4 Reasons To Get Behind Abbie For 'Bachelor In Paradise'

We stan a confident queen.

Let me put this out there straight away: I’m not a Bachelor In Paradise fan. Needless to say that I’m not exactly the right person to write about these sorts of shows. But after being told to watch this season of the problematic show, I’m quickly coming around on Bachelor In Paradise, not because the show is suddenly good but because Abbie Chatfield is a goddamn legend.

After just one episode – and a lot of patience in putting up with irritating former Bachelorette and Bachelor contestants – I’m putting all my chips on Abbie Chatfield to triumph on Bachelor In Paradise and you all should too because she’s got all the qualities we want in a contestant.

Speaking reality shows, the GOAT team froth over the recent season of ‘Masterchef’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it

There was a lot of talking, shots of Ciarran’s grave-covered crotch and a heap of introductions to this season’s BiP. But rising above all that is Abbie’s determination to get what she wants.

Abbie signaled her intentions almost right off the bat when she unashamedly declared how horny she was for Ciarran and is here for some hot sex, which is what everyone is here for honestly.

She’s confident

You need a lot of confidence to come out of the gates declaring that you’re horny and here for some sex. And boy is Abbie Chatfield oozing in confidence on Bachelor In Paradise.

Not only is she giving off serious DGAF vibes, but it’s super empowering to see Abbie own her sexuality and while being completely comfortable in her own skin.

That being said, there’s a heap of drama surrounding Ciarran, his cheating ways, and what’s sure to be a showdown with Cass so this will get messy. But hey, there’s no reason why Abbie won’t come out on top (literally) with her proactive, go-getter attitude.

She’s hilarious and actually has a personality

If you look up ‘bubbly’ in the dictionary, you’d find the definition of bubbly. But if I were editing the dictionary, I’d include a photo of Abbie because everything she says is just entertaining and tinged with a never-ending tone of optimism. That’s the sort of attitude we need during these dark times.

But more importantly, she actually comes off as an actual human being with a personality and her comment about not wanting to come off as a “competitive, aggressive bitch” in her pursuit of Ciarran shows some degree of self-awareness of what’s going on in regards to how Bachelor In Paradise is depicting her and how she was previously depicted on The Bachelor.

She deserves a happy ending dammit

Look, after what happened with Matt Agnew, Abbie Chatfield needs to triumph on Bachelor In Paradise after what went down on The Bachelor because she deserves the happy ending that was brutally taken away from her. Someone as confident and awesome as Abbie deserves a big win goddammit.

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Remembering Grant Imahara, The Underrated Genius Of 'Mythbusters'

Imahara had passed away at age 49.

2020 has been an unbelievably dark year and it has unfortunately become even darker as we’re incredibly sad to report that electrical engineer, genius roboticist, and long-time Mythbusters host Grant Imahara has died. He was 49.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Imahara suffered a brain aneurysm and died suddenly. Discovery, Mythbusters’ home network, issued a statement about Imahara’s passing, saying “We are heartbroken to hear this sad news about Grant. He was an important part of our Discovery family and a really wonderful man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Grant’s long-time Mythbusters co-hosts, Adam Savage and Kari Bryon, also took to Twitter to pay tribute to Imahara and express their sadness over his sudden passing.

There was no doubt that all the hosts of Mythbusters were next-level geniuses with a passion for science, but Grant Imahara was definitely the underrated foundation on that show.

It was clear that Imahara was the Mythbusters‘ resident genius but he never showed it off, opting to play the straight man role to the more animated antics of Adam Savage and Tori Belleci, and letting his work show for itself.

Watching Grant blow stuff up and showcase his engineering talents while growing up was a genuine pleasure because not only was it enjoyable to watch someone who was passionate about science but in a non-cringey way (which in turn helped me tolerate my own engineering studies at the time), it was also just refreshing to see an Asian person on television who was given the freedom to be the “smart” one without any judgement or be portrayed as a stereotype.

You will be deeply missed, Grant Imahara, and our deepest condolences go out to your friends and family.

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Never Forget Kelly Preston Once Played Adam Levine's Lover

She was and always will be loved.

2020 has been a dark year and it’s gotten darker following news that Kelly Preston has sadly died at just 57 after a two-year battle with breast cancer. As tributes pour in for the beloved actress, we thought we might celebrate Kelly Preston’s life by highlighting that memorable time she played Adam Levine‘s older lover in Maroon 5’s hit music video for ‘She Will Be Loved’.

Speaking of Maroon 5, the GOAT team talk about that time the band, Lauv, Hot Chelle Rae and Matt Healy got into a spat on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Released in 2004, ‘She Will Be Loved’ was the third single off Maroon 5’s debut album and Adam Levine had the idea to do their own version of The Graduate for the song’s music video and have Kelly Preston in the Mrs Robinson role.

The final result was, well, a modernised version of The Graduate to put it frankly.

Squeezing in at a tight four and a half minutes, the ‘She Will Be Loved’ music video tells the sad love story of two intersecting relationships, one between a depressed socialite (Kelly Preston) and her abusive husband, and one between a young man (Adam Levine) and the socialite’s young daugher (Corinne Carrey).

Despite being in a relationship with the daughter, the young man is in love with the socialite mother and what unfolds is a strangely beautiful love story where the young man and socialite find solace in each other’s arms – to the shocked disappointment of the daughter.

Like what we’ve come to expect from Maroon 5’s music videos, ‘She Will Be Loved’ was sexy and weirdly emotional, so much so that it was actually quite easy to buy into the whole “seek solace in each other’s arms” relationship between a then-42-year-old Kelly Preston and a then-25-year-old Adam Levine.

Following news of Kelly’s tragic passing, Adam took to Instagram to pay tribute to his one-time onscreen lover, writing how she was his “first pretend kiss” and how she will “always hold a special place in [his] heart.”

Like in the music video, Kelly Preston was and will always be loved by all, and our deepest condolences go out to her friends and family.

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