MAFS Lessons: Never, Ever, Ever Force Chemistry

Don't be an Amanda.

Welcome back to MAFS Lessons. Today, things are taking a sciency turn, as we focus on chemistry. Like any good experiment, chemistry is everything. Sometimes it works but there are times when it doesn’t. Allow us to explain to you why you should never, ever, ever, ever force chemistry, by analysing the MAFS contestants.

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Before we start, make sure you have all the appropriate safety equipment. We would like to welcome any piece of protective gear.

Great, now we can proceed. Let’s learn. You should never force chemistry:

If They Have Different Vales

Some people are sensitive about things that you might not care about. You shouldn’t feel like you need to change yourself to make room for someone else in your life. There’s a difference between working through a disagreement and forcing your fundamental differences to mesh. Take Hayley and David for example. After Hayley made a sly dig at David’s hourly wage, it became the core issue that drove a wedge between the two. It meant a lot to David, it didn’t to Hayley, and now they’re sleeping in separate beds.

If They’re Dropping Hints

Some people like forming relationships and bonds, some people like reading books about that. If we look at Amanda & Tash’s honeymoon, we can see hints being dropped that Tash is not interested. Tash shows up late to meet Amanda, she would rather read a book than talk to her and she opts for solo activities like yoga than group ones. Bottom line, she’s dropping hints that she’s not keen. Don’t force chemistry, because it’s not going to work out in the long run.

If They Need Intense Distractions

Sometimes people need to be distracted from their problems and regular distractions just won’t cut it. Sometimes you need to dangle the fear of death in front of you, just to escape from your problems. Let’s look at Natasha and Mikey. As soon as Mikey became aware that his new partner’s routine doesn’t mesh with his laid-back style, he takes the dangerous plunge into abseiling. Similarly, when Poppy can’t stop thinking about her absent kids, she embarks on a hot air balloon ride. Did we mention she’s afraid of heights? Crisis averted, more like crisis delayed. 

If They Don’t Want To Talk To You

When someone is clearly uncomfortable, don’t prod them and force them to talk. Don’t steamroll someone when they don’t give you an answer that you’re looking for, that’s totally uncool. If you don’t want to be with someone, get the hell out of there. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Chemistry doesn’t need to be forced, it comes naturally, just look at Cathy and Josh.

At the end of the day, chemistry is important for a relationship to thrive and when it’s not there, the hotels are the only people that are winning. Catch you back next week for another MAFS lesson.

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The Spice Girls Releasing A New Vinyl Has Fans Pissed As Hell

Stop right now, thank you very much.

Apparently, selling 85 million records worldwide isn’t enough for the Spice Girls! Yes, the greatest girl-group of all time will be hitting the shelves of your local record store once again. Sadly, the group aren’t releasing new music, just yet. 

“No, No, No, No”

The Spice Girls are actually re-issuing their commercially and critically acclaimed second album, Spice World on 180gm black vinyl. So, if you’ve been dying to hear ‘Spice Up Your Life’, ‘Viva Forever’ or ‘Stop’ in supreme quality, you’re in luck.

But that’s not all, the girls are also releasing their Greatest Hits album in 180gm vinyl, after releasing it as a limited edition picture disc last year. 

The news of this isn’t completely new, as fans had noticed the Amazon leak late last year. However, the confirmation has only come in the past week.

The group have re-released their first album Spice on vinyl three times so far; a regular black vinyl, a limited edition white vinyl and a very limited, UNICEF blue vinyl. The release date for these new records is on March 13 this year, with pre-orders available here

While this is exciting news for some, there are quite a few Spice fans that are upset by this release. For starters, the original Spice World vinyl became quite a bit of a collector’s item for its rarity, selling for quite a few hundred a pop on eBay in the past year. This re-release has caused a bit of a ruckus with fans who paid a premium for the original 1997 release. 

However, it’s not like this phenomenon is new in the music industry. This Spice Girls release bears similarities to the merchandise release by LANY this year, which had items dating back to 2015. The drop caused a stir on Twitter with LANY stans. 

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Additionally, the comments section of this vinyl announcement is full of pleas from Spice Girls fans who would rather the girls release professional footage (either on DVD or Blu-Ray) of their latest reunion tours; Spice World 2020 and The Return Of The Spice Girls

All-in-all, it looks like the girls are wanting to stick around in our public consciousness. Could this mean more releases in the future? We hope so! Drop the DVDs, please!

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MAFS Lessons: Don’t Make A Fool Of Yourself When Cameras Are Around

Please, for the love of God, don't rap.

Welcome back to MAFs lessons; the only class where you actually love what you’re learning. Today we’re learning one rule and one rule only: don’t make a fool of yourself when there are cameras around.

Unfortunately, given certain events that have unfolded, it seems that the MAFS participants should have gone to GOAT school first. Let’s take an in-depth look into the lives of Hayley, David, Vanessa and Chris.

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Hayley: Just Relax & For The Love Of God, Don’t Rap

Ah, Hayley. The entertaining, ex-drug user, who turned the tide via fitness. Her story may be inspirational, but some of her scenes are not. We couldn’t help but cringe as this bride walked down the aisle yelling at her new husband from afar and stopping mid-walk to talk to people on the way. Also, the beatboxing and rapping skills displayed at the reception were sub-par, to say the least. 

David: Don’t Wear Ridiculous Socks

The award for Australia’s favourite country-bumpkin goes to the very lovable and adorable, David. David actually held his own pretty well in this episode. Even after copping disapproval from his conservative parents, he still welcomed his new bride in with open arms, showing nothing but positivity for the entire hour-and-a-half. The only foolishness that David displayed was walking down the aisle wearing socks with photos of his dog printed on it. C’mon David, not the time.

Vanessa: Don’t Let Insecurities Get The Best Of You

My heart broke for Vanessa this episode. She’s incredibly stunning, she’s funny and she’s got a great personality, yet this episode was filled with doubt, second-guesses and vulnerability! It’s not that the actions were foolish, it’s more we just felt really bad for her the whole time. In the words of Queen RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else.” Love yourself girl, because we love you!

Chris: Don’t Hold Onto Secrets

Chris seems like a lovely person. He’s a social worker and father of two children. However, by keeping his kids a secret from his new wife, in an effort to tell her at the perfect time, he fell short in responding hits that Vanessa was dropping. Foolish? Kind of. Sad? Very much so. We certainly hope these two lovebirds change their ways the next time we see them!

If you haven’t done your MAFs homework, make sure you catch up on previous lessons, where we learnt how to meet people in a socially acceptable way and also how crappy friends can ruin a relationship.

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