Josh Gad Wins WFH, Voices 'Frozen' Spin-Off From His Lounge

How to build a snowman, remotely.

There’s plenty of doom and gloom following the warpath of the global pandemic right now, including the delay on many highly-anticipated film releases. However, it’s not all bad. Disney animator Hyrum Osmond and Josh Gad have teamed up on the new Frozen spin-off series At Home With Olaf. The best part? The whole thing has been created from home.

Hear about all the details and other bingeworthy films and TV shows below:

According to Deadline, Jennifer Lee – who is the head of Disney Animation and director of Frozen I and II, gave Gad a call, asking him if he’d be happy to reprise the role of Olaf from home. 

“So, I did,” he told Deadline. “It was a little bit of a challenge because I’m not good technically, and now we’re releasing Olaf shorts!”

Taking to Twitter, Gad told his followers, “the sheer volume and production value of these is a testament to the brilliant animators and post production team at @DisneyAnimation.”

At Home With Olaf is just one of many ways animation and film studios are innovating, and even capitalising off the pandemic and government restrictions forcing people to stay home.

A bunch of films have been given an early release due to COVID-19 including Frozen II, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, The Hunt, Emma, Trolls: World Tour, Birds of Prey, The Gentlemen, Cats, Dolittle and it just gets better.

If you missed catching the Oscar-winning horror Parasite when it was released last year, you can catch up on the hype when it lands on Stan on April 11th. 

These early digital releases and shorts created specifically for on-demand platforms continue to blur the line between cinema viewing and online streaming. Who knows? Perhaps the pandemic will change the way we consume film and TV for good. 

One thing is guaranteed, and that is there will be no more bored kids in isolation after they get their peepers on At Home With Olaf.

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Straya, We Are Now Officially Banned From Naming Horsies 'Joe Exotic'

"Must be big Carole Baskin fans."

Right now, our social media feeds are just a constant scroll of scary COVID-related stats and memes about Tiger King. It’s a weird world we’re living in right now – and people are reacting to the news accordingly. The Netflix doco series Tiger King has become so popular that one Aussie fan tried (and failed) to name his racehorse after the show’s anti-hero, Joe Exotic. 

According to, Albury-based horse trainer Mitch Beer requested to change the name of his Kiwi-imported horse Bobby Dazzler to ‘Joe Exotic.’ Sadly, Racing Australia denied Beer’s request based on Exotic “not being a nice person.” 

Beer took to Twitter to announce the devastating news, telling his followers, “was denied naming a horse JOE EXOTIC today on the grounds of ‘not being a nice person.’ Must be big Carole Baskin fans @ Racing Australia.”

It’s interesting that Racing Australia are aware of Exotic’s less-than-favourable reputation from Tiger King, but it’s also surprising they knocked the name back in the first place.

Join the Tiger King conversation below:

Over the years, there have been racehorses named ‘Hoof Hearted,’ ‘AARRRRRRR,’ ‘Grouse Sheila,’ ‘Exploding Roo,’ ‘Let Her Rip Hughie,’ ‘Gee Ess Tee,’ ‘Tom Likes Beetroot’ and ‘Thong And Pushbike.’

There were even two horses who raced against each other in 2010 named ‘My Wife Knows Everything’ and ‘My Wife Doesn’t Know.’ 

When you take all of those into account, Joe Exotic sounds like a pretty tame horse name. According to Melbourne Racing Club, there are a number of rules you have to abide by when naming a horse. 

Apparently, your horse can’t be name the same or sound the same as an existing racehorse, the name can’t be more than 18 characters long, it can’t include any offensive material or those that sound like it e.g. Hoof Hearted or – the genius – Norfolk Enchants, it can’t be too difficult to pronounce and you can’t steal a celebrity or brand name. 

Is the real problem here that Joe Exotic is a celebrity name? Either way, punters will sadly have to forgo cheering on a horse by the same name at the next big race. Joe Exotic, on the other hand, would most likely be smiling ear-to-ear knowing how famous his name had become.

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Marvel Is Blessing Our Iso With A Bunch Of Free Comic Books

Run out of episodes of 'Tiger King'?

If you’ve been working from home or stuck in COVID isolation for a few weeks now, there’s a good chance you’re starting to run out of episodes of Tiger King to watch and 1000-piece puzzles to complete. Luckily, our buds over at Marvel have come in to save the day by giving free access to a bunch of popular comic books.

Marvel Unlimited is a subscription service that gives comic book fans access to over 27,000 issues of Marvel’s classic and newer titles. The issues are delivered digitally though your desktop web browser and the Marvel Unlimited mobile app. 

Usually, memberships start at $9.99 a month, but Marvel is offering free access to 12 popular titles from April 12th until May 4th 2020.

Marvel’s Free Comic Books:

  • Avengers vs. X-Men
  • Civil War
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Red Goblin
  • Thanos Wins by Donny Cates
  • X-Men Milestones: Dark Phoenix Saga
  • Avengers: Kree/Skull War
  • Avengers by Jason Aaron Vol. 1: The Final Host
  • Fantastic Four Vol. 1: Fourever
  • Black Widow Vol. 1: S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Most Wanted
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate
  • Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More

Love superheroes? Hear about Wonder Woman’s epic 80s soundtrack below:

All you need to do to access the free comic books is download the Marvel Unlimited app, available on the Apple or Google Play app stores, and select the free comics option. The best part is, the deal won’t ask for credit card information or sign you up to a trial subscription – and, there will be new titles added monthly.

Considering the release of a handful of highly-anticipated films including Black Widow, Mulan, Black Panther and Captain Marvel 2 have all been pushed back due to COVID-19, these free comic books couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Now go forth and get stuck into one.

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