A List Of All The Men Taylor Swift Goes After In Her New Music Video

Just in time for International Women’s Week too.

Taylor Swift has just dropped a new music video for her song ‘The Man’ and in true Swift-fashion, it’s full of easter eggs. The four-minute video follows Tyler Swift (aka Taylor Swift in boy-drag), as he goes about his day getting away with things that no woman gets to get away with. And throughout exposing all the manspreading, media double standards and toxic behaviour, Taylor Swift uses her platform to shout out a few men in her life. Let’s dig into the details. 

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Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun is probably Taylor Swift’s biggest enemy right now. If you need some context, allow me to explain the saga as quickly as possible. Scooter Braun now owns the back-catalogue of Taylor Swifts discography, leading up to Reputation, because of a shady deal that saw Big Machine Label Group (Taylor’s previous record label) being sold. Taylor Swift has since said that she is going to re-record her entire back-catalogue so that she can own it (or some version of it). She is legally allowed to do this, but it’s safe to say, there’s bad blood. 

As a result, Scooter cops it in this music video, big time. The scene that this is most evident in is when Tyler Swift urinates on a subway wall that is graffitied with a whole bunch of Taylor’s old album titles, including Speak Now, Reputation and Red. On the wall, there also signs that read, ‘If found, return to Taylor Swift’ and ‘No Scooters’, obviously referring to the scandalous saga. Also, don’t think we didn’t notice the ‘Capitalise on the Feeling’ ad…. Come through Taylor, we see your statements!

Kanye West

This one’s a little more subtle, but if you need a little context, don’t worry, we got you. Taylor and Kanye have been in enemies for a really long time, like a really long time. But most recently, Kanye West snaked Taylor Swift in his 2016 single for ‘Famous’ where he refers to her as “that b**ch” and depicts her naked in the music video, without her permission. Well, in the ‘The Man’ music video, we see Taylor make a subtle reference to the ‘Famous’ video as Tyler Swift leaves his one-night stand naked in a bed. Also, the character then enters a hallway that looks eerily close to Kanye’s interior design and gets a whole bunch of high-fives. 

Leonardo Dicaprio

As far as we know, Taylor Swift doesn’t have any beef with Leonardo Dicaprio, but that doesn’t stop her from referencing him flying models to Saint Tropez! The line in the song goes, “And they would toast to me, oh, let the players play / I’d be just like Leo in Saint Tropez.” We imagine she’s not necessarily mad at him, but just calling out the way he is portrayed in the media verses how she is, for having multiple boyfriends. Also, the visual comparison is insanely accurate, given she dresses up like him.

Scott Kingsley Swift (Taylor Swift’s Dad)

If you’ve seen the Ms Americana documentary, you’d know that Scott Swift was very much against Taylor sharing her progressive opinions out of fears that it would tarnish ticket sales. Well, Taylor Swift gets her revenge in this music video as she ends up literally throwing a tantrum in front of him and throwing balls at his face. Excellent work, Tay Tay!

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Here's A Bunch Of Pop Queens Performing In Places They Shouldn't

Literally no one asked for Lady Gaga in an IKEA carpark.

Celebrities do a lot of random things for clout, this isn’t new. But, because of this fact, we have some incredible footage of famous people performing in places they really shouldn’t be in. As a result, I have taken it upon myself to compile all the best moments that pop queens have performed in places that are less than acceptable. Let’s begin.

Lady Gaga In An IKEA Carpark

Look, we all love a trip to IKEA, but we can’t say we like to spend much time in the carpark. Evidently Lady Gaga isn’t with us on this one, given this shockingly low-budget performance for an American radio station. Who would have thought this would eventually become a Grammy and Oscar award winner, love that for her! We’re just glad these mic issues were fixed up for Enigma Vegas residency.

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Little Mix In A McDonalds 

Little Mix are one of the most successful girl groups of all time, which makes this video extra hilarious. The foursome take over a regular McDonalds restaurant, flashing on the self-serve screens before delivering an iconic vocal performance on the counter-top. No, you can’t make this stuff up, you have to see it for yourself. We can imagine how slippery the floors would have been for the back-up dancers behind the counter. 

Halsey In An American Mall

Now, I’m going to assume this is before Halsey became famous, because it looks as if Halsey’s team have tried to take footage of this performance down (according to the description). This clip showcases a very young Halsey singing acapella in the middle of an American mall. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Blink 182 would sound like directly out of Halsey’s mouth, wonder no more!

Ke$ha On A Train In Tokyo

Now, this clip is truly bizarre, mainly because it looks as if there were no Kesha fans in sight. As she belts out (albeit, impressively) the high notes in her hit ‘Die Young’, she stuns random passengers around her, but they don’t look happy. To make matters worse, she leaves the train to finish the chorus leaning against a pole, in a very strange sequence of events.

Rosalia At A Talent Show

In the past year, Rosalia has become a cultural icon. She is currently at the forefront of Latina music, pushing the genre into new territories with each and every single. As a result, it was shocking to see a young-Rosalia perform JoJo’s 2004 hit, ‘Leave (Get Out)’ on this talent show. At least the off-key moments have been rectified with her own music.

Come through pop queens!

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‘Knives Out’ Director Says Apple Don’t Let Villain Characters Use iPhones

"I don’t know if I should say this or not…"

In news that will potentially destroy any murder-mystery that you’ll ever watch from now on, Knives Out director, Rian Johnson, has just revealed a huge industry secret. Evidently, Apple is okay with iPhones being used in movies, as long as the baddies aren’t using them. 

Mind. Literally. Blown.

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Literally, I still can’t believe it. He begins his spiel by saying, “Funny thing, I don’t know if I should say this or not… because it’s going to screw me in the next mystery movie that I write… but, forget it, I’ll say it, it’s very interesting.” He continues, “Apple… they let you use iPhones in movies, but – and this is very pivotal, if you’re ever watching a mystery movie – bad guys can not have iPhones on camera. So…Oh no! Every single filmmaker who has a bad guy in their movie – and it’s supposed to be a secret – wants to murder me right now.”

Rian Johnson just quitely dropping a bombshell on us.

I simply can not handle this information, I have so many questions. Like, it makes sense. Of course, you would only want your product being associated with characters that reflect the brand values of the company. Evidently, for Apple, all that means is the character needs to be good!

Clever Apple, clever.

It brings me to my next question, does Samsung also have this policy? Or is it then a dead giveaway if most of the characters are using an iPhone and there’s one member of the squad that’s just chilling on a Galaxy?

 These are the questions I need answered.

This news takes me back to the Nickelodeon family-friendly sitcom days, where iCarly, Zoey101 and Victorious characters would be using Pear electronics (instead of Apple), presumably for copyright reasons. Maybe they didn’t get the copyright, maybe they just didn’t ask, they were certainly good at imitating the Apple branding… 

Art imitates life. (Credit: Nickelodeon)

Also, we need to talk about, what on earth constitutes a “good” character. Sure, superhero flicks and whodunits have obvious evil tropes, but what about drama films and rom-coms. Even the “baddie” in those movies end up having some redeeming qualities for the sake of seeming somewhat relatable. I demand an official statement from Apple now. 

Johnson also spoke about the use of the Apple iPhone as a mode of story-telling in his film, Knives Out. He said, “A little shout out to the props department… know that anytime a clock or a phone is inset, somebody has placed very close attention to the time and has made sure, has like asked me what time it’s supposed to be in the actual scene… Thank you props!”

There you go!

Tea was spilt! Apple, feel free to elaborate on this news. Rian Johnson, thanks for giving us the key to working out the villain in your next whodunit.

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