Lady Gaga Spent Her Birthday On The Phone To The World Health Organisation

She wants ‘The Cure’.

While the Aries population are struggling with how to be social in a social-distancing time, Lady Gaga is celebrating her birthday like an icon and yes, it involves coronavirus.

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Yesterday, the director-general of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, took to Twitter to announce that he had just got off the phone with Lady Gaga, with the two discussing the current coronavirus pandemic.

Talented. Brilliant. Incredible.

He said, “A very good call with (Lady Gaga). I thanked her for her continuing efforts to show compassion & kindness to the world. She is ready to support (the World Health Organisation) in any way possible in the fight against (Coronavirus). Together!”

But, it should be noted that the day they spoke about coronavirus, happened to have been Lady Gaga’s 34th birthday. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus followed up his Tweet with a little thank you, saying “And happy birthday (Lady Gaga)! I am so touched that you’re spending this moment on finding ways to support the world during (Coronavirus). I send you my best wishes! Thank you for spreading kindness at such an important moment for all of us! Together!”

You can check out the Tweet here.

Honestly, what an icon. We love a superstar that would so generously spend their birthday on the phone to the World Health Organisation, rather than on a HouseParty party. 

Yas Gaga!

This Twitter interaction comes just days after Lady Gaga announced the postponement of her sixth studio album, Chromatica because of coronavirus concerns. In an Instagram post, the ‘Shallow’ singer said, “I wanted to tell you, that after a lot of deliberation, I’ve made the incredibly tough decision to postpone the release of Chromatica. I will announce a new 2020 release date soon.”

Unfortunately, Lady Gaga has had a rough relationship with release schedules, with her single ‘Stupid Love’ leaking onto the Internet prior to its official release

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Which Super Smash Bros Character Are You, Based On Your Star Sign

Challenger approaching retrograde.

Super Smash Bros is about to get a whole lot wilder with a new character entering the ring. Today, Nintendo announced the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter will come from the Switch game, ARMS. While the character has not yet been named, we couldn’t be more excited.

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In the meantime, we thought we would rigorously analyse the Super Smash Bros cast to work out which character best fits every star-sign. So, without further ado, which Super Smash Bros character are you?

Aries – Link

Aries are natural-born leaders thanks to their passionate energies. As a result, we couldn’t look past Link for the Aries-kind. Link is passionate, saving Zelda numerous times with literally no one asking him to. He’s a leader, we mean, he’s the only one that owns the master sword, hello? And finally, he’s impulsive. Next time you play Super Smash Bros, pick Link, he’s you in cartoon-form.

Taurus – Captain Falcon

You Taurus can play any character on this game and nail it, but at the end of the day, you connect with one character and one character only, Captain Falcon. This icon loves a bit of luxury, as in, he comes from space, has his own spaceship and have you seen that outfit? Also, this character is so stubborn, he literally only uses a falcon punch. While you may rotate around your characters, Captain Falcon is your Super Smash Bros embodiment.

Gemini – Ice Climbers

Okay, split personalities come through. Since you’re a wild-card, we’ve assigned you the Ice Climbers. This brother and sister duo strut into the ring like they own the place, as you often do. Even if one of them falls out of the ring, the other is still good enough to keep you going, proving they’re adaptable just like you. Not to mention, their sharp wit, displayed as they throw ice from afar to protect themselves is also similar to how you act. Lastly, the Ice Climbers are the coolest kids at the Super Smash Bros school and you love that for yourself.

Cancer – Yoshi

Cancer, we know you’re a little moody, so we thought we’d pair you with someone who can only communicate through their moods, Yoshi! He’s a protective little fella, just like you too. Not to mention, he’s a sensitive little guy who often walks on eggshells, which we imagine, you can relate. So next time you play Super Smash Bros, pick the one with the strongest tongue in the game.

