Turns Out The Ending Of 'Game Of Thrones' Season Eight Was Lifted From 'The Simpsons'

Certainly explains how Game Of Thrones ended the way it did.

You’d think we’d be used to all the eerily accurate predictions made by The Simpsons by now, but it never gets old whenever the long-running animated classic somehow foreshadows future events. Case in point: we should’ve seen that dodgy ending we got in the final season of Game Of Thrones coming because The Simpsons predicted it years beforehand.

Speaking of popular TV shows, the GOAT team talk about ‘The Last Dance’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Let’s quickly refresh what happened at the climax of Game Of Thrones’ final season given how we’ve all wiped our collective memories of it.

After that anticlimactic ending involving the White Walkers, the focus shifted back towards King’s Landing. After stretching plot logic to breaking point just to get all the important characters to the capital of Westeros for the show’s penultimate episode, Game Of Thrones promptly shat the bed by having Daenerys inexplicably destroying King’s Landing via dragon with absolutely no build-up whatsoever.

The final season of Game Of Thrones was full of problems and left a sour taste in the mouths of several cast members, but seeing Daenerys behaving so irrationally and out-of-character in such a destructive manner was the straw that broke the goodwill camel’s back.

No one had the “Daenerys goes mad and destroys King’s Landing” ending on their Game Of Thrones predictions list, yet we probably should’ve all seen it coming because The Simpsons foreshadowed this very plot development two years before Thrones‘ final season.

In the 2017 Simpsons episode, The Serfsons‘, the show spends the entire time taking the piss out of Game Of Thrones before it ends with the Simpsons family standing around uselessly as a mad rider and their dragon burns everything and everyone to a crisp.

The similarities are so eerily close one might even say Game Of Thrones ripped off The Simpsons, which honestly wouldn’t surprise anyone given how the two Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, have shown that they’re yet another example of white men who managed to fail upwards into success.

This whole “destroy everything via a dragon” was obviously a massive joke by the Simpsons writers at the time. As much as we like to believe that they’re in possession of a magic eight-ball, there’s no realistic way they could’ve predicted how on the money they were with how Game Of Thrones ultimately ended.

Apropos of nothing, maybe it’s time we pay extra attention to The Simpsons whenever they parody a show that’s yet to finish.

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Ruby Rose Is Now Under Attack Over Her Poor Work Ethic On 'Batwoman'

This whole saga just gets messier and messier.

After news broke that Ruby Rose had suddenly left Batwoman despite the show having been renewed for another season, there’s been a lot of speculation as to why she decided to quit, such as the bad back injury she sustained while filming the show made it hard to keep going or perhaps the backlash from toxic fans was too much.

As it turns out, the reason why Ruby Rose left Batwoman has nothing to do with her injury or annoying fans and everything to do with her poor attitude on set.

Speaking of popular TV shows, the GOAT team talk about ‘The Last Dance’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to TVLine and Variety, sources close to the show say that Ruby Rose wasn’t too pleased about the long hours demanded of someone in a lead role on a TV show and she didn’t particularly like living in Vancouver, which is where Batwoman is filmed.

Ruby Rose’s reported poor work ethic and attitude in turn created a pretty crappy working environment on the Batwoman set and everyone eventually decided it would be in “the best interests of the show’ if she just quit.

TVLine reports that it “wasn’t 100 percent her decision” and her leaving Batwoman was akin to a break up.

If these reports about Ruby Rose quitting Batwoman over the long hours are to be believed, then not a good look for her.

It’s no secret that the shooting schedule for TV shows are brutal, especially for comic book shows like Batwoman. Hell, Arrow star Stephen Amell – whom Ruby Rose worked alongside with in a crossover episode on his show – has pointed out how filming a single episode takes “eight or nine 12-hour days” and crossover episodes take even longer.

Given how she’s been in her share of action films, like John Wick: Chapter 2, The Meg, and XXX: Return Of Xander Cage, as well as having had experience working on a TV show with Orange Is The New Black, it’s just a little hard to believe that Ruby didn’t expect this sort of commitment when she signed up for Batwoman.

Batwoman is already moving on from this less-than-amicable break up by looking for a rebound Batwoman replacement so we’ll have to see how Ruby Rose bounces back from this quitting debacle. Still, these reports of her quitting Batwoman in a huff certainly won’t go down well for future roles in big Hollywood projects.

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Henry Cavill Is The Sole Voice Of Reason Now That The Snyder Cut Of 'Justice League' Is Actually Coming

You did it, annoying DC fans.

Welp, it seems like my prediction of the Snyder Cut of Justice League never seeing a release in this lifetime was completely wrong because after three years of fans loudly chanting “release the Snyder Cut” on the internet, Warner Bros. has caved and will finally release this mythical film.

Speaking of long-awaited films, the GOAT team talk about the release of the ‘Hamilton’ musical film on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Towards the end of his Man Of Steel watch party, OG Justice League director Zack Snyder dropped some unexpected breaking news by revealing that his unreleased cut of the film will be finally see the light of day on the HBO Max streaming service in 2021 (as per Variety).

So well done to all those many, many fans out there who have repeatedly chanted “Release the Snyder Cut!” at the top of your lungs and shared the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag for three years.

You’ve not only managed to get Justice League stars like Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa to join in on your rallying cry but you actually succeeded in convincing Warner Bros. to release the damn thing. That’s actually pretty impressive.

For those who have no friggin’ clue what this Snyder Cut is, we did an entire explainer about the mythical film and the hooplah surrounding it for you right here. As for those fans who’ve been waiting patiently, don’t get too excited yet over this news as there’s still a lot of work to be done before the Snyder Cut sees the light of day.

According to an in-depth report into how this project came back to life by The Hollywood Reporter, Zack Snyder still has a lot of things to do before his cut of Justice League is fit for human eyes. Apparently there’s a lot of post-production work left to be done but Warner Bros. are willing to pay to finish the film (reportedly this will cost between $30-45 million) because it’ll be a great launch title for its HBO Max streaming service.

As for when the Snyder Cut will actually be released, well no one knows yet. There’s no set time frame on when Zack will finish work on the film and he’s still trying to work out whether to release his version of Justice League as a four-hour film or a six-part mini-series on HBO Max. All we know is that the film will be “an entirely new thing” and not just a slightly different cut of the 2017 version of Justice League that was released into cinemas.

Now there’s bound to be a heap of fans and haters who are going to be absolutely insufferable over the release of this film. Luckily, Henry Cavill has stepped in as the sole voice of reason for all the noise surrounding the Snyder Cut and took to Instagram to tell everyone to chill because it’s a win-win for everyone.

To all the noisy DC fans out there who willed the release of the Snyder Cut into existence, please take heed of Superman’s Henry Cavill’s words of wisdom and just be cool about it. To all those equally-noisy Snyder Cut haters (myself included), it’s coming out either way so just accept it and move on without feeling the need to comment any more.

Let’s just all watch this Snyder Cut of Justice League when it finally comes out and be respectful of everyone when sharing our opinions. Three years of this ridiculous discourse is long enough.

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