'Sex Education' Beautifully Handles A Drunken One Night Stand's Aftermath

*Takes notes*

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Sex Education season two!

One of the big recurring story points in Sex Education is virginity and how the main character, Otis, is a virgin despite being the one doling out all the useful sex and relationship advice.

It’s a story arc that’s been set up for a big pay off and boy does Sex Education pay it off in season two when Otis loses his V-card. However, his first time isn’t with his girlfriend Ola or with Maeve. Nope, his first time was a sloppy, drunken one night stand with none other than bitchy popular girl, Ruby.

A one night stand with Ruby certainly not the way Otis – or any of us – expected to lose his virginity and Sex Education mines this development for some great comedic moments. But after the jokes are done and dusted, the show begins to explore the aftermath of Otis’ hook up with Ruby, which proves to be the real pay off to this story as it is handled in a surprisingly sweet way.

After panicking over whether or not he used a condom, Otis ends up accompanying Ruby to get a morning after pill. That act in itself doesn’t warrant any applause – especially when you consider Otis has the most sex education under his belt compared to his peers. No, the back-patting bit comes when Otis offers comfort to Ruby.

When she gets angry after someone assumes she’s taken a morning after pill before (thus implying she’s a slut), Otis reassures her that taking the pill or any contraception is nothing to be ashamed of. Okay, the bit where he tells her that he’ll drop out of school and get a job to raise their possible kid was pretty cringey, but at least he meant well.

When Otis and Ruby get talking about what actually happened during their hook-up (i.e if he was any good), Sex Education turns their conversation into a nice little look into consent. Sure Otis wasn’t great in bed (it was his first time after all) but he did constantly check in on Ruby and asking her if she was okay, albeit “every 10 seconds.”

Every 10 seconds is a bit of overkill but it was appreciated nonetheless by Ruby who thanks Otis for checking in and saying that “a lot of guys don’t.”

The “Otis loses his virginity” storyline started as a bit of a joke but Sex Education ultimately turned it into a beautiful little exploration into the importance of respect and consent when it comes to sex, drunken one night stand or otherwise.

This arc also works on a character level for Otis as season two sees him stress over not wanting to be an asshole like his father and him comforting Ruby is a big step in his development. It’s great that Sex Education likes to teach us about sex, the show is at its best when it combines those lessons with some heartfelt character moments.

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Rise Of Skywalker Has Nothing On The Leaked Art From The Unmade Star Wars Ep 9

Never mind the dumb Snyder Cut, let Colin Trevorrow make his version of Star Wars Episode 9.

The Star Wars Skywalker saga ended with a bit of a thud than the bang everyone was hoping for and one can’t help but think “what would Colin Trevorrow’s version of Star Wars Ep 9: Duel Of The Fates look like and would it have been better than the fan-service filled Rise Of Skywalker?”

Well based on leaked concept art allegedly from Colin Trevorrow’s Duel Of The Fates, his take on Star Wars Episode 9 would’ve been far better – and darker – than Rise Of Skywalker.

Around 20 pieces of concept art allegedly from Duel Of The Fates appeared on the ‘StarWarsLeaks’ subreddit and showed that Colin Trevorrow’s ideas from his original script would’ve looked frigging awesome had Lucasfilm let him make his Star Wars movie instead of sacking him.

It seems like Duel Of The Fates would’ve easily been the darkest Star Wars film and would’ve had an apocalyptic aesthetic due to Trevorrow’s original intention of having the final climatic battle take place between the First Order and the Resistance on a wrecked Coruscant.

But the biggest departures from Rise Of Skywalker are the character moments and designs, all of which would’ve been awesome and would’ve referenced the Prequel and Original Trilogies in great ways. Here’s a quick summary of what we could’ve got:

  • Force Ghost Luke grabbing Kylo Ren’s lightsaber by hand(!)
  • C-3PO mourning a destroyed R2-D2 (oh no…)
  • Rey sporting a blue double-bladed lightsaber and rocking a new black outfit reminiscent of Luke’s from Return Of The Jedi
  • Rey getting trained by Luke
  • General Hux committing seppuku with a red lightsaber after Coruscant falls to the Resistance
  • Leia delivering a message of hope via BB-8 (great callback to A New Hope)
  • Kylo Ren taking on Darth Vader
  • Rey (with her double-bladed lightsaber) taking on Kylo Ren

Now given how this new set of Star Wars Ep 9 leaks comes after a previously released set of images claiming to be from Trevorrow’s would-be film only to be denied by the man himself, it’s best to take the concept art with a big grain of salt.

Having said that, neither Trevorrow or Lucasfilm has confirmed nor denied the authenticity of these Duel Of The Fates leaks and the silence is deafening. Trevorrow doesn’t really need to say anything and nor should he because the concept art is brilliant.

As utterly fantastic as all these leaked (alleged) Duel Of The Fates details are, it all comes with a tinge of sadness because it seems like Lucasfilm had the seeds of a unique Star Wars film that honoured what came before it, only to throw it all out in favour of…whatever Rise Of Skywalker was.

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Hands Up Who Actually Thought James Corden Was Driving In Carpool Karaoke

Why are we surprised?

In a crowded late night talk show field, James Corden has managed to stand out from the pack with his mega-popular Carpool Karaoke segment. As fun as these clips are, there’s one thing that always bugged me: how the hell is he driving around while enthusiastically singing and not crashing into everything?

Well as it turns out, James Corden isn’t driving at all.

An eagle-eyed fan caught a glimpse of James Corden filming a Carpool Karaoke segment with Justin Bieber and it is clear that the Late Late Show host isn’t driving.

Rather, the car James and Biebs is in was being towed by a truck, allowing them to go full-blown Carpool Karaoke without any worries about crashing into street signs and/or people.

This little revelation will likely trigger trust issues among the James Corden/Carpool Karaoke fans but let’s be honest here, did we really think James was actually driving the car?

Besides the safety issue of rocking out and trying to perform for the camera while trying to concentrate on the road, the amount of cameras stuck on the car itself would obscure the view. And that’s not even mentioning the risk of the big-name celebrity getting involved in a wreck.

Imagine being the person who has to tell the world “yeah sorry, Lady Gaga was accidentally killed during Carpool Karaoke because James Corden got way into singing ‘Poker Face’ and hit a tree.”

And besides, how else do you think they filmed the Carpool Karaoke episode with Stevie Wonder since he’s, you know, blind?

That being said, there is video evidence of James Corden actually driving during certain moments so this calls into question what exactly goes on during the making of a Carpool Karaoke segment.

In an attempt to clear things up – and perhaps restore some TV magic – the Late Late Show has issued a statement (via E! Online) clarifying everything:

“James always drives during ‘Carpool Karaoke.’ However, on the rare occasion when there is a stunt component and the producers feel it is unsafe to drive, we will use a rig (tow).”

Well there you have it, the answer is James Corden actually drives around for Carpool Karaoke… sometimes. With that settled, let’s move on from this and rewatch James’ Carpool Karaoke sesh with Paul McCartney because that’s the best one.

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