Sounds Like Liam Payne Is Really Sick Of Being Compared To Harry Styles

"I'm like the antichrist version of what Harry is."

Since parting ways four years ago, the boys of One Direction did the opposite of what their band name suggests and quite literally went in completely different directions with their careers. While Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have all launched successful solo careers, their musical stylings and public personas are poles apart. It’s something Liam Payne is clearly coming to terms with – particularly when it comes to Harry Styles. 

Listen to all the details below:

During a recent interview with The Face Magazine, Payne said “I speak to Louis quite regularly and I feel like I know where I stand with Niall. But with Harry there’s so much mystery around who he’s become.”

“I was looking at some pictures of him the other day, and I just thought: ‘I don’t know what more I’d say to him other than, ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?’ I mean, look at the stuff I put out and the stuff Harry puts out. Polar opposite. I’m like the antichrist version of what Harry is.”


Later in the interview, Payne was asked about Styles’ penchant for “big trousers.”

“Do you know what? For me, it’s a case of fair play for him doing what he f*cking wants,” he said. “If he wants to wear one earring and go to the Met Gala wearing something unexpected, what of it? Fair f*cking play. I couldn’t put myself in that. I’d look f*cking…it’d look weird.”

It’s not the first time Liam Payne has pointed out his differences with Harry Styles. In a recent interview with Esquire the singer said “it’s very hard to compete when we’re doing such different things.”

“One Direction was my office…by the time we got to the end of One Direction, it was like the office ended and that was the end of it,” he explained. “So, I spoke to Louis more than I spoke to anyone, me and Niall saw eye to eye on some things and not others. Then with Harry I just didn’t know anything about him.” 

“Me and Harry caught a laugh every so often,” Payne said later in the interview. “…We just don’t have anything in common. I don’t have nothing against the boy, I think he’s a beautiful, beautiful person, he’s a very lovely person, and you can see that by how many people he meets that get along with him.”

“I can say that from my own experience with him but I just haven’t spoken to him for a number of years because our music – I’m like the antichrist version, to his christness,” he said.

It’s totally normal for two mates to drift apart and it sounds like Liam Payne is happy for Harry Styles, but he’s obviously not down with the constant comparisons. Calling himself the “antichrist” of his former bandmate does seem a little extreme, though.

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Apple's New Souped-Up Mac Pro Will Cost You Your HECs Debt And Then Some

Buy a house or a Mac Pro? The choice is yours.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a tech head then you might want to think about taking out a personal loan because Apple’s new Mac Pro isn’t exactly a bargain – that’s if you want all the bells and whistles, of course.

The new Mac Pro, available to order today, starts at $9,999 and comes with 32GB of RAM, a octa-core Intel Xeon CPU, Radeon Pro 580X graphics and a 256GB SSD.

Credit: Apple

But if that’s not enough for you and you’re after the Rolls Royce of Mac Pros, you can configure your glorified cheese grater to include these fancy features, according to the Verge:

For an extra $10,275 – A 28-Core, 2.5GHz Intel Xeon W with 28 cores, 56 threads, and Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz 

For an extra $36,705 – 1.5TB of 2933MHz RAM, broken down into 12 128GB user-replaceable slot

For an extra $2,055 – 4TB of SSD storage, split across two 2TB SSDs

For an extra $15,854 – Two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics card modules, each with two GPUs inside for a total of four graphics cards, each with 32GB of dedicated RAM per GPU

For an extra $2,936 – Afterburner accelerator card

For an extra $587 – Wheels for the Mac Pro

For an extra $73 – Magic Trackpad

By the time you’re ready to check out you’ve already racked up almost $80,000. Wow.

Let’s be real, the only reason you’d spend more than your entire HECs debt on a piece of technology is if you were a hardcore video editor, medical expert of the Department of Defence, according to Apple Insider

Speaking of ridiculously expensive items, hear all about one of the most crazy museum heists below:

Looks like us mere mortals will have to stick to our flimsy iPhones and MacBooks until all the fancy tech becomes a little more affordable.

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Lizzo Had The Best Response To Haters Of Her Basketball Game Butt Shaking

Truth hurts.

If Lizzo wants to bare her thong-clad butt at a basketball game, she’s going to do it and not give a hoot what you think.

Yesterday, the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer made headlines when she twerked courtside at a Lakers game wearing nothin’ but a t-shirt and a thong. 

Following Lizzo’s visual display of being “100% that bitch” the Internet was awash with mixed opinions. The singer’s fans praised her confidence, while others were busy clutching their pearls with disapproval.

Lizzo had zero time for the butt shaking hate and took to Instagram to respond. “Never ever let somebody stop you or shame you from being yourself,” she said during an Instagram Live. “This is who I’ve always been. Now everyone’s lookin’ at it, and your criticism can just remain your criticism. Your criticism has no effect on me.”

“Nothing really breaks my joy,” she said. “I’m a really solid, grounded person, and I know that I’m shocking because you’ve never seen in a long time a body like mine doing whatever it wants to do and dressing the way it dresses and moving the way it moves.”

“But I don’t ever want to censor myself because I’m suddenly famous, and I don’t want to censor myself because everyone’s looking at me now,” she said. “I’m not going to quiet myself. I’m not going to shrink myself because somebody thinks that I’m not sexy to them.”

Speaking of famous ladies who ooze confidence, hear about all the female artists who have been killing it in 2019 below:

Lizzo punctuated her thoughts by sharing a Twitter video of Rihanna twerking in a mesh dress with the caption, “MY INSPIRATION.”

Whether Lizzo’s basketball game butt shaking offended you or not, there’s one thing that’s clear – it didn’t hurt or harm anyone. If anything, the singer’s campaign for self-confidence and the acceptance of all body types is something we can all get on board with.

Don’t ever stop twerking or being unashamedly you, Lizzo. Can’t wait when she brings that fierce confidence to Australia for her Red Room (which you can win invites for right here).

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