Taika Waititi Ripping Into The Brits With His BAFTA Speech Is Everything

"This is very, very cool for me, coming from the colonies."

It’s always a rare occurrence when an award-winner’s speech calls out people that are directly in front of them, but Taika Waititi did just that.

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The director, writer and producer of Jojo Rabbit, took away the BAFTA for Best Adapted Screenplay (and rightfully so). But the joy of this award comes out of Waititi’s speech accepting the award. 

The self-proclaimed “Polynesian Jew” kicked things off on a slightly awkward note, saying: “Hello… Thanks very much…  BAFTA’s”, pausing after every few words. But then he goes in on the Brits, hard, saying, “ This is very, very cool for me…coming from the colonies…”

After receiving a roaring laugh from the audience, he keeps on going, saying: “Uh, you know, we know it’s been a hard week for you guys… It’s very nice to take a little bit of your gold… back home… where it belongs.” 

God, we do love a Brexit joke, don’t we?

And if that wasn’t funny enough, he then goes on to read aloud the counting-down timer clock placed in front of him. Honestly, you just have to watch it, it’ll make your day:

I could not tell what’s funnier between his speech and Rebel Wilson having absolutely no idea how to react. I simply couldn’t.

He finishes his speech by thanking his mum for showing Waititi the book and teaching him how to read: “I love you for making me read, mum.” A wholesome ending, if you will.

Will Taika Waititi make a similar speech at the Oscars this week? Only time will tell.

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Say Bye, Bye, Bye To All Your Money Because *NSYNC Might Reunite

It might sound crazy but it ain't no lie.

Okay, deep breaths everyone. 


In news that’s sure to transport you straight back to the early ‘00s, iconic boy-band *NSYNC might be coming back.

If they do, I want this pun back too, please!

Known for their hits “It’s Gonna Be Me”, “I Want You Back” and “Girlfriend”, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone could be popping back in our lives for a special reunion.

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Apparently, it’s all thanks to JC Chasez. The *NSYNC lead-signer – who went on to make this unforgettable, not-at-all-cringeworthy video – is at the forefront of bringing these legends back to the stage again. 

I can’t wait for these guys to whip out these dance moves again.

A source close to him told Page Six that JC is doing his “due diligence” as he conducts “the appropriate research” for a comeback this year. If they were to make a comeback this year, then they would be doing so on the 20th anniversary of No Strings Attached, which is definitely their best album. 

In the “research” that JC is conducting, he seems to be fostering relationships with people who have credentials to make this reunion a sure thing. He’s been spotted supporting songwriter Max Martin, hanging out with artistic director/choreographer Kyle Hanagami and chatting to other boyband members.

Unfortunately, the source also said that if a reunion were to happen, that Justin Timberlake would not be a part of it. 


It wouldn’t be the first reunion performance that would be shy of Timberlake. The boy-band reunited last year at the Coachella festival with Ariana Grande. Grande, a massive *NSYNC fan,  samples their album-track “It Makes Me Ill” on her single “break up with your girlfriend i’m bored”, hence the special guest appearance. 

Whether Justin Timberlake is down for a reunion or not, we can sure as hell tell you that we’ll be there. 

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