Harry Styles Can Kick It In The Back Seat, Rebecca Black And Nikki Webster Are Touring

We've been missing your strawberry kisses.

There is a lot of excitement this morning about the announcement of an Australian leg of Harry Styles’ Love On Tour. It’s definitely something to cheer about, but hear me out, I have something that’s potentially bigger: Rebecca Black and Nikki Webster are touring together. 

Listen the GOAT team break it all down on It’s Been A Big Day For…below:

The Bingo Loco Tour XXL Tour is hitting Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle, and Brisbane in May. It won’t just be wall to wall throwback bangers though, the website promises “rave rounds, lip-sync battles, dance-offs, comedian MCs, confetti showers, mammoth production and epic secret prizes,” so it really is just an all round good time.

Come for the Strawberry Kisses, stay for the lip-sync battles.

Look. We’ve all belted out both Friday and Strawberry Kisses at some time in our lives, whether that time was as a kid or six drinks deep at a party. Probably both. Point it, it’s happened and there’s no point pretending that you’re not as excited about this tour as I am.

I’m also surprisingly emotional about seeing the two of them together on tour, because both Rebecca Black and Nikki Webster had pretty parallel stories. A big hit when they were kids, before disappearing from the spotlight for a while only to come back bigger and better than ever. 

Rebecca Black in particular has only recently spoken out about what the reaction to Friday did to her, and the thought that she could have a friend in Nikki Webster who has done it all before makes me indescribably happy.

If I hadn’t convinced you that this is what you need to be heading to in May, all the proceeds of the Bingo Loco XXL Tour are going to Make-A-Wish Australia to help make the lives of sick kids a bit brighter. 

Get around it. Harry Styles can wait.

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All The Emperor’s New Groove Jokes You Didn’t Appreciate As A Kid

The cinematic masterpiece turns 20 this year.

In case you felt like being smacked in the face by how quickly time is marching on, this year The Emperor’s New Groove turns 20 years old. It was released in December 2000, after it became apparent that, thankfully, the world wasn’t going to end in Y2K after all. It quickly became a childhood favourite movie, but there were so many jokes that only became really funny once we grew up. What better excuse for a trip down memory lane?

Pacha and Kuzco Making Fun Of The Super Obvious Movie Trope

At six years old, we didn’t exactly have a refined grasp on movie history or what a trope was. Now knowing how many times huge waterfalls with sharp rocks have been used in films, we can understand the dig.

Credit: Disney

The Importance Of Grammar

Again, our understanding of grammar as kids wasn’t exactly the best. This joke originally just went straight over my head if I’m being honest, but I can thank english class for fixing that.

Credit: Disney

The Knife Was The Better Option

I never quite got my head around why a leg would be scarier than a knife, but in hindsight we can all see why.

Credit: Disney

“Bless You For Coming Out In Public”

This one speaks for itself.

Credit: Disney

Acknowledging Plot Holes Is Better Than Ignoring Them

Yzma and Kronk getting back to the lab before Pacha and Kuzco didn’t make sense within the plot, but also needed to happen to keep the story going. Solution? Make a joke out of it, move on, assume that people will forgive you later. 

Credit: Disney

Fourth Walls Are There To Be Broken

Speaking of just doing whatever you want and assuming you’ll be forgiven for it later, this whole moment. Did I know what a fourth wall was as a kid? Hell no. Did I still somehow understand that this was funny? Hell yes.

Credit: Disney


Credit: Disney

In conclusion, The Emperor’s New Groove is a masterpiece and we should absolutely all go and re-watch it with adult eyes. I assure you, it’s just as good.

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This Website Is Trying To Stop Coronavirus By Politely Yelling At You

Because everything helps.

Coronavirus is intense, and it’s spreading quickly. As the number of confirmed cases in Australia continues to rise, we’re all looking for ways to stop the spread. Things like washing your hands properly are simple enough, but something like touching your face is harder to stop because of just how often we all do it. It’s an important step to take though, so why not pick up some motivation from having a website yell at you about it?

Enter Designed “with love and fear” by Mike Bodge, Brian Moore, and Isaac Blankensmith, the website is programmed to recognise when you’re touching your face and tell you to knock it off.

Step one is to record a video of yourself without touching your face. Sure, can do.


Step two is to basically rub your (clean) hands all over your face while it films you and works out what you look like as you touch your face.


Step three is to hit the ‘Ready’ button and then go back to whatever you were doing. If you touch your face, you’ll get this screen, while a robotic sounding voice yells ‘NO’ at you. If you have a different tab up, you’ll get a pop up and the computer will still yell ‘NO’ at you.


I’ve had it on in the background for a while now, and here’s what I’ve learned.

Very quickly I discovered that I touch my face way more than I assumed I did. I got scolded so many times in the first ten minutes that it wasn’t funny. Soon enough though, my brain started to yell ‘NO’ at me before I even went to touch my face, so it clearly works. Yet more proof that I’m just a reincarnation of Pavlov’s dogs.

While this website alone probably won’t stop coronavirus in its tracks, it can’t be a bad thing to take notice of how often we’re rubbing our grimy hands all over our faces after touching our even grimier phones and keyboards. So for the love of everything, stop touching your face.

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