The Future Is Now Cos We're About To Be Watching Movies In Vertical Format

Coming in 2021.

Well, here we are, the future is now.

Throughout history the aspect radio of films have evolved from a square to widescreen, then an even wider widescreen. However, with the introduction of smartphones, consumers have increasingly demanded content that’s in a portrait format. 

Let’s widen that up please!

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Apps like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagrams IGTV have been feeding consumers vertical content for some time now, which has forced movie studios to promote their films in the square format. 

Social media 101: Post in a square format!

But now, that’s all about to change, as Russian director and producer, Timur Bekmambetov, takes on the challenge of making a film in the vertical format. 

Whip out your phones and popcorn!

Timur Bekmambetov is set to go into production on V2. Escape From Hell, the first big-budget “blockbuster” movie made entirely in a vertical format, according to Deadline. The film will star Russian actor Pavel Priluchny who plays a Soviet pilot who leads an escape from a German concentration camp by hijacking an aircraft. The film is based on real events and will be released early next year.

But this isn’t Timur Bekmambetov’s first time changing the cinematic game. A few years ago, he produced the film Unfriended, which showcased a fictional screen-recording of a laptop screen as horrific events unfolded.

He also worked on the film Searching, which also used a laptop screen-recording as it’s basis.  Hence, given Bekmambetov’s obsession with our consumption of technology, it makes sense he would enter the world of the portrait. 

However, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve engaged in vertical content. Just last year, the ABC released a series called Content, which was also entirely in a vertical format. 

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Married At First Sight's David And Hayley Are A Masterclass In Gaslighting

More gaslighting than an early-Victorian boardwalk.

Welcome back to MAFS Lessons, the only class you enjoy learning!

Yikes. Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was a big one. It was always going to be; the couples are meeting each other for the first time, people are spilling goss about who’s slept with who and alcohol is involved. I mean, it’s just a ticking timebomb, isn’t it? 

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While there were little tiffs between Ivan & Aleks and Tash & Amanda, respectively, the main tension surrounded Hayley and David. After a rocky honeymoon stemming from a disagreement over David’s hourly wage, the two went their separate ways, keeping distant from each other until they were forced to see each other again.

The dinner party begins. David walks in, realises he’s there before Hayley and opts to not speak negatively of her while she’s not there. The tension in the episode rises as David’s anxiety builds watching couple after couple enters the door before Hayley. Then, Hayley enters and everything shifts. 

The following sequence of events could only be described as delusional. As Hayley walks in, she’s immediately defensive, convincing her “girl squad” that she was “joking” about his wage. Which, we knew, was a lie. Then, whilst talking to Mikey about David’s missing wedding ring, she makes up a story about an incorrect sizing. She says, “Hayley tried to save the day on our wedding day, didn’t I?”, speaking in the third person, “And get sticky tape and wrap it around so it fitted.”

Understandably, David was confused. In his private interviews, he says Hayley was “unexpectedly friendly considering (their) history” and that “Hayley wanted to play happy families.”

This confusion then resulted in a very awkward, tense and confronting moment on the couch, as David kept denying her advances and Hayley pushed his boundaries. After trying to patch things up – without apologising, mind you – Hayley attempted to make everything better by just pretending it was all fine. 

What followed was a very cringe, stomach-dropping moment where we see Hayley desperate to show affection and David doing his best to deny it without hurting her feelings. That was, until he got hurt, physically, with a scratch on his face. 

So now, David is more confused than ever given Hayley’s actions, Hayley’s mad because she hasn’t gotten her way and Alek’s, watching this whole thing unfold, is now contemplating if her fate is the same.

If you haven’t done your MAFS homework, make sure you catch up on previous lessons. So far, we’ve learnt how why adults still need supervision, to never force chemistry, to not make a fool of yourself when there are cameras aroundhow to meet people in a socially acceptable way and also how crappy friends can ruin a relationship.

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Call Of Duty Is Bringing Back Its Best Map To Take You Back To 2009

Locked and Loaded.

In news that gamers will love, Season 2 of Call of Duty’s ‘Modern Warfare’ game has just hit Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

While it’s got new operators, weapons and multiplayer modes, we’re obsessing with the new maps. Well, one map, in particular, Rust. 

News leaked just a few days ago when a trailer of Season 2 found its way onto social media and fans witnessed the very nostalgic landscape. Tbh, I couldn’t be more excited. Check it out at the 15-second mark.

Rust was the ultimate Call of Duty map. Originally found on ‘Modern Warfare 2’, this small multiplayer map was based on the mission Endgame and was an immediate fan-favourite with gamers.

As you climbed up ladders and broken down cars,  snipers set up camp ready to take down anyone in sight. Not to mention, the vast amount of hiding places made tactical-knifing one of the more popular modes of playing. It was the ultimate multiplayer map. I honestly don’t even remember picking any other map back in 2009. 

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If you’ve already got the game, you can download Season Two right now. Though be weary, it might take a little bit of time, just ask these people on Twitter.

According to Forbes, the Co-Studio Head and Creative Director of Infinity Ward, Patrick Kelly said: “The community response to Modern Warfare since launch has been incredible and we’re thrilled to bring back some legendary fan-favourite maps and an iconic beloved Modern Warfare character Ghost.” You’re absolutely right Patrick, you’re absolutely right.

BRB, I’ve gotta download the update.

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