Never Forget Adam Sandler Actually Hitting Kids In The Face For Comedy

Anything for a laugh.

The last few years has seen Adam Sandler undergo a career change from funnyman to a serious dramatic actor who deserves an Oscar, which is surprising given this is someone who was the poster boy of 90s slapstick comedy films like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.

So in light of Adam Sandler’s wild flex, let’s take a trip down memory lane to the time he played dodgeball against some kids on Billy Madison and made them cry, all in the name of comedy.

Speaking of Hollywood movies, the GOAT team talk about the objectification of Jacob Elordi on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

For those who need a refresher on what the hell we’re on about here, Billy Madison is about a 27-year-old man-child (Adam Sandler) who has to repeat kindergarten to year 12 again in order to get his big inheritance.

During this journey, Billy Madison finds himself in a game of dodgeball with a bunch of six-year-old kids. But being the man-child he is, he doesn’t hold back at whatsoever and what unfolds is a grown adult chucking dodgeballs at a bunch of poor kids for one hilarious minute.

Now you would’ve thought there would be some sort of Hollywood magic going on with the dodgeball scene in Billy Madison since chucking balls at kids in the name of comedy sounds like a big no no, but Adam Sandler says he legit went all out on those children and actually made some cry.

Appearing on Conan to reminisce about his time on Billy Madison, Sandler recalled the film was the first one he co-wrote and had some sort of control over. During the filming of the dodgeball scene, he revealed that he went all out against the kids while still trying to inject some humour into it, which didn’t go down well with some parents.

After hitting “some kid pretty hard” and making him cry, the kid’s parents approached Sandler afterwards and what unfolded was an unintentionally hilarious exchange where the actor tried to explain what happened.

“The parents come up to me and they’re like, ‘That’s a kid. You nailed that kid!’ And I’m like, ‘No, no, no. That’s the scene!’

“I said, ‘Didn’t they read the script?’ and they go, ‘They’re six, they don’t read yet!’”

Well getting a laugh isn’t easy and sometimes it may require a poor kid copping a dodgeball to the face by Adam Sandler. But hey, at least everyone got some laughs out of it. Well, maybe except the poor kid.

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Hugh Jackman Was Left 'Bleeding' On 'X-Men 2' And Nearly Quit

More wild claims of X-Men director Bryan Singer's negligent behaviour has come out.

Hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since the very first X-Men film and what better way to commemorate it than to shine a light on allegations that director Bryan Singer was not only unprofessional on the set of X-Men 2, but his supposed negligence left Hugh Jackman injured and threatening to hang up his Wolverine claws, as well as a massive cast revolt over his behaviour.

Speaking of toxic behaviour in Hollywood, the GOAT team talk about the whole Johnny Depp/Amber Heard saga on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

In a wild report by The Hollywood Reporter, it is claimed that Bryan Singer was a wild mess of a person who was prone to destructive behaviour towards everyone for several years but all this was ignored (and all those allegations of sexually assaulting minors) during the making of every X-Men movie up to 2016’s Apocalypse because of his bankability.

While Bryan Singer is finally facing some sort of blowback for all the allegations of destructive behaviour and sexual assault, he got little more than a slap on the wrist during the making of the first couple of X-Men films as producers reveal that he sauntered around the set with an “entourage” of men, some who weren’t even involved in the production of the film.

The closest Singer got to any sort of reprimand or punishment for his outrageous behaviour was during an awful incident during the filming of X-Men 2 that left Hugh Jackman injured and threatening to quit the role of Wolverine, and an entire cast revolt against the fustercluck of a director.

Apparently Singer reportedly rocked up to the X-Men 2 set “incapacitated after taking a narcotic” and pushed on with a stunt despite having no stunt coordinator there. While producer Tom DeSanto tried to stop it, he failed and the botched stunt left Hugh Jackman “bleeding on camera.”

The set was shut down but studio suits took Singer’s side on what happened and kicked DeSanto off the set. This in turn led to a majority the X-Men main cast rocking up to Singer’s trailer – in full costume no less – and threatening to quit if DeSanto was removed.

Having the entire X-Men cast stand in solidarity with one another against an awful human being like Singer is pretty cool but that moment was topped when Halle Berry, who was sick of the director’s shit, told him, “You can kiss my Black arse.”

The entire report on the fustercluck that went on with Bryan Singer during the making of the first couple of X-Men films is next level tea and you can read the whole thing here.

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Ellen DeGeneres' Show Was A Bastion Of Misconduct, Not Happiness

It just keeps getting worse.

So Ellen DeGeneres finally responded to all those toxic workplace allegations with a half-arsed apology to her jilted staff, but it seems like she’s going to have to do way more than shift the blame on other people because fresh allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct on the set of her show has surfaced.

Speaking of Ellen DeGeneres and those toxic workplace allegations, the GOAT team talk about the mess she’s in on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below;

According to Buzzfeed News, dozens of men and women claim that not only is the environment at The Ellen DeGeneres Show a toxic one, it is a place where sexual harassment and misconduct runs rampant at the hands of top executive producers.

Several former employees allege that executive producer Kevin Leman was responsible for many of the harassment and misconduct claims, saying how he constantly behaved inappropriately towards staff and was very sexually aggressive towards a number of production assistants.

Buzzfeed News reports that since many of Leman’s targets were lower-level and younger employees, many felt powerless to speak up until now.

It’s not just Leman either five employees alleged that executive producer Ed Glavin had touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable, such as rubbing their shoulders and backs. Dozens of staffers also claim that Glavin had a reputation for being “handsy with women” and instilled fear into his team using a variety of intimidation tactics, such as using a button at his desk to remotely shut his office door while reprimanding staffers.

A former employee named co-executive producer Jonathan Norman as another top-level employee on The Ellen DeGeneres Show who behaved inappropriately, saying how Norman “groomed” him over time and then tried to perform oral sex on him.

This entire report from Buzzfeed News about sexual misconduct on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is yet another harrowing look into the toxic workplace environment that’s seemingly prevalent at a place that ironically calls itself a “place of happiness.” Read it here.

One has to wonder if Ellen DeGeneres will ever be able to come back after the stuff that’s come out about her and her show because if her half-arsed apology is anything to go by, the thing she calls “a place of happiness” isn’t going to be around for much longer.

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