The Best Royal Dramas To Binge If Harry And Meghan Have You Frothing

Bask in the glory of commoner life.

Who doesn’t love a good Royal drama? Watching the nobles tear each other apart is pretty damn satisfying for us commoners. And Harry and Meghan ditching “The Firm” is just the tip of the iceberg. So grab your popcorn and pitchforks for this epic binge.

The Great

Created by Aussie Tony McNamara, who gave us The Favourite, this 10-part series is loosely based on Russia’s Catherine The Great and how she became, well, great. And by loose I mean it gets very loose. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult are hilarious in the lead roles of this dark comedy.

Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola’s colourful film about “the most hated woman in France” was so divisive when it was released in 2006 that it received an epic booing at Cannes Film Festival. It’s an absolutely over-the-top romp starring Kirsten Dunst, who delivers that infamous line: “Let them eat cake”. Which, of course, ultimately led to the French Revolution.

Grace of Monaco

Ok, this is another divisive one, but stick with me. Nicole Kidman stars as Princess Grace of Monaco, formerly known as Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly, and the result is 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. But it’s on this list because it will set you off down a rabbit hole of glorious stories about Grace Kelly, who she was, all the movies she made, and what she gave up to become a princess.

Outlaw King

Chris Pine gives it his all as Robert The Bruce. Literally – he bares all in a blink-and-you’ll miss it full-frontal nude scene that seemed to be all anybody could talk about when the film hit Netflix in 2018. The real meat in this story is how he led the Scots in a guerrilla war against England.

A Royal Night Out

This is much more of a loving look at the British Royal Family, with a heavy dose of poetic licensing thrown in. It’s V.E. Day in 1945, and a young Princess Elizabeth and her absolute baller little sister Princess Margaret are allowed out to celebrate with the general public. But the film takes on a romantic fantasy and imagines what might have happened when the future Queen of England was let loose on the biggest party in history.

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The Top Sports Docos To Binge, Now That 'The Last Dance' Is Done

That winning feeling doesn't have to end.

If you haven’t devoured all 10 episodes of The Last Dance doco series already, well, shame on you quite frankly. Even though we knew the ending way back in 1998, the ESPN-Netflix series had us all on the edge of our seats. But now you may find yourself with a big ol’ sports hole to fill – what to watch next.

WARNING – there be some Last Dance spoilers in this:

Abstract: Tinker Hatfield

Technically, this is more of a design story than a sports doco, but it’s a great companion piece to The Last Dance because it’s all about the guy who designed the famous Air Jordans. Tinker Hatfield goes into great detail about designing for professional athletes, from Andre Agassi to Michael Jordan. And yes, MJ is in this too.

The Battered Bastards Of Baseball

A major thread in The Last Dance was the legwork – and ultimately back-stabbing – in building a team from scratch. And that’s not just limited to the NBA. The Battered Bastards Of Baseball chronicles the Portland Mavericks, a team set-up by actor Bing Russell (yes, Kurt Russell’s dad) in the 1970s, and made-up entirely of players no one else wanted.


Nothing beats an underdog story, and Undefeated is so good it won Best Documentary at the 2012 Oscars. It follows some seriously disadvantaged students from Memphis and their never-say-die volunteer coach, who refuses to let them slip through the cracks. Also good to partner with Cheer to pick your spirits up.

The Test

This 8-part series goes behind the scenes of rebuilding the Australian cricket team in the wake of the “Sandpaper Scandal”. New coach Justin Langer is on a mission to regain the team’s integrity, and retain the Ashes in the process.

Free Solo

Another Academy Award-winner that will leave you in awe (and probably a little sick from the stress). It covers Alex Honnold and his lifelong dream to climb the 900-metre vertical rock face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park – without any ropes. It’s a testament to the mental and physical strength that it takes to be the best.

The Fibros And The Silvertails

One of the great insights in The Last Dance doco was the sports psychology. From coach Phil Jackson’s ability to get the most out of each individual, to every little bit of spite that Michael Jordan used to rev himself up. And if you want more of that, then look no further than Fibros vs Silvertails. It goes back to the 1978 legendary rugby league rivalry between the Western Suburbs Magpies and the Manly Sea Eagles, and how Wests coach Roy Masters created a class war, not only to motivate his own team, but to motivate an entire region of fans. And that class war is still going on today.

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‘Kissed On The Dick By A Fairy’ – The ABC’s Most Honest TV Show

‘You Can’t Ask That’ will crack you up and break your heart all at once.

How good is smashing taboos? That’s exactly the point of You Can’t Ask That, the ABC’s most raw and honest TV show.

It’s back with a new season of curly questions, kicking off with firefighters. Best have some tissues handy because a lot of these heroes (even though they don’t call themselves that) are dealing with the trauma of the Black Summer fires that devastated much of Australia.

While the bushfires may seem like a lifetime ago because of Coronavirus, the gutted communities are still trying to rebuild, and there’s a lot we can learn from just 30 minutes of YCAT.

The Diversity Of Firefighters

They range in age, size, gender, heritage – basically, anyone of them could be your best friend, your mum, dad, cheeky uncle at family get-togethers. What unites them is their dedication to community, and we all benefit from that.

They Get Excited About The Big Red Trucks Too

“As soon as you have the red and blue lights on the top you’re like a little kid again. You’re like, haha you’re stuck in traffic, here I go past,” RFS Volunteer Jackson Brown confesses.

CFA Volunteer Michelle Kampen opens up on ‘You Can’t Ask That’.

They Get Stuck Into Climate Change And ScoMo

Yeah, so they’re just as annoyed at the political football, and Scott Morrison’s forced handshakes, as the rest of us are. These people – largely volunteers – are literally on the frontlines, so maybe we should listen to them, hey? “Politicians are people who plan for the next election. Statesmen are the people who plan for the next generation. Where are all our statesmen?” Well said, CFA Volunteer Mark Guerin.

Firefighters Get Scared Too

Their descriptions of facing a wall of fire will send shivers down your spine.

“The fire from December, she’s a nasty bitch,” CFA Volunteer Michelle Kampen says.

They Can Hear The Animals Screaming

And that’s what breaks their hearts. Let’s just leave that at that. Need more tissues.

Firefighters Harriet Foard and Mark Carter on ‘You Can’t Ask That’.

They Know They’re Facing Death

Every day. That’s their job. Just let that sink in. But man they are calm about it, even when describing the most horrific situations, albeit while choking back tears.

“I thought I’d been kissed on the dick by a fairy. Yeah, I did have a moment. I snuck around the corner, let a bit of it out. Cause it was bloody close” – your new Aussie hero, RSF Volunteer Darryl Chadwick.

There’s A Reason They Tell You To Get Out

Those warnings to leave early are no joke. The fire sucks the oxygen out of the air, and that not only stops you from breathing, but also stops cars from working, and that is not the way you want to go. “Fire can do whatever it wants,” warns Advanced Firefighter Rachael Cavanagh. The least we can do in return is support our firefighters by showing them some respect.

Season 5 of You Can’t Ask That starts March 18 at 9pm on ABC and iview with Firefighters, and continues with Nudist, Gold Medallists, Kids, living on the Autism Spectrum, HIV, Public Housing, and those who have Killed Someone.

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