Ruby Rose Is Now Under Attack Over Her Poor Work Ethic On 'Batwoman'

This whole saga just gets messier and messier.

After news broke that Ruby Rose had suddenly left Batwoman despite the show having been renewed for another season, there’s been a lot of speculation as to why she decided to quit, such as the bad back injury she sustained while filming the show made it hard to keep going or perhaps the backlash from toxic fans was too much.

As it turns out, the reason why Ruby Rose left Batwoman has nothing to do with her injury or annoying fans and everything to do with her poor attitude on set.

Speaking of popular TV shows, the GOAT team talk about ‘The Last Dance’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to TVLine and Variety, sources close to the show say that Ruby Rose wasn’t too pleased about the long hours demanded of someone in a lead role on a TV show and she didn’t particularly like living in Vancouver, which is where Batwoman is filmed.

Ruby Rose’s reported poor work ethic and attitude in turn created a pretty crappy working environment on the Batwoman set and everyone eventually decided it would be in “the best interests of the show’ if she just quit.

TVLine reports that it “wasn’t 100 percent her decision” and her leaving Batwoman was akin to a break up.

If these reports about Ruby Rose quitting Batwoman over the long hours are to be believed, then not a good look for her.

It’s no secret that the shooting schedule for TV shows are brutal, especially for comic book shows like Batwoman. Hell, Arrow star Stephen Amell – whom Ruby Rose worked alongside with in a crossover episode on his show – has pointed out how filming a single episode takes “eight or nine 12-hour days” and crossover episodes take even longer.

Given how she’s been in her share of action films, like John Wick: Chapter 2, The Meg, and XXX: Return Of Xander Cage, as well as having had experience working on a TV show with Orange Is The New Black, it’s just a little hard to believe that Ruby didn’t expect this sort of commitment when she signed up for Batwoman.

Batwoman is already moving on from this less-than-amicable break up by looking for a rebound Batwoman replacement so we’ll have to see how Ruby Rose bounces back from this quitting debacle. Still, these reports of her quitting Batwoman in a huff certainly won’t go down well for future roles in big Hollywood projects.

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Henry Cavill Is The Sole Voice Of Reason Now That The Snyder Cut Of 'Justice League' Is Actually Coming

You did it, annoying DC fans.

Welp, it seems like my prediction of the Snyder Cut of Justice League never seeing a release in this lifetime was completely wrong because after three years of fans loudly chanting “release the Snyder Cut” on the internet, Warner Bros. has caved and will finally release this mythical film.

Speaking of long-awaited films, the GOAT team talk about the release of the ‘Hamilton’ musical film on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Towards the end of his Man Of Steel watch party, OG Justice League director Zack Snyder dropped some unexpected breaking news by revealing that his unreleased cut of the film will be finally see the light of day on the HBO Max streaming service in 2021 (as per Variety).

So well done to all those many, many fans out there who have repeatedly chanted “Release the Snyder Cut!” at the top of your lungs and shared the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag for three years.

You’ve not only managed to get Justice League stars like Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa to join in on your rallying cry but you actually succeeded in convincing Warner Bros. to release the damn thing. That’s actually pretty impressive.

For those who have no friggin’ clue what this Snyder Cut is, we did an entire explainer about the mythical film and the hooplah surrounding it for you right here. As for those fans who’ve been waiting patiently, don’t get too excited yet over this news as there’s still a lot of work to be done before the Snyder Cut sees the light of day.

According to an in-depth report into how this project came back to life by The Hollywood Reporter, Zack Snyder still has a lot of things to do before his cut of Justice League is fit for human eyes. Apparently there’s a lot of post-production work left to be done but Warner Bros. are willing to pay to finish the film (reportedly this will cost between $30-45 million) because it’ll be a great launch title for its HBO Max streaming service.

As for when the Snyder Cut will actually be released, well no one knows yet. There’s no set time frame on when Zack will finish work on the film and he’s still trying to work out whether to release his version of Justice League as a four-hour film or a six-part mini-series on HBO Max. All we know is that the film will be “an entirely new thing” and not just a slightly different cut of the 2017 version of Justice League that was released into cinemas.

Now there’s bound to be a heap of fans and haters who are going to be absolutely insufferable over the release of this film. Luckily, Henry Cavill has stepped in as the sole voice of reason for all the noise surrounding the Snyder Cut and took to Instagram to tell everyone to chill because it’s a win-win for everyone.

