MAFS Lessons: Don’t Make A Fool Of Yourself When Cameras Are Around

Please, for the love of God, don't rap.

Welcome back to MAFs lessons; the only class where you actually love what you’re learning. Today we’re learning one rule and one rule only: don’t make a fool of yourself when there are cameras around.

Unfortunately, given certain events that have unfolded, it seems that the MAFS participants should have gone to GOAT school first. Let’s take an in-depth look into the lives of Hayley, David, Vanessa and Chris.

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Hayley: Just Relax & For The Love Of God, Don’t Rap

Ah, Hayley. The entertaining, ex-drug user, who turned the tide via fitness. Her story may be inspirational, but some of her scenes are not. We couldn’t help but cringe as this bride walked down the aisle yelling at her new husband from afar and stopping mid-walk to talk to people on the way. Also, the beatboxing and rapping skills displayed at the reception were sub-par, to say the least. 

David: Don’t Wear Ridiculous Socks

The award for Australia’s favourite country-bumpkin goes to the very lovable and adorable, David. David actually held his own pretty well in this episode. Even after copping disapproval from his conservative parents, he still welcomed his new bride in with open arms, showing nothing but positivity for the entire hour-and-a-half. The only foolishness that David displayed was walking down the aisle wearing socks with photos of his dog printed on it. C’mon David, not the time.

Vanessa: Don’t Let Insecurities Get The Best Of You

My heart broke for Vanessa this episode. She’s incredibly stunning, she’s funny and she’s got a great personality, yet this episode was filled with doubt, second-guesses and vulnerability! It’s not that the actions were foolish, it’s more we just felt really bad for her the whole time. In the words of Queen RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else.” Love yourself girl, because we love you!

Chris: Don’t Hold Onto Secrets

Chris seems like a lovely person. He’s a social worker and father of two children. However, by keeping his kids a secret from his new wife, in an effort to tell her at the perfect time, he fell short in responding hits that Vanessa was dropping. Foolish? Kind of. Sad? Very much so. We certainly hope these two lovebirds change their ways the next time we see them!

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Everything That Must Happen In The Hannah Montana Prequel

Let's Get Crazy, with these predictions!

It’s been almost a decade since the Hannah Montana franchise ended. But even after four seasons and a feature-length film, fans still can’t get enough. Well, it looks like Disney have listened to the hardcore Hannah Montana fans because a prequel is reportedly in the works. 

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Billy Ray Cyrus, aka Miley Stewart’s dad, let the news slip in an interview with Hollywood Life, saying: “They’re talking about doing a prequel, which to me, I would do that in a heartbeat… because that means I get to get my mullet back.” OMG. OMG. OMG.

So, to celebrate this incredible news, we thought we’d have a brainstorm of all the things we want to see in a Hannah Montana prequel. Here they are: 

Miley Stewart Writing ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’

From the moment the show began to the final episode, we heard this incredible tune over and over again, and it never got old. We want to see a plot that sees a very young Miley Stewart writing this song about the early days of living the double life. 

A Backstory To Corbin Bleu’s Character

The Hannah Montana series debuted merely a few months after the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical took the world by storm. As a result of a clever casting agent at Disney Channel HQ, Corbin Bleu was actually a character in the first-ever episode. If there was a prequel, we want to see more of this guy; maybe see him hang out with Miley outside of school? We can only dream.

A Lil Nas X Appearance

If you thought that the peak of Billy Ray Cyrus’ career was in the show, you’d be wrong. If you thought it was in the ‘90s, you’d be wrong. If you thought it was in the year 2018, as a result of a country-trap-hybrid banger, you’d be absolutely right. Billy Ray Cyrus shot back into everyone’s consciousness when the banger ‘Old Town Road’ went viral earlier this year, and as a result, we want Lil Nas X to have an appearance. Plus, he’s a massive fan of the show

Rico Doing A Job Interview With Jackson

It’s truly the strangest dynamic of the entire series. A very small child is the boss of a very grown teenager. It had me confused, it had you confused, and I want answers as to how this even came about. 

What Ever Happened To Miley Stewarts Mum?

Miley Cyrus is only parented by her father throughout the series. While it is mentioned that she “misses” her mum, I think that an explanation for her absence would have to be in the prequel. 

Dolly Parton Teaching Miley The Hoedown Throwdown 

Dolly Parton, aka the queen of country music and Miley Cyrus’ actual Godmother, has appeared on the show many times, so it would only be fitting if she played a huge role in a prequel. Also, considering Miley Stewart whips out the ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ like its nothing, we have to assume she learnt it as a young girl. Put two and two together, I would like a scene where Dolly Parton teaches Miley the song and dance. Boom.

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