Hash Cake Accidentally Served At German Funeral, Proceedings End On A High

Putting the fun in funeral.

Funerals are depressing affairs where people gather together to respectfully mourn the dearly departed before, for some reason I’ve yet to fully understand, stuffing themselves with a massive smorgasbord of food. For a particular funeral in Germany though, things ended on an unexpected, uh, high when the mourners were accidentally served hash cake.

According to the Associated Press (via The Guardian), a funeral took place in Wiethagen (which, apropos of nothing, translates to “weed hedges” in Dutch) and following the burial, the funeral party went to a restaurant for some coffee and cake, as it is a custom in Germany.

The police from the nearby city of Rostock who were called to the scene said they found the funeral party completely stoned out of their heads. 13 people experienced dizziness, nausea and presumably an unexpected bout of the munchies, and needed medical treatment.

While the coffee was fine by all accounts, the cake was a different story. It turns out that found that the stuff served to the party had in fact been a special hash cake that was baked by the 18-year-old daughter of the restaurant employee in charge of the cakes.

How the hash cake ended up getting served to the funeral party is something straight out of a sitcom: the restaurant employee accidentally took the hash cake instead of the normal, hash-free cake from the freezer to the funeral.

Apparently the 18-year-old teenager had baked the hash cake for a “different occasion” only for the mix up to happen. Not quite sure what that “different occasion” means exactly but presumably it had nothing to do with a funeral. What we do know is that the police are investigation the 18-year-old for the hash cake.

This incident actually took place back in August but was not made public until now out of respect for the mourners, who had quite the emotional high and low that day from the sounds of it.

Talk about putting the “fun” in “funeral.”

Today I Learned Of 'Rack Man', One Of Australia's Most Notorious Unsolved Murders

25 years on and still no closer to solving the mystery.

Australia is a big country with even bigger mysteries, many of which remain unsolved. Of the many strange happenings that have happened Down Under over the years, there are few that boggle the mind more than the creepy unsolved murder of “Rack Man”.

In 1994, Mark Peterson was out fishing on the Hawkesbury River in Sydney and hoping for a good catch. The sun was shining and conditions were ripe for a great day.

After feeling a heavy tug on his fishing net, Mark thought he struck gold. But it turns out his catch wasn’t the school of fish he had hoped. Instead, it was a crude steel crucifix with the remains of a human body, which was wrapped in plastic and arranged accordingly, tied to it.

Needless to say that Mark’s day went from great to horrible in record time.

After calling the police immediately (and presumably retiring from fishing immediately), the body was retrieved for examination.

Once forensic pathologists did their magic on the body, they found that the body belonged to a Caucasian male with dark hair aged between 21 to 41 who had died from a big blow to the head. Beyond establishing a basic description and confirmation that the dude was pretty short (a mere 163cm tall, give or take a bit), the police were immediately stumped.

Since the body was so eroded by the water, identifying features like fingerprints and DNA samples were impossible to use meaning that the identity of the deceased man remains a mystery.

With Rack Man unable to be identified, it also meant that figuring out his killer and the circumstances that led to his watery discovery was next-to-impossible for the police since they literally have nothing to go off.

After attempts at figuring out Rack Man’s identity using the clothes off his body failed, the police reconstructed the man’s face using computers and spread the word out to the public in hopes of getting the lead that’s evaded then.

But despite many tips, false rumours and initial promising leads into Rack Man’s identity, the case remains as one of Australia’s most notorious unsolved murders even today as police have yet to close it.

At the time of writing, the remains of Rack Man lie in a morgue somewhere, waiting for someone to come and hopefully shed some light on who this mysterious person is.

Hey Jennifer Aniston, Your Version Of 'Intermittent Fasting' Makes No Sense

The one where Rachel (sort of) finds out.

There are three guaranteed things in life: death, taxes and Jennifer Aniston looking forever young regardless of how old she is. Okay, a major part of it is her having luxury of being able to maintain her health due to all that Friends money, but a lot of it is also down to her diet and intermittent fasting routine.

It’s the hottest diet in Hollywood right now!

Jen spilled her youth-retaining secrets to Radio Times (via The Guardian) and said the secret isn’t drinking the blood of virgins or water from the fountain of youth.

No, her schtick is to go on the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet, which involves fasting for 16 hours (bedtime is included in this part) and then eating healthily for the other eight hours.

Okay, that sounds pretty tough tough but is actually far less restrictive and underwhelming than you think.

Jen says she wakes up around 8:30am every day (must be nice being a Hollywood star who can do that), has breakfast at around 10am, does things like drink celery juice, exercise, and plays with her dogs, and then has dinner at around 5:30pm.

So in other words, the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s health is, uh, eating healthy, exercise and early dinner. How… anticlimatic. Where’s the part involving sacrificing animals to the eternal youth god?

That all sounds like a normal person’s routine with a dash of having early dinner every day. That’s not fasting and if it is then it just makes no sense calling it “fasting” when you’re just doing what people do every day.

Hell, if that’s intermittent fasting then I’ve been (unintentionally) doing it every day, though it clearly has had less on an impact on my health than it has on Jen. Just a hunch but perhaps the eating healthy and exercise part may be more important than when you can and can’t stuff your face with calories.

Well that was underwhelming.

Jen says she noticed a “big difference going without food for 16 hours,” which makes me wonder what kind of difference is she talking about because it’s literally what most people do every day. Is there something in breakfast food that I’ve been missing out on this whole time?

This whole saga has yielded two conclusions: either Jen has a different definition of intermittent fasting compared to the rest of us or the Hollywood PR machine has been incredibly effective at turning something as simple as an everyday routine into a hot diet fad.

But hey, let’s look at it this way, Jennifer Aniston’s intermittent fasting routine is perfectly doable and doesn’t require much change your in routine until most big diets that “guarantee” you’ll be shedding weight in no time.

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