfit and was disappointed that Birds Of Prey had her rocking a decidedly unrevealing janitor’s outfit. Or perhaps we wasn’t too happy seeing Harley telling the Joker to “f**k off.”

It’s frustrating to see how some people still hold such outdated views on sexual desirability, especially when you consider that the female cast are all objectively very attractive. Are outfits like skintight short-shorts and unrealistic body standards really needed for “sex appeal?”

Beyond dudebros being unhappy about the lack of skin on display in Birds Of Prey, trolls are also out in force decrying the movie because of, uh, reasons. One just needs to look up the movie title on YouTube or Twitter to find a heap of trolls piling on the film, which, again, hasn’t even been released yet.

Between Captain Marvel and now Birds Of Prey, one has to wonder what it’ll take for all this discourse to stop. You’d think that the massive success of female-led comic book movies – that are aimed at the “core male comic book audience” – like the aforementioned Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman would shift the conversation into a more positive space but it seems like there will always be some people out there who want to complain for the sake of complaining.

I guess the best way to fight fire is with fire, and in this case that means going to watch Birds Of Prey at least three times and making sure it becomes the big hit the trolls don’t want it to be.

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TIL: Backstreet Boys' 'I Want It That Way' Is Written Incorrectly Yet You Still Liked It

Turns out we all wanted it that way.

Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’ is over a decade old, yet it remains one of pop music’s all-time greats and has helped keep the group in the public consciousness.

But after a period of listening to ‘I Want It That Way’ on repeat and thinking way too much about the song – not on purpose – I’ve come to one realisation: the lyrics don’t really make sense.

Now ‘I Want It That Way’ is far from the first massively-popular song that’s hidden secret messages, had incorrect lyrics or outright trolled you under your nose, but this one sort of slipped under everyone’s attention because, well, it’s catchy. Let’s dig into the lyrical nonsense of Backstreet Boys’ biggest hit, shall we?

Firstly we got “You are my fire/The one desire/Believe when I say/I want it that way,” which is pretty unambiguous and is cool so far. Next we have “But we are two worlds apart/Can’t reach to your heart/When you say that/I want it that way,” which is diving into muddier territory. Does the guy want them to be two worlds apart or is it the girl who is suggesting that? Or is the girl saying she wants to break up?

Finally, we get to the chorus and that is just a confusing mess when you break it down: “Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache/Tell me why/Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake/Tell me why/I never want to hear you say/I want it that way.

What exactly do the Backstreet Boys mean by “that?” Why do the sentiments go in the opposite direction of the previous verse? Chrissy Teigen summed it up best as to why these lyrics are so confusing:

While the Backstreet Boys themselves have said that the meaning to ‘I Want It That Way’ is whatever you want it to be, the actual reason is almost as weird as the song’s lyrics themselves.

When the song was first written in the 90s by Andreas Carlsson and Swedish songwriter Max Martin (who’s responsible for other big hits like ‘…Baby One More Time’), Martin barely spoke any English hence why the lyrics don’t grammatically make sense. But that’s only part of the story.

Apparently the Backstreet Boys recorded an alternative version of ‘I Want It That Way’ with lyrics that weren’t pure nonsense. However, the group thought that the original version with jibberish was better because the rhyming scheme and just the general vibe fit the song far better, so they went with their gut.

Comparing the alternative version of ‘I Want It That Way’ to the final version, it seems like the Backstreet Boys were right in their decision to go with the nonsensical lyrics. The grammatically correct version is good but it’s missing that something.

So in short, the lyrics to Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’ make no sense is because the songwriter’s grasp of English at the time wasn’t great, and the group thought the nonsensical sentences fit the song’s beat and gave off far better vibe.

Perhaps Backstreet Boys’ biggest hit was destined to never make sense and now I feel sort of ridiculous doing a deep dive into the lyrics of a decade-old song that doesn’t really need such an analysis. Ain’t nothing but a mistake indeed.

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Welp, Another Disney Animated Classic Film Is Getting The 'Live-Action Lion King' Treatment

Can't imagine this going too well.

I think we can all agree that Disney’s 2019 live-action/CGI/whatever remake of The Lion King was a bit polarising. Some people loved the photorealistic, National Geographic look while others hated it for the same reasons.

But the box office numbers don’t lie at the end of the day, and The Lion King remake was a tremendous success, earning well over $1 billion, which is probably what prompted Disney to give the same live-action/CGI remake to another animated classic: Bambi.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney are looking to give Bambi the same photorealistic CGI treatment as it did with The Jungle Book and The Lion King, and have hired Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel, Tomb Raider) and Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser) to write the screenplay.

The problem with his project isn’t the script, it’s the technology. Sure the CGI Disney used to make The Lion King was super impressive, but the animals had less emotion than a 3,000 year-old dead mummy. When you’ve got an animal-centric story like Bambi that requires a full spectrum of emotion, the photo-realistic Lion King treatment isn’t going to cut it.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see how the technology will be used to recreate the famous “Bambi on ice” scene.

But as beloved as Bambi is, the film did come out in 1942 and kids these days aren’t as familiar with it as they are with more modern films like Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid so perhaps there’s space for a photo-realistic Bambi to find his footing, especially if Disney has an interesting take on it.

Perhaps CGI Bambi might work, or perhaps it won’t. The real litmus test will be if we cry when Bambi’s mother is killed. If no tears are shed, well at least we’ll get another National Geographic documentary to the Disney canon.

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