MAFS Lessons: How To Meet People In A Socially Acceptable Way

Poppy should’ve gone to class.

Married At First Sight (MAFS) is back in full swing for another year of drama and we could not be more excited. Since we’re following the lives of 20 random people as they partake in a social-science experiment, we thought we’d dissect some facts on a daily basis.

Introducing, MAFS lessons: the only class you’ll actually find interesting. Today’s lesson is all about how to meet new people. From episode one, we have detected six rules that one must follow in order to avoid embarrassment. They are as follows.

Listen to us break down all the lessons from episode one of MAFS on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

1. Don’t Rock Up Too Early

Fashionably late is still in fashion and we definitely recommend it. Don’t find yourself wandering the vast empty halls of random houses alone, show up a little late, so you don’t end up talking to yourself. It’s a bit random, especially with all the MAFS cameras following you.

2. Show Interest In The Other Person

Whether it’s asking others about their cultural heritage or their job, it’s always nice to shine the spotlight on someone else for a change. The people you’re talking to will feel so listened to and valued. Please, for the love of God, do not make it all about yourself. That’s just a recipe for disaster. We all know what happened to Ines… A MAFS icon!

3. Don’t Shit In Front Of New People 

Regardless of how nervous you are, shitting yourself won’t help you. Don’t shit. Don’t even think about shitting because you’ll end up talking about it and you’ll have to actually go and do it. Thinking about shitting is the thought equivalent of drinking Metamucil and prune juice. Although, we can’t deny, a shitting accident would make a great MAFS plot.

4. Talk About Food

Instead of thinking about food leaving your body, focus on its entrance! Everybody loves food. Usually, there is finger food around, so why not use it as a catalyst for conversation. Who knows what kind of cuisine-based chats may arise. 

5. Ask About Their Star Sign

You have to know whether or not you’re compatible with someone. Some call it an outdated pseudo-science, some live by it, but what you can’t deny is that astrology somehow seems more legit than the tactics used in MAFS. Also after finding out one’s star sign, you get to fabricate an entire personality that’s all in your head based off of a simple hello!

6. Remember To Act In A Socially Acceptable Way

This one is pretty simple; it’s all about being yourself and being presentable. All you need to do is act normal, which means; wearing the correct amount of deodorant, resisting the urge to press random buttons in a limousine, don’t pretend to be a sailor, don’t think about a totally random thing in front of your new MAFS husband and be upfront about sticking to monogamy. 

7. Say Yes To A Cuddle!

It’s important to cuddle for weather-reasons and weather reasons, only. Also, if they’re not down to cuddle, yes, you should probably read into it. 

Catch you back tomorrow for another MAFS lesson!

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The Best Reactions To Shakira's Sneaky Super Bowl Tongue

Her hips aren’t the only thing that don’t lie.

The Super Bowl Halftime has officially ended and boy, oh boy was that a show. I mean, people were obsessed!

If you missed it, check out our recap of it here on the latest episode of It’s Been A Big Day For… 

Latina queens Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave the pop queens of history a run for their money with this dance-filled, political-statement-making 14 minutes.

Whipping out the hips, playing the electric guitar and playing with a rope, Shakira kicked things off on a wild note. This was eventually carried as J-Lo brought out the stripper pole, giving us Cirque Du Soleil realness.

Two literal queens absolutely killing it.

The two queens also brought out Bad Bunny and J Balvin, to perform ‘I Like It’ and ‘Mi Gente’, ultimately showing how far the Latina-influence on the mainstream music industry has become. 

But, let’s be real, what really made this performance as great as it was, was Shakira’s tongue. Yes, you heard correctly. Twitter has had an absolute field day with this little clip. 

It’s been relatable. 

It got nostalgic. 

It entered the world of Roald Dahl.

It got way too naughty.

It got us hungry.

And, it got goats involved, which we obviously loved.

While it’s all good to have a laugh, one Twitter user pointed out its origins. We absolutely stan a cultured queen.

It was never going to be an iconic Super Bowl without a few memes, and this sure is a good one. And if you need a little refresher on what exactly happened today, don’t worry, we got you!

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Taika Waititi Ripping Into The Brits With His BAFTA Speech Is Everything

"This is very, very cool for me, coming from the colonies."

It’s always a rare occurrence when an award-winner’s speech calls out people that are directly in front of them, but Taika Waititi did just that.

Big fan of the awards season? We had a chat about this year’s Oscars on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

The director, writer and producer of Jojo Rabbit, took away the BAFTA for Best Adapted Screenplay (and rightfully so). But the joy of this award comes out of Waititi’s speech accepting the award. 

The self-proclaimed “Polynesian Jew” kicked things off on a slightly awkward note, saying: “Hello… Thanks very much…  BAFTA’s”, pausing after every few words. But then he goes in on the Brits, hard, saying, “ This is very, very cool for me…coming from the colonies…”

After receiving a roaring laugh from the audience, he keeps on going, saying: “Uh, you know, we know it’s been a hard week for you guys… It’s very nice to take a little bit of your gold… back home… where it belongs.” 

God, we do love a Brexit joke, don’t we?

And if that wasn’t funny enough, he then goes on to read aloud the counting-down timer clock placed in front of him. Honestly, you just have to watch it, it’ll make your day:

I could not tell what’s funnier between his speech and Rebel Wilson having absolutely no idea how to react. I simply couldn’t.

He finishes his speech by thanking his mum for showing Waititi the book and teaching him how to read: “I love you for making me read, mum.” A wholesome ending, if you will.

Will Taika Waititi make a similar speech at the Oscars this week? Only time will tell.

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