If Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Doesn’t Make You Ugly Cry, Good Luck Finding Your Lost Soul

Spoilers ahead, but also plenty of spirit.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. And quite possibly a stomach ache from the nerve-racking nature of this show.

Do not go into Netflix’s Cheer expecting pompoms and pageant girls. You will be put in your place real quick. Block out a good six hours, have some tissues handy for the flood of tears, grab a bottle of wine for that final episode, and say hello to a new appreciation for cheerleading.

Queen Monica

She is the true hero of this story. She’s built the cheer program at Navarro College in Texas into a formidable force, not just for winning titles and trophies, but also for turning kids’ lives around. Monica sets a high standard, but she will fight for her kids, and any one of them would take a bullet for her. Can the US just make her president already? Seriously. This woman has got her shit together.

Gabi’s Parents

At the other end of the spectrum we have Gabi Butler’s parents. Gabi is set up to be the star of the show, but while she struggles with the pressure of living up to expectations on the cheer mat, she has even bigger problems at home with her pushy, cash-grabbing parents. She can’t even have a meal without them hounding her to do more on social media to make them more money. Run, Gabi, just run.

Sweet, Wise Morgan

Morgan may look like your stereotypical poster cheer girl – even Monica admits her looks helped her get into the squad – but there is so much more to her than meets the eye. While her Instagram posts look idyllic, Morgan’s heartbreaking backstory proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Morgan is hardworking, and kind, and wise beyond her years. And I’ll admit she’s made me look at social media in a whole new light.

Absolute Angel Jerry

Could there be a sweeter soul in this world? Jerry has enough genuine spirit to keep us all going. Even when he gets bumped from the mat squad he doesn’t take it out on anyone, or give up on himself. He cheers like an absolute champ, always. His mum gave up everything so he could pursue his dream, and when Jerry opens that university acceptance letter at the end, I was a mess.

Lexi, The End

When the “where are they now?” scene came for Lexi, I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. She fought so hard to try and move on from her troubled past. So. Damn. Hard. And then to find out she got booted from Navarro for hanging with the wrong crowd and refusing to snitch, I was done. BUT WAIT! There is a happy ending after all.

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