Leo – Mario

Calling all confident Leo’s to the building, you already know you like to play Mario! You fully relate to the overbearing nature of Mario and we’re not surprised. We also bet you’ve rescued someone who didn’t even ask you to rescue them! Also, since you love a bit of performativity, we thought we’d pair you with the Super Smash Bros character who has a doctor alter ego. Love you lots Leo’s!

Virgo – Luigi 

Since you’re an organised squad, we’re assigning you Virgo’s to Luigi for your Super Smash Bros character. He’s Mario’s more reserved, older brother, who thinks critically and is organised af. Do you really know anyone else who can de-haunt an entire mansion with a vacuum cleaner? No one but Virgos!

Libra – Isabelle 

Sup Libras! We know you’re indecisive af, so we’re here to help you pick a Super Smash Bros character. We’ve assigned you Isabelle of Animal Crossing fame. She’s a gay icon who is non-confrontational yet diplomatic as well as charming. You can not tell me that this character sums you up to a tee, you simply can’t.

Scorpio – Bowser

Scorpios! We understand you’ve got a bit of a sting in you, but ultimately you’re a softie on the inside, so we’ve picked Bowser for you. He’s an intense character who’s got Hamlet-level ambition and look, he’s a little resentful, but ultimately you relate. Pick Bowser the next time you play Super Smash Bros, you might just find your perfect character. 

Sagittarius – Pikachu

Hello, you cutie Sagittarius! You know you love Super Smash Bros, and you’re very into whichever character you pick. But, we’ve carefully analysed everyone and decided that you’re soul-character is Pikachu! He’s naive yet feisty, rebellious yet flaky, just like you! Come through!

Capricorn – Mewtwo

We’re going to keep the Pokemon theme going for you Capricorn’s. Your Super Smash Bros character is MewTwo! He may have been the villain in a Pokemon movie, but at the end of the day, we love him. He’s pessimistic, dry in his chat and also, a little uptight. Tell us that’s not you!

Aquarius – Kirby

For all you Aquarius, we’ve found the ultimate Super Smash Bros character. It’s Kirby! We know you’re the eccentric type, so we’ve found the most eccentric character in any game ever. Kirby is assertive and she’s also a humanitarian, just like you!

Pisces – Peach

Pisces! You’re not the best at playing this game, so we’ve gone and found you your perfect Super Smash Bros soulmate. Peach is compassionate, romantic and fearful, making her perfect for you. Peach is also liked by everyone, so we know you’ll love her for that!

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COVID-19 Lockdown Is Allowing The Iconic Abbey Road To Get A Glow Up

Abbey Road-works.

If you’ve been to London in the past few years, I guarantee that you went (or at least thought about going) to Abbey Road. 50 years ago, The Beatles took what would become the most iconic album cover of all time right outside their studios.

Since then, fans from around the world have flocked to the landmark to recreate it and see where it all happened. You know, for the gram.

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According to Richard Porter (a Beatles tour guide in London), the crossing attracts up to 200,000 people per year. With that amount of foot traffic, it’s no wonder that the paint would start to wear out. 

While it’s been pretty difficult to find the right time to lay down some extra coats on this crosswalk, that all changed this week.

Abbey Road being repainted this week (Credit: Getty Images)

A municipal crew was able to repaint the crosswalk in front of Abbey Road Studios due to the low foot-traffic as a result of COVID-19 concerns. With self-isolation and social distancing sending Londoners inside and keeping tourists in their own countries, the place where the Beatles shot the cover of their 1969 album can finally look new again! 

Abbey Road’s glow up! (Credit: Getty Images)

The area, which was designated a national landmark by the British government in 2010, is normally super busy, as you would assume.

If you’re ever intrigued as to how busy it is, there’s a LiveStream of it available to watch here. Interestingly, the photoshoot reportedly only took The Beatles 10 minutes to complete, but given the number of tourists that flock to the site every day, good luck getting your Insta shot done in that little time.

Last year, the album Abbey Road turned 50 years old! As a result of the 50th anniversary, there were approximately 3,500 people that made their way to Abbey Road for a snapshot, including people in costume and one Paul McCartney cosplayer who proposed to his girlfriend.

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