Did Hilary Duff Just Hint At A Hannah Montana And Lizzie McGuire Crossover?

Getting the best of both worlds is truly what dreams are made of.

Calling all millennials in need of a sweet dose of nostalgia! All of us? Okay, cool.

We have some pretty exciting news concerning a couple of our favourite former Disney babes, Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus.  

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, literal angel Hilary Duff shared a few updates on her career, including that Lizzie McGuire reboot that just can’t seem to get off the ground. 

During the discussion, Duff was asked if she’d be interested in getting involved in a Hannah Montana x Lizzie McGuire crossover project. (Genius question.) She responded with about as much enthusiasm as you’d expect.

This, friends, is a good idea. Credit: Disney

“Oh my god, I’ve never heard that one. But you might be starting something right now,” she gushed.

“I love Miley, I recently was on her show that she created during the quarantine, and she’s just awesome. She’s always showing me so much love and it kind of embarrasses me in a way. I’m like, come on, you’re like the epitome of cool and it’s really sweet that she’s just so vocal about being a fan growing up with me and I love her. And I don’t know, I’ve never thought about a Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire crossover, but never say never! Anything goes these days, right?”

Actress/Singer Hilary Duff and actress/singer Miley Cyrus arrive at the “2007 Spirit Of Life Awards” at Pacific Design Center on September 27, 2007 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Okay, so let’s dissect this a little. Clearly, Duff had never even thought of this as an option prior to this interview. But her reply is pretty positive, right? And with the right amount of fan interest, this could certainly become a possibility? Cyrus would have the be open to reprising the role of Hannah Montana, though… not sure about the likelihood of that.

In any case, I’m clinging to the words “anything goes these days” with all my might.

Us asking Disney for a Hannah Montana X Lizzie McGuire crossover. Credit: Disney

On the topic of Lizzie McGuire alone, Hilary Duff confirmed, however, that conversations are still happening despite that initial roadblock (butting heads regarding the presence of “adult themes” in the series).

She told Cosmo:

“I feel just as excited as everyone else. Obviously, I have felt love for that character, and I feel particularly dedicated to the fans about making the exact show that it should be.

“So, you know, we started shooting, we stopped shooting and went back to the drawing board with Disney+, Disney, and myself to come up with something that works for all of us, and we’re still in the middle of that process. Everything kind of got put on hold, especially now because of COVID. But no, we’re talking weekly and I feel really good about it. It’s a work in progress.”

Call me an optimist, but I have faith this project will find its feet and give the people what they want. (Rosy-hued nostalgia.)

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David From Lilo And Stitch Might Just Be The Perfect (Cartoon) Man

How’s it, Davo?

I have a confession to make. When I feel like crap, I watch old animated films. Like I’m a ten-year-old, yes. I suppose the nostalgia of it all comforts me somewhat.

Most often, I tend to bust out The Emperor’s New Groove (because it’s the greatest). But I’ve also been known to turn to Happy Feet, Mulan or even Hercules from time to time.

Anyway. A couple of nights ago I was in need of a pick me up so decided to pop on Lilo & Stitch. It had been a while since I’d seen the film, and a couple of things really stood out to me.

Firstly, Stitch is so much more annoying than I remembered – in the beginning, at least. I know he’s programmed for destruction and all, but can he calm down for a second, please?

Would throw him out the window. Credit: Disney, Lilo & Stitch

Second, and most importantly, David (Nani’s friend and sort of love interest) is a total babe.

Hot (sorry). Credit: Disney, Lilo & Stitch

As I watched along, I paid close attention to this character and soon realised that well, he’s a total catch. Yes, I understand I’m talking about an illustration, here. But hear me out.

When we first meet him, David’s performing on stage (very cool) then proceeds to set fire to said stage (cute and kinda dorky). We immediately learn he’s into Nani – obviously – but when she says she’s too busy looking after Lilo to date he doesn’t press her on the point (respecting boundaries!).

A little later in the film when Lilo and Nani have had a tough day, David shows up with some surfboards to get them smiling again (adorable). And when Nani is certain she’s about to lose Lilo to social workers David manages to find her a job (legend!). He does make a joke that Nani can repay him with a date which isn’t the greatest, but they’re clearly into each other so it’s not exactly off-colour.

Throughout the entire film, he works to support Nani and Lilo, (and Stitch too, really) without expecting anything in return. And according to Nani’s journal, old mate has a great butt and fancy hair.

Great with kids: check! Credit: Disney, Lilo & Stitch

He’s the whole package!

Wow, am I thirsting over a cartoon? I think so, yes.

In any case, David Kawena is easily one of the most underrated Disney dudes – way better than Prince Eric or Charming – and he deserves our appreciation. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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Everyone's Falling In Love With Andy Samberg Because Of The Movie Palm Springs

Could watch him in this again, and again, and again, and again…

If you’ve had access to an Internet connection this weekend, chances are that you’ve seen the words Palm Springs popping up all over the place.

If you’re anything like me you might’ve assumed ‘Palm Springs’ was trending because something terrible happened in that area of the States. (Wow, COVID times have conditioned my brain in an odd way.)

Thankfully, that’s not the case and the term is everywhere for a pretty good reason. Palm Springs is a sweet little flick starring Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg that seems to have the Internet frothing for Samberg like never before.

Who? Me? Credit: NBC

The movie, which is kind of like a modern Groundhog Day, follows Nyles (Samberg) and Sarah (Milioti) as they live through “one of those infinite time loop situations”.

Nyles has seemingly existed in this repetitive universe for a while when he has a night with Sarah that leads her to get stuck in the cycle with him. They then navigate the process of Sarah coming to terms with the fact that every time she falls asleep or dies, she’ll start the same day over.

People are seriously raving about how charming this film is. Mostly because of the chemistry between Milioti and Samberg, but also because they loved seeing Samberg star in a rom-com.

It seems the Interwebs has realised this funny guy makes for a swoon-worthy leading man. (PSA I’ve always rated him.)

Just look at Twitter right now:

In short: folks are low-key obsessed with this little film, its story and its starring dude. It’s currently streaming on Hulu in the States but seems as though it may not yet be available in Aus. Fingers crossed that changes soon, though. We deserve some sweet Samberg time, too!

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