Michael Buble Has Found True Love With A Brisbane Hungry Jack's

"This is not a lie, that is where I was for two days."

One of the world’s most wholesome guys, Michael Buble is touring Australia at the moment. He kicked off with Brisbane on Tuesday, but had a couple of days to explore the city before performing. So what exactly does Michael Buble get up to in Brisbane? He spends a ton of time in Hungry Jack’s, that’s what.

Speaking to the Brisbane Times, Michael said that “I have gotten to be here for the past two days, totally free, and I have spent all my time at the Queen Street Mall at the Hungry Jack’s.”

“This is not a lie, that is where I was for two days.”

I tried to find out what the longest time anyone has spent in a Hungry Jacks was, but couldn’t find a solid answer. Relying purely on the yardstick that I’ve never managed to spend more than 2 hours in a Hungry Jack’s anywhere, and spent maybe half an hour in the Queen Street store the one time I went, I’m calling this a record.

Listen to the GOAT team breakdown Buble’s weird fascination with Hungry Jacks and other celeb sightings on today’s ep of It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

So what exactly was esteemed singer Michael Buble doing in the Queen Street Hungry Jack’s for two days, I hear you ask?

“I thought, wouldn’t it be hilarious if all of a sudden in the line I just sung ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’,” he said.

“I just imagine people shitting themselves saying ‘Oh my God, it is really him singing Christmas music in Hungry Jack’s’.”

There are so many of these gifs.

Sadly, the Brisbane leg of the tour is over for The Bubes, but he’s hitting Sydney on Friday night. If you don’t have anything planned, may I suggest going down to the Circular Quay Hungry Jack’s and singing Haven’t Met You Yet? You might get attacked by a seagull, but you also just might run into Michael Buble.

It’s worth the chance in my book.

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Sucks To Be An Influencer Cos Instagram Is Hiding Photoshopped Pictures

I'm really so sorry, influencers.

I’m so sorry to break this to all my influencer friends (that I don’t have), but Instagram has decided to start hiding images that it decided have been photoshopped. 

The move isn’t actually to stop influencers doing anything dodgy this time, although there are a heap of new rules Instagram has had to enforce to because of that. They keep getting around those rules, but that’s a whole other story. 

No, this rule has been put in place as a way to tackle the always present fake news. The idea is that a filter will pick up on images it suspects are photoshopped and stick a nice, big, black ‘False Information’ banner over it. You can then choose to click to reveal, like we already do with sensitive content. 

On top of that, any photo marked down as false information will be taken out of Explore and won’t come up under any searched hashtags, as well as being flagged in any future posts.

Suss out another social media fail, with the GOAAT Team chatting about Lady GaGa tweeting that she’d forgotten ARTPOP…

Instagram has said that the pictures are marked suspicious using “a combination of feedback from our community and technology,” which is vague, but so are a lot of social media rules to be fair.

There is an unforeseen downside to this new rule. Digital artists use a lot of photoshop, and getting their art out there on platforms like Instagram is important for them. This rule has already picked up a couple of digital artworks, including one of a guy standing on mountains that had been photoshopped into rainbow colours.

Credit: @mixsociety_

It’s obviously impossible to track each and every post on the internet, and trying to abolish fake news is a noble pursuit. Instagram’s attempt to hide and photoshopped images is a good start, but might not necessarily be great for digital artists. It’s definitely not great for influencers though, so I’m not entirely against it.

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This Bachie Model Got Dumped Over Her White Lives Matter BS

No rose for you, sweetie.

If there was ever a case of bad decisions coming back to haunt you, this would be it. The internet never forgets, and a woman who was due to pose as a cover model for Cosmo has been given the boot for her shots wearing racist ‘White Lives Matter’ merch.

She may have been kicked out, but Trump hasn’t quite been yet. Listen to the GOAT Team chat about what the people at Trump’s impeachment trial are chowing down on…

Victoria Fuller is a contestant on the US Bachelor, and won herself a spot on the digital cover of Cosmopolitan’s March issue after winning a challenge that involved modelling in swimsuits next to The Bachelor. Because nothing says true love and staying power like the ability to pose in swimmers together.

I’ll admit it’s still better than the chocolate bath, but I digress.

I hate it so much.

Once Fuller was announced as the winner, the internet quickly dug up pictures of her modelling for a brand that has shirts with “White Lives Matter” written across the back. There are also hats with “WLM” written on them, and another shirt with the confederate flag printed across the back, with the stars subbed out for little marlin silhouettes.

The marlins are important, because Fuller’s defence is that the brand is actually about white marlin conservation, and therefore “White Lives Matter” is just a harmless fish joke. 

Which only just might be an argument if the Confederate flag wasn’t involved. Overall though, it’s impossible to ignore the political climate in the USA at the moment, there was absolutely no way this wasn’t deliberate. 

We all know what political climate I’m talking about.

In a letter written by Cosmopolitan’s Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Pels, Cosmo made no secret of where they stand and why they made the choice to pull the cover.

“Unequivocally, the White Lives Matter movement does not reflect the values of the Cosmo brand. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and any cause that fights to end injustices for people of color.”

Victoria Fuller hasn’t commented on the incident yet.

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