MAFS Lessons: Why Adults Still Need Parental Supervision

Mumma said take you out... for dinner.

Welcome back to MAFS Lessons; the only class you like studying for. In today’s class, we’re learning about why adults still need parental supervision. If you’re more of a visual learner, don’t worry, we got you:

To illustrate our findings, we’re going to use the following MAFS couples as case studies: Jonethen and Connie, Ivan and Aleks, Mishel and Steve, and finally Stacey and Michael. Let’s get cracking into our findings.

Firstly, Parents Keep It Real

Say you’ve decided to go on a reality television show to marry a complete stranger in front of millions of viewers a week. Are your parents going to be absolutely thrilled? Hey, probably not. For Connie, her mum kept it real by detailing her hatred for the show; “I can’t stand (MAFS), I feel so sorry for some of the people in that show… It’s ridiculous and catty”. Sure, this wasn’t the most supportive response, but at the end of the day, you need someone who is going to remind you of reality, especially when you’re emotional. 

Secondly, Your Parents Keep You Grounded

Similar to Connie, Ivan’s parents kept him grounded. Ivan’s quite a character on the show; he’s confident, sassy and possesses a taste for the finer things in life. He, however, hates his mother’s singing. So when his mother whipped out an acapella moment at his wedding, he wasn’t exactly happy about it. But, at the end of the day, what are parents if they aren’t a little bit embarrassing. Parents keep you grounded; they remind you of a time that once was, your early years. So what if she’s not a Singstar? She doesn’t need to be one to put a light in your life!

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Also, Parents Can Be Your Support Network

Wedding days can be stressful, so when parents aren’t on board, stress levels can get particularly high. Thankfully Mishel’s mother was the ultimate support network. When Mishel dropped the bombshell that she was going on Married At First Sight, her mother was nothing but supportive, saying “I’m happy as long as you’re happy.” When I tell you I cried, you best believe it. 

Ultimately, Parents Can Be Inspiring

After Jonethen’s father had a stroke, the MAFS participant wanted to change his ways. He said; “It’s been super hard on the family, we’re basically raising him again… that’s probably half the reason I’m going on the experiment… seeing him there crippled basically, it’s like.. You only get one life… You gotta give it a go.”

Not To Mention, Parents Are The Spitting Image Of You In A Few Decades

No, like seriously.

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We’re Not Worthy Of A Wiggles-Lil Nas X Collab, But Here We Are

Toot toot chugga down the ‘Old Town Road’.

Lil Nas X is known for two things and two things only: epic collaborations and hilarious memes.

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With ‘Old Town Road’, he reached peak meme format by collaborating with viral internet sensation, Mason Ramsey (aka. The Yodel Kid) amongst other music industry legends. Now, he’s duplicating the formula and applying the concept to his new single. You know what they say; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

For his latest single ‘Rodeo’, he’s gunning for a collaborator from down under. The song originally featured Cardi B and more recently saw a remix from Lil Nas X’s name inspiration, Nas. But now, he’s returning to what he knows best, the meme

Lil Nas X wants none other than the Wiggles to hop on a remix of ‘Rodeo’. The O.G. Wiggles, in fact. The rapper took to Twitter last night to share a potential album artwork showing Lil Nas X photoshopped in with a dated photo of the original Murray, Greg, Jeff and Anthony.

We imagine the title of the remix will be “Hot Rodeo, Hot Rodeo”, but that could just be us projecting. 

The Wiggles official Twitter page has responded to the meme in a questioning but excited way. They said: “We have no idea what is going on but this is the greatest.” Check out the Tweet below:

Honestly, we should have seen this collaboration coming. The Wiggles have already demonstrated that they align with Lil Nas X’s cowboy aesthetic.

Am I excited for this collaboration? You bet I am. But just know, I won’t accept any music video that doesn’t include Dorothy The Dinosaur and Henry The Octopus. They’re the best dancers by far.

If you want to see more Wiggles content, we played a bit of Mario Kart with Murray, the red Wiggle:

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The Ranking Of One Direction's Solo Album Sales Are Savage

One sold 27 times more than another.

Looks like One Direction have gone in separate directions.

Every massive boyband has a legend to come out of it; there was Justin Timberlake from *NSYNC, Robbie Williams from Take That and Ronan Keating from Boyzone. Subsequently, every boyband also sees other musicians to come out of it, but to a lesser degrees of success, these would include: Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, JC Chasez from *NSYNC and Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees. And then, there are the rest of them; those who don’t really do well… Like, at all.

One Direction was – at one point – the biggest band in the whole world. But now that we’re almost a decade past their peak, the boys have found success on their own. So now that they’ve all put out solo albums (as Loius released his debut album last week), we can rank them against each other to see who outdid who. Allow us to present to you; Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik ranked, in the number of albums sold in their first week, in the U.S.

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Harry Styles – ‘Harry Styles’ – 230k Units Sold

No surprises here. Harry Styles is the icon to come out of One Direction. Absolutely annihilating expectations with his debut album, this star has found more success post-1D than before. The critical and commercial acclaim of ‘Sign of the Times’ has even been beaten by singles on his sophomore effort like ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Adore You’. 

Zayn Malik – ‘Mind of Mine’ – 157k Units Sold

Zayn’s departure of One Direction was bold at the time. It felt as if the R&B singer was racing to be the first solo performer from the band, to ride the wave of hype whilst showing more personality. And it kind of worked. ‘PILLOWTALK’ is one of the most successful singles, if not the most known single from an ex-1D member. Further, he’s seen other chart successes like ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ and ‘Trampoline’. 

Niall Horan – ‘Flicker’ – 152k Units Sold

Okay, now we’re starting to enter the mid-tier of One Direction stars. Since Zayn went for R&B, Harry went for Alternative Rock, Liam went for Dance R&B and Louis went for EDM, it allowed Naill to carve out his own path in singer-songwriter pop. Channelling Ed Sheeran on his debut single ‘This Town’ and following it up with the infectious bop, ‘Slow Hands’, this Irish-singer’s debut was inoffensive and pleasant. 

Louis Tomlinson – ‘Walls’ – 39k Units Sold

So, the One Direction hype has very much slowed down, with some kids being vocal about not knowing who they are. Thus, the timing for this debut record wasn’t exactly the greatest. Regardless, he didn’t perform the worst out of the boys. 

Liam Payne – ‘LP1’ – 9.5k Units Sold

Poor Liam. After pumping out radio-friendly hits like ‘Strip That Down’ and ‘Stack It Up’, things were looking promising for the ex-1D star. But, as controversy surrounded his song ‘Both Ways’ for being “biphobic”, the press surrounding the album launch wasn’t exactly positive. Hence, selling under 10k units in its first week, and debuting at #111 on the Billboard 200. Yikes.

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