There's A Wild Theory On Who Christian Bale Will Play In 'Thor: Love And Thunder"

It makes no sense and perfect sense at the same time.

Marvel have outdone themselves this time on the casting front because word on the street is that Christian Bale is in the running for a part in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder.

According to Collider, the man who was once Batman is in talks to join Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok follow-up alongside Chris Hemsworth. Talk about an unexpected Marvel/DC crossover.

As for who Christian Bale will play, well, Marvel is doing its usual schtick of keeping details under wraps and is refusing to comment on anything. But while the comic book movie behemoth isn’t budging on any information, the internet is already clamoring for the Oscar-winning actor to play Beta Ray Bill in Love and Thunder.

For those who are unaware, Beta Ray Bill is a horse-faced alien who is one of the few worthy enough to wield Mjolnir and is the true wielder of Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker.

Christian Bale butting heads with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman as the worthy wielders of Mjolnir and Stormbreaker? Sounds like a Marvel fan’s wet dream.

The casting of Christian Bale for an MCU film makes little sense and perfect sense at the same time.

On one hand, he’s a deadly serious method actor who goes after big, dramatic roles and has already had his run as a superhero so it seems weird for him to slip back on the spandex, especially for a wildly wacky film made by Taika Waititi.

But on the other hand, Marvel have a habit of hiring big-name, Oscar-winning actors for various parts in its MCU flicks so getting Bale is par for the course for them. Hell, Taika managed to squeeze out a great comic performance from Anthony Hopkins in Thor: Ragnarok so just imagine what he can do with Christian Bale.

We certainly won’t know who Christian Bale is playing in Thor: Love and Thunder for a while yet as the film isn’t due to hit cinema screens until November 2021.

But here’s hoping he actually ends up playing Beta Ray Bill because not only will seeing him perform the character with his trademark seriousness while in mo-cap be hilarious, we can start calling him Beta Ray Bayle.

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'The Witcher' Is Great Once You Drop The 'Game Of Thrones' Comparisons

There's more to a fantasy show than comparing it to what unfolded on Westeros.

Now that we’ve seen Netflix’s foray into the fantasy TV show arena in the form of The Witcher, the general consensus has been mixed at best. Inevitably, the show was unfavourably deemed as a subpar fantasy successor to Game of Thrones (well, the first six seasons anyway).

Having watched both The Witcher and Game of Thrones, a bunch of those criticisms of Netflix’s fantasy show are valid. Henry Cavill is great as Geralt but a bunch of story and creative decisions simply don’t work, such as a confusing narrative and half-baked character ideas.

Having said that though, the comparisons to Game of Thrones don’t sit nearly as well. In fact, it’s a lazy criticism that shows a lack of imagination which is unbefitting of a fantasy show like The Witcher.

The Witcher is a weird high fantasy Netflix series about a lowly monster hunter just trying to make his way through a dangerous world that’s filled with obstacles ranging from magical to political. Plus it is also cheesy as hell. One minute we see Geralt taking down a massive spider-monster in gory fashion and the next we see him delivering a monologue to his horse.

Game of Thrones is a self-serious character and political HBO drama that involves a huge cast of characters and happens to be set in a world where dragons and ice zombies are a thing.

The only really meaningful things these two shows share are the abundance of blood, sex and magic, and once you drop the comparisons, The Witcher becomes way more entertaining, so much so that all its weaknesses can be overlooked somewhat.

It’s far more rewarding to watch Geralt get into a sword fight or spit out dodgy dialogue without trying to hold it to the standard set by (the first six seasons of) Game of Thrones.

We’ll let awful dialogue like this slide.

The Witcher wears its magic-minded source material on its sleeve and it almost deliberately leans into its campiness. By comparison, Game of Thrones goes to great pains to depict its characters as “real people” if they were dropped in a fantasy setting.

Even if you were to try and dig into the politics and thematic connections between The Witcher and Game of Thrones, the comparisons are surface level at best.

Game of Thrones focused on power and how the rich wielded said power. The Witcher on the other hand is more about the little guys, the lower classes if you will. Geralt isn’t a king or a royal, he’s just a bloke who’s trying to survive in the world he was dropped into.

The Witcher makes it clear that it is not Game Of Thrones nor is it trying to be. Yes both are fantasy shows, but both are telling wildly different stories that are set in wildly different universes.

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Rose Tico's Total Screen Time In Rise Of Skywalker Is Depressing AF

The numbers don't lie.

I’ve made it no secret that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was a pretty big disappointment for a number of reasons, the biggest being the sidelining of The Last Jedi‘s best character, Rose Tico, who is played brilliantly by Kelly Marie Tran.

The lack of screentime given to Rose Tico in Rise of Skywalker was glaringly obvious but when you measure how long Kelly Marie Tran is onscreen using an actual stopwatch, the numbers paint a pretty depressing picture.

The folks over at Slate watched both The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker with a stopwatch handy so they can time just how long Rose Tico is in each respective film.

For The Last Jedi, Rose appears for a pretty meaty 10 minutes 53 seconds. As for Rise of Skywalker, Rose is seen for mere 1 minute and 16 seconds (give or take a few seconds according to Slate). What the hell?

That’s a nearly 90 percent drop in screentime between Star Wars films for Kelly Marie Tran, which is a huge demotion. It was glaringly obvious that Rose didn’t get anywhere near the amount of screentime as in The Last Jedi but seeing the hard numbers is depressing AF. Put it another way, the trailers for each film were longer than the amount of time we got to see Rose Tico onscreen.

It’s a massive injustice to one of Star Wars‘ best new characters who were introduced to the series by Rian Johnson, who hasn’t commented on Rose Tico’s reduced screentime but did tweet this really nice photo of Kelly Marie Tran at the Rise of Skywalker premiere.

Given all the unwarranted trolling from puffy-chested bros masquerading as Star Wars fans that Kelly Marie Tran went through following the release of The Last Jedi, a measly 76 seconds of screentime in The Rise of Skywalker is far from acceptable.

Seeing as how there won’t be a new Star Wars film for a while, here’s hoping Kelly and Rose get their own series on Disney+ because it’s what they deserve.

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