Top Gun: Maverick Finally Gives Tom Cruise An Age-Appropriate Leading Lady

The question now is when will Leo DiCaprio do the same.

If you were to look at Tom Cruise’s movie choices over the last decade, it’s pretty obvious that he’s trying incredibly hard to hold onto what’s left of his youth. How else could you explain the crazy stunts and action scenes he keeps trying to do in all those Mission: Impossible movies, not to mention that stupid “you are a younger man” line spoken by Russell Crowe in The Mummy?

But based on the new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick, it seems like Tom Cruise is finally accepting the fact that he’s a middle-aged man who is closer to 60 (he’s 57) than he is 30.

In just two minutes, we’re shown that Maverick is unashamedly a Top Gun sequel. There’s a bar singing scene, impossibly ripped dudes playing volleyball, someone who looks like Goose, someone who looks like a young Val Kilmer, and of course, heaps of crazy aerial combat scenes that defy the laws of physics.

But perhaps the most unrealistic thing in the Top Gun: Maverick trailer – and almost certainly the entire movie – is Tom Cruise’s age-appropriate love interest.

If we go by the ages of Tom’s leading ladies in the last 10 movies he has produced and starred in, the average age gap is about 16.5 years. But for Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise’s love interest is played by the exceedingly talented Jennifer Connelly, who is “only’ eight years younger than he is.

By all quantifiable metrics and measures, that’s a big improvement for ol’ mate compared to his usual younger leading lady standards. It was actually quite nice to see scenes of Tom and Jennifer riding on a motorbike as opposed to Tom and some young actress who is decades younger than he is.

While it’s nice that Tom is finally acting alongside women who is of appropriate age, this isn’t anything to really celebrate about given how original Top Gun leading lady, Kelly McGillis, wasn’t asked back for Maverick because she thinks it’s because she’s too “old.”

Then there’s the whole sexist, double-standard thing about older leading ladies in Hollywood where studio suits would rather cast an older dude alongside a young starlet over casting an older woman alongside a young chap. But that’s another story for another time.

For now, if Tom Cruise is able to come to terms with his age (well, onscreen anyway), perhaps there’s hope for Leonardo DiCaprio yet.

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Kumail Nanjiani Got Jacked For Marvel, But His Caption About It Is The Real Winner

To no one's surprise, it takes quite a bit to be a Marvel-approved superhero.

If someone brought up the name Kumail Nanjiani, chances are you’ll recognise him as either a) that dude off Silicon Valley, b) that dude who wrote that Oscar-nominated movie The Big Sick a few years ago, or c) one of the new peeps who will be in Marvel’s crazy-sounding Eternals movie.

Well it’s time to think about Kumail Nanjiani in a way you probably never expected: swole Marvel-approved superhero.

The Eternals star shared a photo to Instagram of his new physique and, well, the dude is ripped like a brick sh*thouse. We expected him to get in shape since he’s in a Marvel movie and all, but seeing him with bulging biceps and washboard abs is something else (in a good way).

Unsurprisingly, the internet has reacted accordingly, by which I mean with excessive amounts of frothing and thirsting. Kumail has literally become the thirst trap his character on Silicon Valley wishes to be.

But the best part about Kumail unveiling his new, swole bod on Instagram is the caption he wrote about what he went through in order to become jacked.

Going from normal to spandex-wearing Marvel shape takes a heap of work and resources, and Kumail is refreshingly honest about what it takes to achieve a bod that’s worthy to be part of the Eternals.

Writing how he “wanted to transform” how he looked, Kumail acknowledged he wouldn’t have been able do it had he not gotten a “full year with the best trainers and nutritionists paid for by the biggest studio in the world” before praising the *checks notes* five(!) personal trainers and the catering company that made it all possible, as well as his wife, writer Emily V. Gordon, for “putting up with [him] complaining and talking about only working out and dieting for the last year.” 

Kumail also nailed the reason why he (and many other people) didn’t bother to become ripped in the first place, writing “it would’ve been impossible without [the] resources and time” afforded by Disney and Marvel.

Some Hollywood stars rave on about how they got their bod through sheer hard work and discipline (*cough* Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson *cough*) while not realising how lucky they are to be afforded the resources and time to get in shape for a living.

We all know that getting into shape isn’t an easy thing to do but it’s pretty nice to see Kumail Nanjiani acknowledge how privileged he is while also recognising how building a body fit for a Marvel movie isn’t something that’s achievable for the the average person.

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'Watchmen' Unexpectedly Told 2019's Best Love Story, Not 'Marriage Story'

We're all suckers for good love story at the end of the day.

Spoilers for Watchmen and Marriage Story! You’ve been warned!

Marriage Story is about the relationship between Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson’s characters over the course of several years, and how the pair manage to still hold deep affection for one another even after they go through an absolutely gutwrenching divorce.

But despite telling an absolutely compelling story spread out across several years about a love that was ultimately doomed in the end, Watchmen did the same trick in telling Angela Abar and Cal’s (who is actually Dr. Manhattan in disguise) story and managed to pull it off even better than Marriage Story despite the show being infinitely weirder and far more complicated.

The thing with an immortal god-like being like Dr. Manhattan is that human emotions don’t mean as much to someone who can see the future and can literally create life from nothing. But what if this god-like being could learn to love? What if this being – who was human before an accident turned him into a god – held onto some semblance of humanity in the form of love?

As it turns out, it is beautiful, intense and as tragic as any all-time great love story and yet it subverts all the usual tropes we’ve come to expect from these things, such as the meet-cutes, the big arguments and the love at first sights.

Dr. Manhattan essentially pitches his and Angela’s love story to her the first time they met in the form of several predictions masquerading as lame pick-up lines.

We soon find out how Dr. Manhattan grew to love Angela even though he doesn’t know when it happened, he just knows he’s always loved her (time is weird in Watchmen). He also knows full well it will end tragically. And yet, he still approaches Angela and is willing to lose his memories for a decade and eschew any thoughts of helping humanity so he and Angela can be happy, even if it is only temporary.

That’s so selfish and yet also incredibly human.

But you really don’t, do you?

This wouldn’t work if the other side of this relationship story didn’t hold up and thankfully, Angela’s side of this Watchmen narrative is equally well-crafted and doesn’t sacrifice her own unique storyline in service of something else.

Somewhere along the way, Angela also falls in love with Dr. Manhattan/Cal and she too is aware that it will end tragically. But like her naked blue husband, she too is willing to take a ride down the “Tunnel of Love” because, well, love baby.

And when Angela and Dr. Manhattan’s relationship finally makes its way to Watchmen‘s present, it is capped off by a simple moment that makes you realise that this show is really nothing more than a love story.

He sees Angela arm herself in an attempt to save him despite the odds heavily stacked against her and it’s in there he says her risking her life to save him despite knowing she’ll lose is the moment he fell in love with her (again, Dr. Manhattan sees time differently to us).

Watchmen told a simply love story in the most complex way possible but it told the hell out of it. At the end of the day, we’re all suckers for a good love story where two people will fight through anything just to be together, and Angela and Dr. Manhattan’s time-jumping, mind-bending relationship is the purest manifestation of that.

Marriage Story showed us how love can still survive in the face of adversity, but there was no better example of it than Watchmen‘s Angela Abar and Dr. Manhattan’s seemingly doomed romance.

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