Never Forget 'Pear Company', The Nickelodeon Brand We Wished Existed

I just want to check The Slap on my PearPhone.

Out of any fictional brand that ever came across my adolescent eye, none caught my attention as much as The Pear Company.

Created by Dan Schneider, this Apple parody made its way onto many-a-Nickelodean show including iCarly, Victorious, Zoey101 and many others. We assume there were great copyright hoops that Dan Schneider just didn’t bother to jump through, so he created this brand. But, we have to applaud him for the creativity in his replica products, taking technology we were already using and making them seem even cooler. 

Interestingly, Dan Schneider’s inspiration from Apple goes beyond the products themselves. We reported earlier that Apple don’t allow villain characters to use iPhones and, as it turns out, the Nickelodeon universe has a similar sentiment. In an episode of iCarly, Dan Schneider said that only good characters on his shows own Pear technology, hence Nevel (a villain on the show) does not own any Pear products. How crazy.

Anyway, to engage your nostalgia, let’s go through all the Pear products we loved and wished we owned as kids. 


The Pear Company’s PearPhone (Credit: Nickelodeon)

Now, unlike the iPhone, the PearPhone is shaped like the fruit of the company. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to use a phone with somewhat of a round shape and decided that it’s probably not the most practical. But, you know, it does look very cool! It should be noted that the PearPhones weren’t always shaped like a pear, but resembled the classic iPhone shape in the first generation.

The Pear Company’s PearPhone (Credit: Nickelodeon)


The Pear Company’s PearBook (Credit: Nickelodeon)

You can track the evolution of Pear computers along with changes made by the Apple company. PearBooks first showed up in the mid-’00s, in Zoey 101, as she rocked a white and pink pear-book. But with iCarly and Victorious, the computers started to get a little experimental.

On iCarly, the props department played around with a transparent set-up, which low key looked incredible.

The Pear Company’s Transparent PearBook (Credit: Nickelodeon)

On Victorious, as they’re – you know – students, they obviously needed their own laptops. All of the main cast had PearBook Pro’s, with a colour that reflected their own personality. 

The Pear Company’s PearBook Pro (Credit: Nickelodeon)


The Pear Company’s PearPad (Credit: Nickelodeon)

Similar to the PearPhone, PearPads were initially rectangular before eventually evolving to the shape of a pear. Weirdly, the shape of a pear seemed to fit the concept of an iPad much more than a phone, making this product irresistible to anyone that saw it. Interestingly, when they were first introduced on iCarly, they were humungous, presumably making fun of the products initial size.

The Pear Company’s 1st Generation PearPad (Credit: Nickelodeon)

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7 TV Episodes That Take Place In Just One Location

Just like your life for the foreseeable future.

Have COVID-19 concerns sent you inside? Has self-isolating got you feeling a little isolated? Are you feeling a little anti-social, but want some company anyway? Have no fear, we’ve got you.

Pretty much every sitcom (and more broadly, most tv shows) have at least one “bottle episode” per season. Here, the entire ensemble pretty much act out an entire episode in the one space; kind of like a one-act play. So, if you’re looking for some company from some people who also aren’t leaving the one room they’re in, then check out our top 7 favourite episodes here.

Community – Cooperative Calligraphy (Season 2, Episode 8)

Best Bottle Episodes #1

Kicking things off on a meta note, Community were fully upfront about what they were doing. In this season two episode, Jeff and Abed both openly refer to the situation they’re in as a “bottle episode” making for one hell of a meta ride. The whole episode is set inside the study room, with only the main cast involved. Love that!

Friends – The One Where No One’s Ready (Season 3, Episode 2)

Best Bottle Episodes #2

When people think about iconic Friends episodes, it’s hard to look past ‘The One Where No One’s Ready.’ The episode is as chaotic as it is hilarious. You’ve got Joey & Chandler fighting over a chair, Monica calling her ex-boyfriend, Pheobe wearing a Christmas bow, Rachel struggling to decide what to wear, and poor Ross, who just wants to get to a dinner where he is being honoured. They sure as hell went out with a bang for their 50th episode ever!

Seinfeld – Chinese Restaurant (Season 2, Episode 11)

Best Bottle Episodes #3

It’s pretty given that the self-proclaimed “show about nothing” has an episode where nothing happens. Here, Jerry, Elaine and George are waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant. That’s it, that’s the plot. Initially, NBC executives objected to the idea of this episode, thinking that audiences would be uninterested, due to its lack of a complex storyline. However, it wasn’t until head-writer Larry David threatened to quit his job that NBC allowed the episode to go ahead. The episode became an instant classic, loved by critics and fans alike. 

How I Met Your Mother – The Limo (Season 1, Episode 11)

Best Bottle Episodes #4

A “bottle episode” is most likely to appear in the first season of a sitcom because of its ability to save money on casting and external sets, and this episode absolutely fulfils this criterion. This episode of How I Met Your Mother follows the core cast as they make their way to a number of parties on New Year’s Eve. The episode is so good that the Director of Photography, Chris La Fountaine, actually won an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series for this episode. Come through Emmy Award-winning talent!

