Of Course The Simpsons Predicted Coronavirus And Kobe Bryant’s Death

It's happened far too often for it to just be a coincidence at this point.

The Simpsons has been satirising what’s happening in the world for so long now (it’s currently in its fourth decade) that what were originally intended as throwaway gags end up actually end up happening in real life. This whole “The Simpsons predicted *insert world event*” thing is ridiculous and mostly peddled by conspiracy theorists, but it’s gained traction yet again because folks now think the show predicted Kobe Bryant’s death and the coronavirus.

Speaking of the coronavirus, the GOAT team break down what is going on with the outbreak on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

Those with an affinity with tinfoil hats have managed to link Kobe Bryant’s passing and the coronavirus outbreak to the 1993 Simpsons episode, ‘Marge In Chains.’

In that episode, Springfield is hit with something called the “Osaka Flu,” which causes many townspeople, including most of the Simpsons family to fall ill. Technically the coronavirus originated from China and Osaka is in Japan, but that’s just nitpicking, especially in the context of Simpsons conspiracy theories here.

Anyway, as a result of this flu, the entire town ends up in a state of panic, leading to a scene where a news reporter in a helicopter repeatedly says the phrase “going around and around,” which theorists claim are a direct reference to what happened to Kobe Bryant’s helicopter (reportedly his helicopter circled before crashing).

Between the Osaka Flu and coronavirus link, and somehow connecting the helicopter scene to what happened to Kobe, it goes without saying that conspiracy theorists have been having a field day with Simpsons predictions.

This whole thing has gotten so out of hand that tinfoil hat-wearers have claimed that an episode of the cartoon, Legends Of Chamberlain Heights, outright predicted Kobe Bryant’s death as there’s a scene where the basketball star literally crashes to the ground while in a helicopter and dies in an explosion.

Needless to say that the coincidences are eerie but it hasn’t stopped theorists from going nuts about the link, so much so that some have mistakenly attributed the scene to be something from The Simpsons. In response, the Legends Of Chamberlain Heights Twitter page issued out a statement saying that the Kobe Bryant scene has been removed from the show.

Now are the references to the coronavirus and Kobe Bryant’s death in The Simpsons and Legends Of Chamberlain Heights purely coincidental? Definitely. Does this mean both shows predicted the future well ahead of time? Oh hell no.

Speaking of Kobe Bryant, the GOAT team discuss the basketball star’s legacy on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

As much as we want to believe that a long-running animated show is able to predict world events before they happen, no one can definitively tell us what’s going to occur in the future, something that Simpsons showrunner Al Jean stresses. It just so happens that since The Simpsons has made so many ridiculous claims over the decades that sooner or later something will eventually happen.

Now apropos of nothing, I’m going to rewatch every single Simpsons episode and take notes on what crazy thing goes down in each episode.

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Rise Of Skywalker Brought Kylo Ren's Stupid Mask Back For The Dumbest Reason

It's certainly not for the fashion.

One of the defining moments in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is when Kylo Ren smashes his ridiculous Darth Vader-wannabe helmet in The Last Jedi. Not only did it serve the movie’s “let the past die” theme, it freed Adam Driver‘s glorious mug for everyone to gaze upon.

But Rise Of Skywalker undid all that by having Kylo Ren sheepishly reforge his dumb helmet – which ends up looking like he just painted red lines on it – almost in apology for all the fuss among the Star Wars fandom caused by The Last Jedi.

While the Rise Of Skywalker‘s writer, Chris Terrio, tried mightily to justify the reforging of Kylo’s helmet, apparently the real reason for its return is almost as dumb as the rest of the movie.

Sound editor Matt Wood appeared on the Sound Works Collection podcast to talk about his work on Rise Of Skywalker and he revealed that bringing back Kylo Ren’s helmet wasn’t some narrative reversal or fan service from J.J. Abrams. Rather, it was done as an easy and practical way to change Kylo Ren’s lines in post-production without the need to reshoot any new footage.

We all had a basic idea about all the behind-the-scenes problems during the making of Rise Of Skywalker but it sounds like everything was even worse than we thought. It’s one thing to stuff Adam Driver in a helmet, but it’s another entirely to have him record lines (in his closet no less) for the movie a mere three weeks before it was about to be released.

Surely the Star Wars brain trust could’ve at least come up with a better explanation for the return of Kylo Ren’s helmet than “it’ll help us fix the movie in post-production” but it seems like all that effort went into rewriting lines for Adam Driver to re-record in a closet.

No wonder why Kylo Ren looks so miserable all the time.

As more information about the haphazard way the Rise Of Skywalker was cobbled together is revealed to the world, the more I’m wishing that Lucasfilm and Disney should’ve just let Colin Trevorrow make his Star Wars movie.

Speaking of Adam Driver, the GOAT team break down the biggest talking points about the 2020 Oscars on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

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Ugh, The Puffy-Chested Captain Marvel Trolls Now Have Birds Of Prey In Their Sights

Surely there's better things to do than troll a female-led movie.

An unfortunate thing that happened during the lead up to Captain Marvel‘s release were the trolls bombarding the movie with awful comments because of ridiculous, misogynistic reasons that range from hating on Brie Larson to being mad that the protagonist is female.

After a period of silence from the loud, puffy-chested bros, it seems like they’re rearing their heads and misogyny again, this time for Birds of Prey.

Despite having not seen Birds Of Prey yet – the movie isn’t even out at the time of writing – some bloke on Twitter boldly predicted that the movie will bomb like Charlie’s Angels because the movie *checks notes* “removed any sex appeal these characters had to appeal to a female “girl power” audience instead of the core male comic book audience” before doubling down on his position by saying “even women want to see attractive women on screen.”

Okay then.

One has to assume that the Twitter dude’s definition of sex appeal is “super revealing costumes that show off a ridiculous amount of cleavage and arse” because going off the Birds Of Prey footage that’s been released so far, the leading women are oozing in sex appeal.

Presumably he was hoping for more of Harley Quinn’s gratuitous Suicide Squad outfit and was disappointed that Birds Of Prey had her rocking a decidedly unrevealing janitor’s outfit. Or perhaps we wasn’t too happy seeing Harley telling the Joker to “f**k off.”

It’s frustrating to see how some people still hold such outdated views on sexual desirability, especially when you consider that the female cast are all objectively very attractive. Are outfits like skintight short-shorts and unrealistic body standards really needed for “sex appeal?”

Beyond dudebros being unhappy about the lack of skin on display in Birds Of Prey, trolls are also out in force decrying the movie because of, uh, reasons. One just needs to look up the movie title on YouTube or Twitter to find a heap of trolls piling on the film, which, again, hasn’t even been released yet.

Between Captain Marvel and now Birds Of Prey, one has to wonder what it’ll take for all this discourse to stop. You’d think that the massive success of female-led comic book movies – that are aimed at the “core male comic book audience” – like the aforementioned Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman would shift the conversation into a more positive space but it seems like there will always be some people out there who want to complain for the sake of complaining.

I guess the best way to fight fire is with fire, and in this case that means going to watch Birds Of Prey at least three times and making sure it becomes the big hit the trolls don’t want it to be.

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