Shaggy Only Lied About “Auditioning” For Rihanna’s Album To Give Us Hope, Surely

We Love The Way He Lie

Even Shaggy is doing everything he possibly can to get more music out of Rihanna! After a he-said-she-said between Shaggy and a Rihanna representative, we finally have the truth. 

To catch you up to speed, earlier this week the “It Wasn’t Me” rapper recently told Britain’s Daily Star that he was asked to be part of the dancehall album. He said, “They approached me for the Rihanna project, yeah, there’s a lot of great people involved, but for me, I didn’t need to audition to be on the record, I’ll leave that to younger guys.”

Excuse me, Shaggy?

What subsequently caused a ruckus online was the fact that Rihanna was going to “audition” Shaggy. 

It was at this point that someone from Rihanna’s camp went on Jamaica Irie FM to set the record straight. Rihanna’s people insisted that Shaggy contacted them first and that the “Diamonds” singer didn’t approach him.

Uh, Rihanna has left the conversation.

“After Rihanna had already gathered all the material for the album, Shaggy contacted her asking to be a part of the album. She explained to him that the album was much completed and they were just working on mixing, mastering and deciding which songs to actually use,” the rep said.

She just shut a man down.

And on the whole “audition” thing, Rihanna’s team said: “However, she invited him to submit some materials so she could see if it fits with the flow of the album. That was by no means asking for an audition, it was more going out of her way to get him on the album.”

So… he lied?

Right. So, two things are possible here. Firstly, it’s possible that Shaggy is looking to make a comeback, for which he wants to nab a sneaky collab with Rihanna. Or secondly,  Shaggy is willing to say and do anything to get more info about Rihanna’s new album. 

Yes. Yes, it was you, Shaggy.

Regardless, thank you Shaggy for coming out and saying what you said, because now we know we definitely have a dancehall Rihanna album on the way and we can’t wait. 

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And The Oscar For The Most Snubs Goes To…

The Oscars.

The Academy Award nominations are always contentious and this year was no exception. With the growing trend of #OscarsSoWhite and #OscarsSoMale, we thought we’d give a little shout out to some of the people that deserved the nomination.

Listen to the GOAT team breaking down all the Oscar snubs in the latest ep of It’s Been A Big Day For... below:

Here they are:


While Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut was considered by many as an instant classic, it looks like the Oscars are yet again, snubbing comedy. Although Beanie Feldstein picked up a nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globes, the movie was shut out of every single category at the Oscars. In a way, the Oscars are very similar to Amy and Molly before leaving high school, they’re both anti-fun.

The Cast of Parasite

This morning, Parasite made history as the first South Korean film ever to be nominated for an Oscar. While it racked up directional, editing, production design, and screenplay nominations, we can’t help but notice that none of the cast were nominated for their acting ability. How does the Academy think this movie came to life? SMH.


Queen B just missed out on the award at the Golden Globes, and now she’s not even nominated! While “Spirit (from The Lion King)” was a clear contender for Best Original Song at this year’s Oscars, a nomination was nowhere in sight, with the Randy Newman and Elton John nominated instead. Interestingly enough, Yoncé doesn’t have the best relationship with the academy as she was mysteriously disqualified as a songwriter for the ultimate-power ballad “Listen” from Dreamgirls. 

Lupita Nyong’o

Jordan Peele’s Us snub exhibits two things: the Academy are afraid to award people of colour and the Academy are afraid of horror movies. To be honest,  Lupita Nyong’o deserves a nomination for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, given her iconic performance as both Adelaide Wilson and her evil counterpart. So, to give her neither? Disgraceful. I hope the clones of the Academy are a lot nicer than they are. 

The Farewell

Last week, Awkwafina won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, but the Oscars didn’t nominate The Farewell at all. Considering the brilliant direction coming out of Lulu Wang and the unconventional performance from Awkwafina, the snubbing of this A24 film was a shock that hit hard. 

Jennifer Lopez

While Jennifer Lopez picked up nominations from the Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role in the commercially-acclaimed Hustlers, the Oscars have turned a blind eye. I guess that makes her, Jenny from the block-ed from receiving any genuine recognition. Thanks for that Oscars. Thanks. 

Greta Gerwig

Okay yes, Little Women racked up a Best Picture and a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination, but where the hell was the nomination for Best Director?

Oscars are keeping the #OscarsSoMale reputation well and truly alive with this awful snub. Fellow Little Women star Florence Pugh has also weighed in, saying Greta’s lack of nomination is “incredibly upsetting…Gerwig literally made a film about this – about women working and their relationship with money and their relationship with working in a man’s world … So [this] only underlines how important it is — because it’s happening.” Tea was spilt.

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Britney Spears Changed Pop Music 21 Years Ago, It's Time We Give Thanks

I just wanna go back, sing “(Hit Me)... Baby One More Time”

On this day in 1999, the then-unknown Britney Spears released her debut album, …Baby One More Time. Twenty-one years later, we’re still seeing its impact on the pop industry. 

I can’t believe Britney invented school.

Who knew that when a teenage-Spears left the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and burst onto the music scene that she would become the most iconic pop-star of recent history. 

A legend then, a legend now.

The album deserves nothing short of legendary-status. The 12-track LP is home to the bubblegum-pop smashes “(You Drive Me) Crazy”, “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart“, “Born to Make You Happy“, “Sometimes” and of course, the catchiest song of all time, “…Baby One More Time”. Not to mention the not-at-all dated song-title “Email My Heart”. The ‘90s were a weird time, man. 

Never forget this Britney-led Japanese candy ad.

The breakout single “…Baby One More Time” ultimately gave Ms. Spears a platform to become the pop queen she now is. Racking up number ones in three separate decades, Britney’s first album gave us such a high benchmark of pop music, fans were subsequently shocked at her ability to continuously improve with hits like “Toxic”, “Gimmie More” and “Till The World Ends”.

Also, “Work B*tch”… Never forget “Work B*tch”.

Who knew that a TLC throwaway single would become the iconic Britney song we all know and love?!

But, what this album showed more than anything else, was that there was a need and a demand for pure, bubblegum pop in the 90’s music industry.

We’re talking about a time period where angsty-rock was at its peak. Britney was the voice that so many people yearned to hear and she paved the way for so many artists debuting in the years after. 

These glasses? A music AND a style icon!

As the millennium began, teen-pop dominated pop culture. MTV’s TRL was all anyone could talk about, boybands were competing for your hearts and at the core of it all, was the princess of pop herself, Britney Spears. 

Once a princess, always a princess.

And so, we would like to wish a happy 21st to …Baby One More Time, the album that gave us all the iconic karaoke hits and launched the career of our fave pop-star.

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