There Are 230 New Emojis Coming This Year And They Already Have Dirty Meanings You Need To Be Across

Oh the possibilities.

Emoji’s just keep growing in numbers, expanding the horizons of sexual innuendo almost indefinitely.

We’ve got eggplant, peach, some very suggestive fingers, a recently ambiguous smiley that was dubbed a “jizz face”, and now we’ve got a whole lot more in store to debase with our collective dirty imagination.

First, let’s talk about the ‘pinch’ hand.

What do you see?

OK. But what do dirty-minded people see?

So just be prepared that if using this emoji to describe the petite size of anything, you are bringing d**k into the conversation whether you like it or not.

Now let’s look to the ‘person kneeling’ emoji set, that comes in various skin tones. This is handy for if you want to express the act of praying, but paired with the right emojis (think eggplant), it is transformed into a fellatio narrative.

Meanwhile, things get quite symbolic over in the object section of the new emoji influx. I think we can all agree that the oyster is likely to be used more often to signify genitalia than to actually refer to oysters. Just a guess.

Combine with the new blood drop emoji and I think we all know what’s going down.

Sexually charged emojis aside, the biggest win of the new emoji list is the notable improvement on disability representation.

And the yawn emoji, which is both cute and upsettingly relevant. Happy texting!

No One Knows What This New Emoji Is Trying To Emote But It’s A Lot Of Fun Guessing

Ambiguity is the mother of invention.

We 158 new emojis to play with since the latest iOS 12.1 update dropped on Tuesday, and almost all of them are self-explanatory. Almost.

It’s your basic business – old people, red heads, jello cake and feet. But there’s one emoji that has everyone confused about what the exact intention behind this facial expression.

No one can quite figure out what this little guy is trying to tell us, though that’s not for lack of trying. Like any notable facial reaction image, everyone’s having a good time captioning it themselves with some educated guesses.

It could pass as pain or pleasure, so naturally some of the suggestions are in that sweet spot in the middle.

Then there’s some scientific hypotheses.

And some scenario-based reasoning.

There’s also the explicitly erotic explanation that we were probably all thinking on some level.

You can also find some real life people that the mystery emoji is definitely channeling whether intentionally or not.

Whatever made the people at Apple create this emoji is unclear, but I think there’s clearly plenty of opportunities to put it to good use so I’m thoroughly on board with its inclusion.

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