It's Been A Year Since The Epic Game Of Thrones Hype, So Where Did It All Go?

From the top of the TV world to not even a peep.

This time a year ago, the world was getting hyped for the final season of Game Of Thrones and the anticipation was off the charts. After seven years of building up storylines, long-awaited resolutions to outstanding plot points and unparalleled cultural influence, everyone was hoping that it would end gracefully.

And then it all landed with an almighty thud.

Speaking of HBO TV shows, the GOAT team dives into Zendaya’s office romance with her Euphoria costar on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

The backlash to the final Game Of Thrones season was so swift that any hype and goodwill built up over the years was quickly overwhelmed with disappointment.

Whereas people were downright force-recommending people to watch Game Of Thrones, folks these days are vehemently telling people to avoid it or are indifferent to the show at best. Hell, even the cast, who were the hottest people in Hollywood, have suddenly been regulated to yesterday’s news.

By comparison, people still talk about Breaking Bad years after it ended and yet there’s virtually no peep about Thrones, except maybe to diss it and/or tell people to stay away.

All this begs the question: did Game Of Thronesending ruin whatever longevity it might’ve had? After having such a strong stranglehold on pop-culture, how did its cultural influence dissolve the moment it ended?

For all the faults the last couple of seasons of Game Of Thrones had – and boy were there many – the preceding six seasons were great, if not some of the best TV ever produced in recent memory. You’d think that the greatness of the show’s first 60 episodes would offset whatever lapses in logic in the final 13 episodes, but it appears not.

There’s no denying that some of the blame can be put on the showrunners for squeezing in about 25 episodes worth of plot and character development into the final 13 episodes, but surely that’s not enough for Game Of Thrones to go from pop-culture golden child to red-headed step cousin virtually overnight. Slightly neglected middle child certainly, but family pariah seems a bit extreme.

Perhaps it was a combination of the aforementioned rushed ending and the unrealistic expectations everyone had. We all propped Game Of Thrones up as the pinnacle of TV and thus, the ending simply had to be good, especially when we’ve invested some seven years into the journey.

There was no way the showrunners could meet the hype, but the fact that they didn’t manage to even remotely pay off seven years of build up was perhaps too much for fans to handle, even today.

It’s just fascinating to see how a TV show that’s been touted as one of the greatest ever go from endlessly rewatchable to being shunned. There hasn’t been a heel turn from a fandom quite like this, which is fitting for a show like Game Of Thrones since that itself is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that’ll likely never be replicated.

There’s no doubt that the short term cultural influence of Game Of Thrones has more or less dissolved in the wake of its final season. As for its long-term influence, well perhaps a little early to make a judgment on the lasting legacy of Game Of Thrones. Anger and disappointment fades over time and the show’s final season may be retrospectively looked as an underrated ending with flaws that were blown out of proportion.

Or maybe not. Ask us again in 10 years.

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Rebecca Black Reflecting On 'Friday' Is A Reminder Of All The Crap She Copped

"I just wish I could go back and talk to my 13-year-old self."

It’s quite hard to believe but 2020 marks the nine-year anniversary since Rebecca Black burst onto the scene with ‘Friday’ and reminded everyone what the days of the week were. Just a mere mention of ‘Friday’ is enough to get that annoyingly catchy hook and the excessive use of autotune stuck in your head again.

Just in case you needed a reminder:

The much-maligned single has since entered the annals of pop-culture as one of the worst things to ever hit airwaves and is a relic of pop music from the early 2010s.

But for all the critical reappraisal (well, by fans anyway) the song has received in the years since its release, it seems like Rebecca Black hasn’t forgotten all the crap she copped for releasing the song.

Speaking of remembering, the GOAT team talk about Luke Perry and how the Oscars forgot about him on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

The singer-turned-YouTuber took to her social media on the eve of ‘Friday’s’ nine-year anniversary and shared a still from the music video alongside a photo of her today (A/N – she is almost unrecognisable). But more eye-catching than the change from 13-year-old Rebecca Black to 22-year-old Rebecca Black is her thoughts about all the awful stuff she went through after ‘Friday.’

She writes how she wishes she could just “go back” and talk to her 13-year-old self “who was terribly ashamed of herself and afraid of the world,” to her “15-year-old self who felt like she had nobody to talk to about the depression,” to her “17-year-old-self who had almost every producer/songwriter tell [her] they’d never work with [her].”

But for all the undeserved crap Rebecca received, it seems like she’s come out of it stronger as she ends her message on an optimistic note, writing:

“You are not defined by any one choice or thing. time heals and nothing is finite. it’s a process that’s never too late to begin. and so, here we go! this might be a weird thing to post but the honesty feels good if nothing else.”

We may look back fondly on ‘Friday’ now as that campy song that’s fun to dance to, but we also need to remember just how much unwarranted vitriol was aimed at Rebecca Black for nothing more than trying to pursue her dreams. That was an awful period for her and no one deserves that, especially a teenager who just wanted to release fun music.

But as Rebecca said herself, time heals and it’s just heartwarming to see how she’s managed to get herself in a much happier place now and doing what she wants to do… such as releasing banging new music.

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Birds Of Prey Vs Sonic The Hedgehog Is The Internet Fight No One Asked For

Hey DC fans, review bombing Sonic won't help Harley Quinn's prospects

Despite being a far better film than Suicide Squad and having some interesting things to say, like the traumas of the male gaze, Birds Of Prey got its wings clipped at the box office as it unceremoniously became the lowest opening DCEU film ever despite topping hitting the number one spot.

Needless to say that there’s a bit of head-scratching going on back at Warner Bros. as to why Birds Of Prey crash landed the way it did despite scoring some good reviews and promising box office forecasts. As for the fans, well, they haven’t exactly taken the news too nicely as they’ve reacted by taking a leaf out of Harley Quinn’s book and started trolling Sonic The Hedgehog for some reason.

Speaking of crazy fan stuff, the GOAT team look at why gay men suddenly love Laura Dern on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

Birds Of Prey opened to very little competition but is expected to be knocked off its box office perch when the live-adaptation of Sonic The Hedgehog finally enters the fray after a much-needed glo up.

Sensing that the Blue Blur will put a massive box office dent in the already-fading hopes of Harley Quinn’s solo adventure, DC fans have decided to bat for their movie by plugging Birds Of Prey while simultaneously dragging down Sonic The Hedgehog – a movie which they haven’t seen – with false claims of “homophobic slurs”, “racist” scenes, and other unsavoury lies.

That’s not to say that every DC fan is doing this in bad faith – some of these tweets are actually pretty funny and are clearly jokes – but given the behaviour we’ve seen from these troll circles in the past, you just know this misinformation campaign began from a cesspool of fanboy resentment.

It’s understandable to be disappointed that Birds Of Prey didn’t do as well as expected since it means there’s less chance of a sequel or more solo Harley Quinn adventures, but propping up the movie by dragging down another film is just not cool. Just let other people watch what they want to watch in peace.

In a way, this moronic Birds Of Prey vs Sonic The Hedgehog internet fight is a snapshot of where we are in 2020 – when something doesn’t go the way people want, they project, gaslight and lash out at others while being unable to accept responsibility or the real reason why it failed.

It is more than likely that Sonic The Hedgehog will take the box office crown away from Birds Of Prey based on early forecasts, and the big irony is that all this trolling from DC fans in an attempt to tear the Blue Blur’s live-action debut down may have inadvertently helped it do even better since Sonic fans are mobilising in response.

Hoo boy. It seems like we’re in for quite the 2020.

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