Who Is Actually Responsible For That Murder In The Last Episode Of Dead To Me?

You're dead wrong.


The season one finale of Netflix’s Dead To Me was so shocking that I physically burst out laughing. Someone died.

The person who ended up face-down in the pool was nasty ass, manipulative, man-child Steve. Steve was the on-again, off-again boyfriend of leading lady and resident ‘crazy’ gal, Judy.

It’s a classic whodunit. I never thought it’d take this turn, and I was genuinely very concerned they’d run out of plot but then they killed hottie god, James Marsden and now we’re in a tailspin.

Creator of Dead To Me, Liz Feldman says that the trajectory of the second season will focus on who murdered Steve and threw him in the pool, but that’s not going to stop us theorising the culprit.

So, if it wasn’t Jen, who was it?

Crazy Karen next door:

Crazy Karen is a loose unit, and is totally capable of murder. You can argue that her Mexican lasagne is attempted murder but that’s another story. Karen would’ve heard the alarm go off after Jen’s eldest son, Charlie tripped the alarm. She definitely could’ve definitely jumped back over to Jen’s, fully armed and taken a shot at Steve to protect Jen.

Crazy pro-gun, mother-in-law Lorna:

Charlie was dropped off at Jen’s by Lorna. Charlie tripped the alarm and Lorna may have heard the commotion and stood guard, watching the events unfold between Jen and Steve. Lorna was the one who gave Charlie the gun, and we were told that she’s pro-gun (gross).

Either of Jen’s little crazy kids:

Charlie had a gun and was obviously scared of something, to have it on him. He had only just gone inside when the kerfuffle between Jen and Steve occurred, and easily could’ve heard.

Henry is the youngest, and the final episodes of the series suggested he was struggling with anger issues. Henry could’ve jumped to Jen’s defence without entirely thinking it through and pulled the trigger on Steve.

The money-laundering Greek dudes:

Steve was into some pretty shady shit, and was laundering money through an art gallery for ‘The Greeks’. Steve had just found out that Judy had drained the funds from their joint account and would’ve been in a lot of trouble with The Greeks. Jen’s backyard handgun would’ve been the perfect cover to shoot Steve and make him pay for losing the money.

Also definitely could’ve been that receptionist who was almost definitely seeing Steve, or Steve’s girlfriend, or even Nick (who dated Judy briefly.) Yeah, my money’s on him. Hold up.

Nick (who dated Judy briefly):

Nick was let go from the police force for ‘psychological reasons’ after his partner died in the field. Nick would’ve had access to a gun. He met Judy at a weird grief church retreat and became very attached to Judy very quickly, and their whirlwind relationship ended because Judy fell pregnant with Steve’s baby. That’s motive for revenge shooting if I’ve ever seen it.

Look, SOMEONE is guilty and I can’t wait to find out if any of this is actually truth. Season two of Dead To Me is on it’s way and we’re definitely gonna be there with bells on to suss out Steve’s killer and love on Henry’s budding Broadway career.

Noah Centineo's Competition In To All The Boys Sequel Finally Revealed And It's Not This Guy

John Ambrose has been recast, and he's FINE.

Our collective boy-crush on Noah Centineo may be in grave danger after Netflix made a ballsy move to cast someone really, really cute as the new John Ambrose in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel.

Lil hottie from the first Netflix Original slapper, was apparently just a stand-in, so it’s a good thing we didn’t get too attached.

Enter: the boy of Lara Jean’s affection from her time at Model U.N.

John Ambrose.


The new John Ambrose will be played by 24 year old, Jordan Fisher, who is a super hot slashie that sings, dances, acts and… plays video games on Twitch.

The announcement came via a super cute Twitter video with Lana Condor introducing us to this mega dreamy, rom-com-perfect specimen on the set of the sequel.

Peter Kavinsky, Lara Jean’s current squeeze from the first movie, may be given a run for his money because if we’re going off Jenny Han’s original storyline for her written sequel, things are about to spice up.

I need to go and rewatch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before again in celebration.

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