Ellen DeGeneres' Own Crew Have Called Her Out For Screwing Them Over

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Strap yourselves in for an epic dose of Ellen DeGeneres drama because this one goes beyond the recent narratives of her being unable to read the room and being mean to people. Here’s the tea: crew members from The Ellen DeGeneres Show have called out the TV host and the show’s producers for their alleged poor treatment of staff during the COVID-19 lockdown.

On the topic of celebs, the GOAT team talk about those who are using their platform to spread positivity on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to an explosive report from Variety, the core stage crew for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which numbers over 30 employees, have apparently been given no communication from the show’s producers in regards to their employment status and the wellbeing for “over a month,” save for the occasional phone call that barely reveals anything.

You’d think that there’s no reason for the crew to call Ellen DeGeneres and her producers out seeing as how the show is still being made at her Hollywood mansion while everything is under lockdown. However, it is reported that production on Ellen’s home shows are being handled by an “outside, non-union tech company” rather than her usual crew.

Out of the dozens of core crew members employed, only four are reportedly working on the TV host’s home shows. This sort of treatment has unsurprisingly pissed off Ellen DeGeneres’ staff, many of whom are finding her “be kind” mantra to be quite hypocritical.

Variety reports that crew members were left in the dark for weeks as to how much they were to be paid and whether they were going to be laid off or furloughed. This silence from Ellen and the show’s producers caused anxiety among the crew members as they didn’t know whether they would need to find new jobs.

The film and TV industry is continuing to work from home, like a lot of us. Hear how they’re making it work in isolation on GOAT’s daily podcast.

Salt was rubbed in the wound as many of the crew members only realised that the home version of The Ellen Degeneres Show was a thing through social media rather than through their bosses and producers.

When the producers finally got in touch with the core crew members, they were told to brace for a 60 percent pay cut despite the show still airing from Ellen’s house. Apropos of nothing, Ellen DeGeneres’ net worth is reportedly around $330 million. Just saying.

Even at that point, the messaging was inconsistent. A spokesperson for Ellen’s show said pay will be reduced to “8 hours from 10 hours per work day for the week of the 30th [of March],” yet there was also murmurs the crew would be restored to their full four-day work weeks.

Beyond the lack of communication and personal outreach from Ellen DeGeneres and the show’s producers, the crew’s shock at their treatment was amplified after talking to colleagues from other talk shows. It is reported that staff members on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Full Frontal With Samantha Bee all received transparent communications and were paid their full rates.

It’s interesting to note that when Ellen made her big return to the airwaves from her Hollywood mansion on April 7, she told viewers that she was doing it for “my staff and crew. I love them, I miss them, the best thing I can do to support them is to keep the show on the air.”

The entire report from Variety is filled with scalding hot tea and deserves a read right here. At the time of writing, Ellen has yet to respond to the allegations outlined in the report from Variety.

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Did ‘World War Z’ Really Foreshadow The Ruby Princess COVID-19 Mess?

Serious question.

The coronavirus response in Australia has generally been okay for the most part, except for the fustercluck that was the Ruby Princess COVID-19 debacle, prompting lot of questions on why the 2,700 passengers were let off the ship without proper testing. This entire Ruby Princess/COVID-19 mess could’ve easily been avoided had those in charge used some common sense… or taken a look at the Brad Pitt-starring zombie film, World War Z.

Speaking of offbeat COVID-19 things, the GOAT team talk about how Pornhub has been helping out relief efforts on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The coronavirus pandemic has left people in isolation with a lot of spare time and some eagle-eyed folks on Reddit couldn’t help but notice how World War Z sorta foreshadowed or at least hinted at the Ruby Princess disaster.

Redditors dug up the Australian teaser poster for World War Z and noticed how it featured a cruise ship with zombies pouring out of it while it’s docked next to the Sydney Opera House.

Whacked dimensions of Circular Quay aside, people couldn’t help but draw parallels between the World War Z poster and the Ruby Princess/COVID-19 mess. Throw in the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House being on fire, and you end up with what seems to be an eerie example of what Australia went through in 2020 (so far) with the bushfires and the coronavirus pandemic.

Now I’m obliged at this point to note that the connection between the World War Z poster, the bushfires, and the Ruby Princess/COVID-19 fustercluck is nothing but pure coincidence, as much as tinfoil hat wearers would want to believe otherwise.

Much like the whole “Simpsons predicting coronavirus and Kobe Bryant’s death” thing, there’s simply no way Brad Pitt and the World War Z filmmakers could’ve predicted the coronavirus and the Ruby Princess/COVID-19 mess some seven years ahead of time. Life doesn’t work that way, not even in Hollywood despite what The Simpsons would have you believe.

So in short, World War Z didn’t predict anything coronavirus-related though the parallels are admittedly eerie. Now apropos of nothing, I’m going to go sit through two hours of Brad Pitt fighting zombies to see if I missed anything.

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'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Was A Pretty Crappy MCU Film Except For One Scene

Smell the silent judgement?

When we look back at the four Avengers films, Age Of Ultron stands out as something of a red-headed stepchild within the MCU. Upon rewatching the film since its 2015 release, it’s safe to say it’s easily the weakest Avengers sequel due to the sheer number of forced narrative and character threads it had to juggle. One might even call Age Of Ultron downright bad compared to Marvel’s many other films.

But the thing that saves Age Of Ultron from being nothing more than a bad Avengers sequel is one small scene where nothing really happens beyond the team talking crap to one another. You know the scene I’m referring to.

Speaking of movies, the GOAT team talk about how the coronavirus has affected several big releases in 2020 on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Taking place after the opening act’s bombastic action sequence, Age Of Ultron slows things down to something akin to a hangout by letting all of its characters enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed party setting.

Black Widow flirts with Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Thor make fun of Rhodey’s piss poor storytelling abilities, and Stan Lee gets drunk with Steve Rogers. It’s just glorious.

Things get even better when the male Avengers all get into a pissing contest over who can lift Mjölnir. The quality banter between everyone is only topped by the moment when Thor freaks out after seeing Steve Rogers budges his hammer just the littlest bit.

It’s only a five-ish minute scene squeezed into an overstuffed 141 minute film, but those five minutes do more to redeem Age Of Ultron than all of its action scenes, quips, fan service, and world-building moments combined.

In those brief moments, Age Of Ultron goes from loud, overstuffed blockbuster to a simply party movie. In doing so, it revealed the real reason why people follow the MCU religion and get so hyped every time a new movie comes along.

Sure the action scenes are a visual delight, the Easter eggs are fun to hunt, and the world-building serves as great treats for long-time Marvel fans. But the real reason we watch MCU movies is just to see the characters interact during the quiet moments.

The joking about, the meaningful chats, and the forging of bonds between clashing egos and personalities. That’s what make the Marvel movies so good and Age Of Ultron just happened to have the finest character-centric scene we’ll likely ever see in the MCU. It’s just a shame the rest of the movie doesn’t come anywhere near close to that quippy, alcohol-fueled high point.

Sadly, we’ll never get the Avengers hangout movie we all wished for given the events of Endgame. But for five glorious minutes, Age Of Ultron showed us all just how great that hypothetical movie would’ve been had Marvel just let its characters relax a bit instead of being so preoccupied with building up the MCU.

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