Some Genius Turned 'Avengers: Endgame' Into An Epic Anti-Racism Message


It goes without saying that the racial tensions and exposing of police brutality in America right now brought on by George Floyd’s death But while we can’t expect masses of spandex-wearing heroes to appear out of nowhere to save us ala Avengers: Endgame, some genius edited that Marvel movie into a powerful (and funny) anti-racism message to not only support Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests but to remind us to not lose hope.

The GOAT team talk about the George Floyd protests, Black Lives Matter and how you can help on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Podcast host Jemele Hill posted on Twitter the aforementioned Avengers: Endgame anti-racism fan edit, where it proceeded to go wildly viral for how it perfectly captured the mood regarding Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests.

This viral clip is a two-minute snippet taken from the climatic battle of Endgame where Captain America is making his final stand against Thanos, only for every single Marvel hero to appear out of nowhere to join the fight.

The brilliance of this Endgame anti-racism fan edit lies in the labels put on every Marvel character. Everyone is recast as different types of activist, protester and associated party involved in Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests fighting for systemic change.

It’s brilliant in a very relevant and irreverent way, and it deserves to be watched on loop.

The actual creator of this Avengers: Endgame anti-racism fan edit is not known but the internet suspects it is the work of Twitter user @vantaeotvn.

It seems like they were inspired to create this little Marvel masterpiece after seeing a hilarious tweet that listed off all the different groups that have gotten involved in the Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests, such as the Amish, K-pop stans, countless celebrities, and “witches”, all of whom were labeled in the Avengers: Endgame clip.

After all the clip went viral, @Vantaesosvn – who is staying anonymous for obvious reasons – issued out a statement about their Avengers: Endgame clip and thanking everyone “who liked [their] edit.”

They then clarify that as relevant as the Endgame clip is, “it is not meant to be over analysed” and was meant to show “how great it was that everyone is coming together” during these tense times.

After expressing how they want to make some changes to the labeling – like having Thanos as “racists” instead of “police” (though having his sword as ‘bunkerbaby” is spot on) – they make sure to clarify that they’re a BTS fan account first and foremost so maybe don’t follow them unless you want a heap of K-pop content.

At a time where we could use a little hope and encouragement to keep fighting, this little Avengers: Endgame has appeared to done the trick. Editing Marvel movies into anti-racism messages is one way of getting involved, but there are many other ways to help the Black Lives Movement, which we’ve listed right here.

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New Info About Carole Baskin's Husband Only Adds Fuel To Your Murder Theories

Season 2 has come early.

Just when we thought the Tiger King craze is over, some new info about Carole Baskin’s dead first husband has come out that not only adds a new wrinkle to the already-bonkers narrative but also throws fuel on all those wild “did she kill him” murder theories.

Speaking of ‘Tiger King’ and Carole Baskin, the GOAT team talk about the bonkers Netflix doco series on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to Rolling Stone, experts have analysed the will of Carole Baskin’s first husband Don Lewis – who left her a $15 million estate when he died under mysterious circumstances in 2002 and whose story in Tiger King drummed up a heap of theories on whether or not she killed him – and concluded that the will was forged.

Two experts gave the will a good look and deemed it a forgery, which lines up with what authorities believe to be the case for months. While this surely doesn’t paint Carole Baskin in a good light – or quell those theories on if she killed him – it is almost certain that she’ll get away with this will forgery.

Hillsborough County sheriff Chad Chronister (as per Variety) says that legal recourse is likely unable to happen due to the statute of limitations: “A judge deemed it valid. So the civil side of it, with the execution of the will [and] dispersement of the funds is one thing. But then you have the criminal side which is unable to prosecute.”

That being said though, Chronister says investigations into Carole Baskin and the matter are still going forward so there could be new wrinkles in this story yet. But right now as we speak, Carole is holding all the cards and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop her.

Hoo boy.

With Joe Exotic creating headlines while still in jail, Carole Baskin being handed control of the former tiger king’s zoo, and now this revelation that her dead husband’s will was forged, we’re somehow getting just as much drama off-screen as we did in the actual Netflix doco-series.

So, season two of Tiger King anyone?

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Lana Del Rey Digs Her Hole Deeper By Exposing Protesters' Faces To Police

She's going need a bigger shovel at this rate.

Lana Del Rey has stayed relatively quiet ever since her little feminist rant on Instagram resulted in a wave of backlash, which only got worse when she doubled down on it. With protests over George Floyd’s death now taking over America, the singer broke her silence in the worst way possible. Not only dug her hole even deeper but she’s also drawn the ire from the likes of Kehlani (whom she ironically called out in her feminist rant) and Tinashe.

Speaking of the George Floyd protests, the GOAT team talk about the importance of Black Lives Matters on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

While Lana Del Rey stayed uncharacteristically quiet over the George Floyd protests, she did share some now-deleted photos and videos on Instagram of herself and protesters at a demonstration. While she did take them down, she left one video of the protesters up.

What makes Lana’s posts troubling is how her videos clearly showed the faces of protesters and looters, making them vulnerable to being arrested by the police. Given the heavy scrutiny on police brutality and how cops are using excessive force to arrest protesters, this is a dangerous move from her behalf.

After being briefly used as a Trojan horse on Twitter to get a positive message about the George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter across, it’s almost fitting to see Lana Del Rey do something stupid to erase what little goodwill she’s earned back.

According to Vulture, Kehlani called Lana out for sharing her Instagram posts, sharing the now-deleted tweet: “[Lana Del Rey] please remove your instagram post it’s dangerous as fuck and a very poor choice of moments to post. By all means protest, but DO NOT endanger people with your very massive platform. oh and turn your fu*kin comments on man.”

Tinashe also shared a now-deleted tweet calling out Lana: “[Lana Del Rey] why the fu*k are you posting people looting stores on your page literally WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.”

After realising that Lana still had one of her videos up on Instagram, Kehlani responded on Twitter accordingly and this time she didn’t delete her tweet.

One has to wonder what was going through Lana Del Rey’s mind when she inadvertently exposed the faces of protesters for every police officer to see. Apropos of nothing, she did date that celebrity cop so make of that what you will.

America is rudderless right due to an incompetent leader who is playing wannabe dictator and tensions don’t look to be easing up anytime soon. Here’s hoping that Lana forgets her Instagram password because we got far more important things to worry about than her social posts, and Tinashe and Kehlani’s energy is better spent spreading helpful messages than calling out an entitled white singer.

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