To all the noisy DC fans out there who willed the release of the Snyder Cut into existence, please take heed of Superman’s Henry Cavill’s words of wisdom and just be cool about it. To all those equally-noisy Snyder Cut haters (myself included), it’s coming out either way so just accept it and move on without feeling the need to comment any more.

Let’s just all watch this Snyder Cut of Justice League when it finally comes out and be respectful of everyone when sharing our opinions. Three years of this ridiculous discourse is long enough.

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'Tiger King' And 'The Last Dance' Are Entertaining But That Doesn't Make Them Good Docos

Enjoyment comes at the expense of good.

2020 will go down as a coronavirus-disrupted year, but TV content somehow been nothing short of remarkable and most of that is thanks to the popularity of Tiger King and The Last Dance. We don’t need to talk about why both of these shows are entertaining as hell, but we do need to discuss how our enjoyment of Tiger King and The Last Dance doesn’t excuse them from criticism over the fact that they’re both pretty bad documentaries.

Speaking of ‘Tiger King’, the GOAT team talk all about it on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Tiger King was dropped upon us out of nowhere and completely redefined the word “wild.” There’s no denying that the series is enthralling and the subsequent reaction from the internet was equally as entertaining, but lost under all the footage of big cats and Joe Exotic’s mullet is how the documentary is a bad piece of journalism.

Rather than focus on bigger issues, such as the mistreatment of big cats and the horrific working conditions of those big cat zoos, Tiger King instead chooses to shine the spotlight on Joe Exotic and his supporting cast of characters while also periodically reminding people of the animal abuse stuff. The result is a jarring plotline that makes little tonal sense.

But the worst aspect of Tiger King is the decision to portray these clearly horrible people as misunderstood folk rather than the gun-toting maniacs they actually are. Not only does this undercut their moral repulsiveness, it’s giving depraved people like Joe Exotic sympathy and attention that they don’t deserves while obscuring the truth from audiences (which goes against what a documentary is supposed to do).

At the end of the day, Tiger King is nothing more than a messy series of tabloid-esque snapshots of some bad people who have done some horrendous things and it’s all dressed up under guise of a “documentary” that attempts to be smarter than what it actually is.

The Last Dance doesn’t have the same level of “bad documentary-itis” as Tiger King, but the way it portrays its subjects doesn’t excuse it from criticism.

A deal was struck between the NBA and Michael Jordan which stipulated that the filmed footage of the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season can only be used when both parties agreed to it. The only reason we’re all even seeing this footage now is because MJ finally said yes but only if he is able to have a considerable amount of creative input.

While we may not see MJ or his own production team in the credits of The Last Dance, his fingerprints are all over the final product and the result is a compelling yet biased view of the man in which the subject has control over how they’re portrayed.

We get fascinating looks into Michael Jordan’s almost-vindictive competitiveness and the ways he behaved like an abusive arsehole to everyone – including his own team – just to be the very best, but it’s all portrayed as a positive part of his brand rather than the problematic issue it really is.

Some of the shadier parts of MJ’s legend – like his gambling, the death of his father and his first retirement – aren’t quite glossed over, but they’re told entirely on his terms rather than the unbiased truth. Even when The Last Dance focuses on the Chicago Bulls, only a few members from the original team are featured in the series and it feels like there’s an extra level of perspective missing because of it.

Finally hearing MJ’s perspective and opinions on widely-covered famous incidents throughout his career is a brilliant hook, but one can’t help but feel like The Last Dance is a highly-produced puff piece at times.

All this isn’t to say that Tiger King and The Last Dance aren’t entertaining. On the contrary, both are perhaps two of the best shows we’ll see this year in terms of pure enjoyment.

Tiger King was engrossing for how stupidly bonkers everything is, The Last Dance somehow straddles that difficult line of appealing to long-time NBA fans while appealing to newcomers, all while telling compelling stories about the Chicago and getting Michael Jordan to finally break his silence on a heap of interesting topics. If the choice were between an MJ-controlled “doco” series or nothing, the obvious answer will always be the former.

Viewing these shows as documentaries though, Tiger King and The Last Dance don’t quite measure up on that front. But hey, that’s not really that big of a deal when both shows are as good as they are. Just don’t take them as shining examples of investigative journalism as they’re seemingly advertised as.

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