'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Is Out, Here's How To Get Isabelle To Your Town

She's back and as bright as ever.

Today is a good day. We might all be in the middle of social distancing and isolation but it’s still a damn good day. Why? Because today is the day that Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out, and with it is a chance to make friends with Isabelle again.

If you haven’t played Animal Crossing before, Isabelle is everybody’s favourite villager. She’s a golden Shih Tzu who brings happiness wherever she goes. Everybody loves her and she must be protected at all costs.

In New Horizons, you start on a deserted island with Tom Nook and his twin nephews Timmy and Tommy, as well as a couple of other characters to start you off. You begin in a tent and work your way up from there. Here’s how to work your way up to a point where Isabelle will move in.

Step One: Build Nook’s Cranny

When you first get to the Island, Tom Nook is working out of a Resident Services tent. After a few days of playing, he’ll ask you for a hand building himself a proper place to work.

Step Two: Invite More Villagers

You’re going to need to boost your Island’s population a bit, but you probably want to do this anyway. Travel around some other islands and speak to the visitors there. If you make friends with them, they might ask if hey can move to your island.

Step Three: Prepare For More Villagers

You’re going to need your deserted island to not be so deserted island-y when those guests arrive. Tom Nook will ask you to help him do things like build bridges and housing lots so that your new guests will be able to live comfortably.

Step Four: Resident Services Tent Becomes Resident Services Building

You don’t really have to do a lot here. The Resident Services tent will be upgraded to an actual building after a day of renovations,

Step Five: Say Hi To Isabelle

Now that the Resident Services building has finished being upgraded, it needs staff to come and keep the place running. This is where Isabelle comes in to save the day!

So there you have it, your favourite digital ray of sunshine is back. Happy Animal Crossing Day!

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Seth Rogen Live-Tweeting ‘Cats’ While High Is Exactly What You Need

"Am I supposed to know what a Jellicle is?"

There are very few things in this world that unify us all quite like making fun of the movie Cats. I haven’t personally seen it yet (and I’d say there’s a good chance you haven’t either, judging by how dismally it did at the box office), but I’ve seen enough stills and clips to know that there’s a reason it’s got a reputation as being a hot mess. Hell, even Rebel Wilson and James Cordern got up at The Oscars and made fun of it, much to the CGI artists annoyance. The latest person to tackle the cinematic masterpiece of Cats is Seth Rogen, and he’s live tweeting the whole thing whilst very high.

We begin with this.

I’ll be honest with you, I had to Google what a Jellicle was. I thought it might have been the name of the cat-heaven place that they all want to go to, but it’s actually just the name of the cats. They’re Jellicle cats, which I guess explains why some of them wear shoes.

One thing I’d heard from some friends who had actually gone to see the film was that the scale was all over the place. Sometimes the cats were really large compared to their surroundings and other times they were the size of a pencil. Seth Rogen has also had this realisation.

He also had some realisations which I hadn’t had, but will now never be able to get out of my head.

Speaking of what the cats are wearing, their shoes implies the existence of a Chuck Taylor’s shop just for cats.

And in conclusion, why did anyone even bother?

Seth Rogen is far from the first person to watch Cats while high, but he’s the first person I’ve seen live Tweet the experience. There’s a reason that Cats swept the Razzie awards this year, and this is it right here.

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TIL Hollywood Dumped A Box Of Industrial Grade Asbestos On Judy Garland

We're not in Kansas anymore.

Hollywood is not exactly well know for being kind to its rising stars, in fact it’s basically known for being the exact opposite. As bad as they are today though, old timey Hollywood was way worse before someone came along and told them that they needed to invent OH&S. Nothing proves this fact for me more than the fact that Judy Garland once got a box of industrial grade asbestos dumped on her while filming The Wizard Of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz is one of those timeless classics that everyone still loves today. Not many movies have stuck around quite as long with the same level of popularity. It hit the cinemas in 1939, so it’s fair to say that safety standards weren’t exactly as high as they are today.

Remember that poppy field scene? The Wicked Witch’s poppies put Dorothy sleep until Glinda the Good Witch saves the day by counteracting the spell with snow? Yeah that one. Well, the fake snow was made of 100% industrial-grade chrysotile asbestos.

The worst part? If you’re thinking that “oh well it was the 1930s, they probably didn’t know about how dangerous asbestos was” then you’d be wrong. Deaths directly linked to asbestos had been recorded as early as 1906

Asbestos is nasty. If you breathe it in, it can give you Asbestosis which causes scarring in the lungs, shortness of breath, and all sorts of other horrible things. The bits of asbestos lodge themselves in your lungs, making them stiff and unable to swap out oxygen for carbon dioxide. Ultimately people will die because their lungs become so stiff that they can’t expand and contract properly.

Next time The Wizard of Oz comes on, whether that be on free to air movie channels or because you’ve put it on your quarantine playlist, you can watch that scene in asbestos related horror instead of awe. You’re welcome.

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