Rick & Morty – Rixty Minutes (Season 1, Episode 8)

Best Bottle Episodes #5

‘Rixty Minutes’ technically fits the criteria for a “bottle episode”, but honestly, that’s not why we remember it. In this hilarious episode, the Smith family are divided, with some watching their own lives in alternate realities using special goggles and others watching ridiculous commercials on TV. So yes, none of them actually leave the house, but as most of the humour came out of those tv commercials, props must be given to the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland who completely improvised them all. Seriously.

Breaking Bad – ‎Fly (Season 3, Episode 10)

Best Bottle Episodes #6

Budget-aside, there are many pros to having a bottle episode. For Breaking Bad series creator, Vince Gilligan, a bottle episode was essential in exploring characters in new ways. He said, “I feel, as a showrunner, that there should be a certain shape and pace to each season… the big dramatic moments of action and violence, the big operatic moments you’re striving for—I don’t think would land as hard if you didn’t have the moments of quiet that came before them. The quiet episodes make the tenser, more dramatic episodes pop even more than they usually would just by their contrast.” This episode, “Fly”, takes place almost exclusively in the secret lab with pretty much just the only two members of the main cast.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Box (‎Season 5, Episode 14)

Best Bottle Episodes #7

Sometimes “bottle episodes” are done because they just allow for better episodes. With no distractions, characters can really come into their own and make for one entertaining ride. Just look at this Brooklyn Nine-Nine season five episode. “The Box” is the highest-rated episode for the series on IMDB. Also, Sterling K. Brown was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance in this episode. Yay!

Want to read more about your favourite tv shows? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

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Since You’re All Staying Inside, Here Are 5 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Place

C'mon, you know you're not busy right now...

Coronavirus concerns have got a lot of us spending more time at home nowadays. With self-isolation in full swing, many of us are working from home and as a result, we’ve got a lot more time on our hands. Instead of sitting in and inhabiting our own filth, it’s time we get out act together and use this extra time a little bit more productively and work on cleaning up the house. 

We spoke about other creative ways to spend your time at home on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

If you’re not the biggest cleaner and are desperate for a tip or two, don’t worry we’ve got you. We’ve collated the best five tips we could gather out of the wisdom of Marie Kondo, the cleaning icon who loves mess. Honestly, we can’t wait for more tips to come out of season two of ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’, which will drop in the near future. Anyway, we digress, let’s begin. 

1 The KonMari Method 

Popularised in her 2015 book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, the KonMari Method is Marie Kondo’s must-follow rules. According to Kondo, there are six basic rules for tidying: commit yourself to tidying-up, imagine your ideal lifestyle, finish discarding first, tidy-up by category and not by location, follow the right order and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”. If you follow these rules, you’ll have a spotless home in no time!

2. Be Smart About Storage

There are a few ways that Marie Kondo likes to store things. Firstly, it’s important that you organise items by size. This way, nothing gets lost and you’ll always be able to find everything that you own. Also, it’s important to organise your storage based on how frequently you use items. For example, do not store everyday cups and cutlery in hard-to-reach places, save those cupboards for seasonal things. Lastly, Marie Kondo advises you to use clear boxes when putting things in storage. This way, you’ll be able to see what’s in certain boxes from afar. So simple, yet so effective. 

3. Pile Things Up

When tidying-up, it’s apparently very important for you to pile it all up. Yep, you heard correctly. So, if you’re organising all your shirts, pants, accessories or anything, you need to pile all of them on top of each other before you start to put them away. Even though it looks like you’re making more mess, it’s definitely worth it. By piling everything on top of each other, you realise how much of a certain item you have, don’t have or are missing. Also, it’ll help you let go of things that you don’t need but probably won’t admit to not needing.  

4. Get Vertical

Aside from the “sparking joy” phenomenon, Marie Kondo is known for her folding techniques. She likes to fold things vertically. This means for clothes, you should roll them, fold them into thirds and store them up-right so that you’re not constantly ruining the pile of clothes to get something out. But, this doesn’t just apply to clothes. Keep everything the right-side-up. 

5. Get Mindful

Cleaning up can be quite a mindful ritual for many people. Decluttering usually involves throwing away items that were once sentimental. Hence, Marie Kondo recommends that you get mindful when cleaning. Firstly, you should thank your home for protecting you – it sounds a little strange but ultimately, it creates a calm and positive aura before you start cleaning up. Also, get rid of things that don’t “spark joy.” If you’re hoarding items that carry negative connotations, it’s time to get rid of them. Even if they once had positive connotations, you should thank it for its service and then discard it. Also, give every item a home. Anything you bring into your house should have a home, especially sentimental items.

Happy cleaning!

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