GoT's Emilia Clarke Reveals Daenerys' True Motivation Behind King's Landing Battle

"You could give it all of these names that it doesn’t deserve."

The decimation of King’s Landing by Daenerys Targaryen was one of the biggest moments of Game of Thrones season eight.

In the episode, Dany appeared to follow in her father’s footsteps by transforming into The Mad Queen and killing hundreds of civilians in the streets despite the fact the city had surrendered.

Credit: HBO

Jon Snow and Arya Stark watched from below in horror as Daenerys’ troops continued killing. It was these actions that ultimately led to the Queen’s death by Snow in the show’s final episode.

Most fans believed Daenerys was acting out of revenge after Cersei executed her best friend and translator Missandei, however, Emilia Clarke is now setting the record straight reports The Express.

In an interview with HBO alongside Greyworm star Jacob Anderson, Clarke explained that it had nothing to do with bloodlust and was about grief.

“It’s this feeling that you could call Targaryen craziness, you could give it all of these names that it doesn’t deserve,” she said.

“Because it is just grief. It’s hurt and she has this ability to make this hurt a little bit less just for a minute.”

The actress added, “And here she is sitting on this ridge and there’s the emotion and there’s the feeling and the feeling is to f***ing kill her.”

Doesn’t that mean that Daenerys could have just flown to the Red Keep to kill Cersei and left the city as it was then?

Credit: HBO

Anderson also added that the Unsullied would always see her as a visionary, not a tyrant.

“I don’t think that Greyworm can ever really see Dany as the Mad Queen,” he said.“To him, she actually has a very clear sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Hmm, I still think she could have avoided killing so many civilians, but whatever…

Be Thankful You Never Saw The Original Idea For Iron Man's Death


When Avengers: Endgame was released last year, I don’t think we were prepared for just how devastating it would be – not only did we lose Iron Man, but we also said goodbye to Captain America and Black Widow.

The only thing that almost, sort of, kind of softens the blow of Black Widow’s death was the fact that, after 10 whole years, we get to see her onscreen again in her own prequel later this year.

Yes, we’re still salty about them waiting until now to give her her own flick when she was part of the MCU for 10 freaking years. Moving on…

Credit: Marvel

Iron Man’s death was also seriously heartbreaking given the fact Tony Stark tried to escape the life of a hero and live happily ever after with the love of his life, Pepper Potts, and their daughter Morgan.

Tony died after snapping Thanos and his army away to save the universe, but it turns out the death scene was originally meant to be seriously disgusting.

VFX supervisor Matt Aitken recently spoke to CinemaBlend about how the original version of the scene would have upset the audience.

He explained, “Those were the last shots that were delivered, and the key to all that was about finding a balance between seeing that Tony is suffering this incredible damage from exposure to the power of the stones… but also allowing him his moment.

Credit: Marvel

“We couldn’t make it too gory because it would detract from his performance, and that was very important. So we had the flesh on his face bubbling with the energy; it was way too gory. That didn’t fit. That last day or two that we were working on it, I think this is less than two weeks to go until the premiere, it was about finding that balance.”

Yeah, Iron Man almost turned into Two-Face for a second there.

In the end, the radiation was what killed Tony and while his face did get a little burnt, it wasn’t as gross as the whole bubbling skin thing.

Can you imagine how distracting it would have been if Tony’s face was bubbling as he and Pepper said their goodbyes? Ew, no thank you.

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You Probably Didn't Notice This Detail About Joe And Love In Netflix's 'You' S2

It makes so much sense!

Warning: The article contains spoilers for You season two.

If you recently finished watching season two of Netflix’s You, chances are your head is swirling with theories behind what happened throughout the episodes, as well as what could happen in season three.

At the end of the season, we were given a dramatic twist when it was revealed Love was just as crazy as Joe AKA Will after killing Candace who was hell bent on exposing Joe’s murderous ways.

Credit: Netflix

She was trying to protect Love from the same fate as herself and Beck in season one, but it turned out Love knew all about Joe’s creepy side and it made her love him even more.

Not only did she kill Candace, but she admitted to killing Delilah and her and brother Forty’s au pair when they were just kids.

When Joe asked what her plan was for Delilah’s 15-year-old sister Ellie, she explained she was going to frame her for the murder of Henderson (Joe was the real murderer). Um, yeah, she’s not a crazy person at all.

There’s also the theory that Love killed her husband when he said he didn’t want to have a family. Some fans believe she slowly poisoned him with her baking.

Reddit user u/byrd82 theorised, “I just finished watching S2 and had a thought I’d like to share regarding Love and her previous marriage. When Love’s ex-husband tells her he is not interested in having a family, she is disappointed. He becomes ill shortly after. We are told he was ill with a stomach issue, and that after ‘tests’ they never find out what killed him.

“Two main plot points of this story are that Love is a baker that often bakes when she is frustrated, and that she also desires a family. Does anyone else believe Love likely poisoned her previous husband because he would not give her a family? We are given a clue when Joe is presented the muffins in the cage and is fearful of poison.

Credit: Netflix

“This would be a pivotal plot point as it would be evidence that Love would kill for selfish motivations, and not just protecting those she loves.”

Now, fans are claiming that the show’s creators Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble must have been inspired by a very similar pop culture couple – the Joker and Harley Quinn.

One fan wrote, “Ok [hear] us out @YouNetflix #YOUNetlix… Joe (Joker), Love Quinn (Harley Quinn)… Word play on names.

“Character storylines… Two toxic [psychopaths] in love with each other. What y’all think? We need confirmation.”

Another wrote, “Okay I have a question now. Was Love’s second name Quinn on purpose? Love Quinn – Harley Quinn. Joe would be THE JOKER. Even sounds similar. Both insane idk.”

Much like Love, Harley Quinn was totally devoted to the Joker, despite his shocking behaviour. He also often mistreated her and failed to give her enough attention, despite her devotion to him – this also works with the ending of the season where Joe turns his attention to his neighbour.

Credit: Warner Bros

We’ll see how this relationship develops if season three goes ahead!

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