The Jonas Brothers Are Playing Us All With Their Nostalgic Videos

This is an S.O.S.

The Jonas Brothers’ reunion has been more successful than anticipated. After moderately successful solo careers, Nick Jonas & Joe Jonas have reunited with their brother Kevin for a comeback to end all comebacks. 

Last year, the Jonas Brothers dominated the charts with their catchy summery bop ‘Sucker‘. Following this up with the hits ‘Only Human‘, ‘Cool‘ and ‘Lonely‘, the brothers achieved more success this time than their last victory lap in the early ‘10s. 

While their success is much attributed to their incredible new music, it seems that the trio are relying quite heavily on nostalgia from when they were teen heartthrobs. 

First, let’s analyse the online store. A quick squiz of their vinyl offering and clothing merchandise would see that they’re still leveraging their noughties reputation with their stans. The images that are printed on shirts are taken straight from the late ‘00s, showing the boys as teenagers when our obsession was at the peak. 

(Credit: Jonas Brothers Online Store)

And while yes, it’s not a new thing to be releasing throwback merchandise, this brings me to their TikTok content. Here, you can see the JoBro’s poking fun at the Kardashians and participating in various viral trends.

This is a clear callback to the video skits they used to upload on their YouTube channel.

Oh, and they’re recreating Camp Rock scenes on TikTok too.

Finally, they’re engaging in nostalgia through their live performances. At a performance with James Corden, the brothers whipped wigs and outfits that called back to their first breakthrough hit ‘Year 3000‘. Also in their regular concert setlist, the boys are playing Camp Rock songs, despite Nick calling it a “bad movie”. 

There you have it, the boys are engaging in nostalgia to get coin from us? Am I aware of their marketing tactics? Yes. Does it make me mad? Not really. Am I going to stream their latest single? Yes, I sure am. 

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The Good Place Has Ended, Let’s See Where It Ranks In TV Comedy

Good Tier? Mid Tier? Holy Forking Shirt Tier?

The Good Place has been hailed as the sitcom to save all sitcoms. And after four amazing seasons, the series has finally wrapped up. Where does it rank against other TV shows? You’ll have to have to keep reading to find out.

Although, we feel the need to mention, spoiler alert. There will definitely be some things in this article you’ll want to miss if you haven’t seen all these shows. Alright, let’s begin!


The Good Place

The Good Place had an incredible finale. Throughout the episode, Tahani Al-Jamil, Chidi Anagonye, Jason Mendoza and Eleanor Shellstrop enter the Good Place only to leave it when they’re ready, dying forever. After so many stops-and-starts, it was nice to see all four main characters say goodbye to each other, in their own time, significantly growing from their past selves. 

Tahani went from having everything she wanted at the click of her fingers to working for the rest of her life. Chidi spent his life on earth as the most indecisive person only to leave it with more conviction than ever. Jason showed restraint, waiting for a few Jeremy Bearimy’s to see Janet one last time, displaying significant growth since his impatient days. And Eleanor, after helping a demon become human, leaves after feeling content. It’s beautiful, touching and funny; aka. It was a perfect finale. 


The Friends finale is such an incredible episode because it manages to be funny whilst rapping up 10 years worth of stories. Ross and Rachel finally get together, Chandler and Monica start a family, Phoebe embarks on her “normal” life and Joey shows a new level of independence. The goodbyes in this episode are heartbreaking but the gags make it all worth it. 


The season finale for Veep was equally sad as it was satisfying. Selina Meyer finally wins the democratic election but at the cost of everyone else in her life. Amy goes from being Selina’s chief of staff to being Jonah’s, someone she has always had power over, Dan goes from hotshot to fired by a newer character and Gary is thrown under the bus as he ends up getting arrested. It’s heartbreaking to watch, but it’s so satisfying watching Julia Louis-Dreyfus become pure evil.



This series finale is often hailed as the worst season finale of all time, which I would argue is unfair. Sure, the four of them ending up in prison was kind of sad and sure, the tone of the episode didn’t reflect the previous nine seasons, but you can’t argue that it was fun to watch these guest characters pop back in causing us all to reminisce on all the episodes that had come before it. 


Gossip Girl 

Sure, it was still lovely to see Blair and Chuck get married even under unfortunate circumstances. But there was one thing – and one thing only – that made this series finale a bad one, and that was the reveal of Dan as Gossip Girl. You can make it entertaining with cameos from Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell, but the bottom line is, the Gossip Girl reveal doesn’t make any sense. They sure try to convince you, but it doesn’t make sense at all. Don’t you dare, try and justify it. 

How I Met Your Mother

Imagine going through 9 seasons of growth just to have it all undone in one episode. After showing maturity over the years, Barney goes back on it all reverting to his old playboy self, splitting with Robyn in a very odd sequence of events. Also, the so-called “mother” passing away was just sad for the sake of being sad.

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MAFS Lessons: How To Meet People In A Socially Acceptable Way

Poppy should’ve gone to class.

Married At First Sight (MAFS) is back in full swing for another year of drama and we could not be more excited. Since we’re following the lives of 20 random people as they partake in a social-science experiment, we thought we’d dissect some facts on a daily basis.

Introducing, MAFS lessons: the only class you’ll actually find interesting. Today’s lesson is all about how to meet new people. From episode one, we have detected six rules that one must follow in order to avoid embarrassment. They are as follows.

Listen to us break down all the lessons from episode one of MAFS on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

1. Don’t Rock Up Too Early

Fashionably late is still in fashion and we definitely recommend it. Don’t find yourself wandering the vast empty halls of random houses alone, show up a little late, so you don’t end up talking to yourself. It’s a bit random, especially with all the MAFS cameras following you.

2. Show Interest In The Other Person

Whether it’s asking others about their cultural heritage or their job, it’s always nice to shine the spotlight on someone else for a change. The people you’re talking to will feel so listened to and valued. Please, for the love of God, do not make it all about yourself. That’s just a recipe for disaster. We all know what happened to Ines… A MAFS icon!

3. Don’t Shit In Front Of New People 

Regardless of how nervous you are, shitting yourself won’t help you. Don’t shit. Don’t even think about shitting because you’ll end up talking about it and you’ll have to actually go and do it. Thinking about shitting is the thought equivalent of drinking Metamucil and prune juice. Although, we can’t deny, a shitting accident would make a great MAFS plot.

4. Talk About Food

Instead of thinking about food leaving your body, focus on its entrance! Everybody loves food. Usually, there is finger food around, so why not use it as a catalyst for conversation. Who knows what kind of cuisine-based chats may arise. 

5. Ask About Their Star Sign

You have to know whether or not you’re compatible with someone. Some call it an outdated pseudo-science, some live by it, but what you can’t deny is that astrology somehow seems more legit than the tactics used in MAFS. Also after finding out one’s star sign, you get to fabricate an entire personality that’s all in your head based off of a simple hello!

6. Remember To Act In A Socially Acceptable Way

This one is pretty simple; it’s all about being yourself and being presentable. All you need to do is act normal, which means; wearing the correct amount of deodorant, resisting the urge to press random buttons in a limousine, don’t pretend to be a sailor, don’t think about a totally random thing in front of your new MAFS husband and be upfront about sticking to monogamy. 

7. Say Yes To A Cuddle!

It’s important to cuddle for weather-reasons and weather reasons, only. Also, if they’re not down to cuddle, yes, you should probably read into it. 

Catch you back tomorrow for another MAFS lesson!

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