Conspiracy Alert: Is This Very Good Doggo That Crashed A Couture Fashion Show A Perfect PR Stunt?

It only takes one cute as heck pupper to turn a fashion show into national headlines. Just saying.

Picture this: at a high fashion show in India, huge Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra is about to join the models donned in elaborate evening wear when a dog instead enters and takes centre stage. 

That’s what happened at designer Rohit Bal’s fashion show on Wednesday, and the footage of the waggy-tailed stray doggo stealing the spotlight soon went viral online.

It makes sense, because seriously LOOK at this little guy. CAN strut.

Now, most things go viral completely by accident. Who could have expected the popularity of ‘they did surgery on a grape’ or ‘South America map reactions’?

But surely some of the viral things that seem so organically attention-worthy are not merely happy accidents, but carefully executed stunts designed to capture our attention. Yes I am talking about a full blown conspiracy, and we could be looking right at it.

This dog interrupting the catwalk is just so cute. Almost too cute.

Admittedly, I have no tactile evidence, but who needs that when you have a ~theory~. Plenty of conspiracy theorists have no concrete evidence and this is merely in keeping with tradition.

So first of all, designer Rohit Bal clearly knows good PR, because he had two major Indian actors appearing in his show: Sidharth Malhotra and Diana Penty. It’s the age old ‘get extremely hot famous people involved and the attention will follow’ tactic, and you know what? Look at these two. I would call that a flawless execution.

Secondly, animal content is an easy win. We love animal videos, and animals out of place is a sweet spot.

It was only a few months ago that a cat ‘stole the show’ on a runway at a fashion show in Istanbul. Is this a bit of an Illuminati-confirmed moment? Maybe.

Whether or not this specific doggo occurrence was engineered, who knows? But it’s a good lesson in viral marketing – animals can get you the kind of attention that money can’t afford.

Would we have seen the illustrious designs of Rohit Bal if it hadn’t been for that ‘stray’ dog? I think not.

So next time you see a viral video of an animal where it doesn’t belong, ask yourself, ‘is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?’

The Iconic Fire Drill Scene From The Office Has Been Recut Into A Disturbingly Well Done Horror Scene

Consider us psychologically thrilled.

The Office blessed us with a lot of glorious scenes and memorable moments, but the stand-alone sequences that often feature in the intro are some of the best cinematic moments in TV history. Think ‘Dunder Mifflin Lip Dub‘, ‘Parkour‘, and, of course, ‘The Fire Drill’.

Dwight, in his capacity as fire marshal, tests his fellow employees’ fire safety skills by creating the thorough impression that the building is on fire. This scene is emblematic of the comedy genius of The Office. 

Dwight’s unhinged behaviour and Stanley’s consequential heart attack unsurprisingly allows this scene to translate all too well into the horror genre, as Twitter user Austin Spencer (@austinthefreak1) demonstrated.Spenser’s horror version of the fire drill scene quickly went viral on Twitter, with nearly 5 million views racked up at time of writing.

His re-editing of the scene takes away the jokes (#SaveBandit), and the music, replacing it with an ominous soundtrack and a sinister tone. The recut is so chilling it actually makes the moment when Stanley falls to the floor seriously harrowing. I teared up.

All in all, it’s pretty damn cool.

If you’re a diehard fan of The Office you might have noticed that yes, the opening shot is not from this episode, but actually taken from the episode where Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman grill (a classic).

Spencer acknowledged that he pulled the Dwight-typing-Dwight clip in for pacing purposes and as an allusion to the similar moment in iconic horror film, The Shining.

Now Austin Spenser is fielding a wave of requests to edit other iconic The Office scenes into similarly freaky recuts, and between the CPR scene and Michael (and Dwight) ‘surviving’ in the woods, there’s no shortage of suitable options.

Prepare To Be Unsettlingly Into This Viral Remix Of Kendrick’s Backseat Freestyle And 80’s Classic Take On Me

So bad that it’s actually pretty good.

Is there a person in this world who is not familiar with ‘Take On Me’, the 1984 hit song by Norwegian synth-pop band A-Ha that is iconic perhaps most for its epic high note.

And if you haven’t heard of genius rapper Kendrick Lamar, you need to get learnéd my friend because that’s just not on.

Back in 2012, Kendrick released ‘Backseat Freestyle’, an incredible and catchy as hell track that was the lead single for his hit album good kid, m.A.A.d city. 

Now college student Noah Charlick has combined the two hits to make one mighty mash-up of hopes and dreams.

“i’ve either made a great discovery or a terrible mistake,” Charlick tweeted on Monday, with a video of the mash-up still in progress.

The video has over 6 million views at time of writing, and a whole lot of people involuntarily getting into the bop. You can listen to it on his Soundcloud account if you’re in the camp of people who can’t help themselves.

Hath no shame, this shouldn’t work, but ‘Backseat On Me’ (we can work on the official title) is killing it.


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