The Internet Is Piling On This Manchild Boyfriend Who Missed His Flight To Australia Then Blamed His Girlfriend

His apparently infinitely-patient girlfriend is now in Australia alone. Can someone introduce her to a Hemsworth, please?

Over the weekend, a 24-year-old American woman asked the never-dull r/relationships subreddit for advice regarding her garbage man-baby boyfriend who missed their flight to Australia.

The woman had done all the organisational legwork: purchased the plane tickets, booked the hotels and scheduled activities to do while they were on holiday here.

She’d even issued her 33-year-old beau a packing list because, she wrote, “he seemed pretty unprepared”.

Turns out “pretty unprepared” was an understatement.

As she literally got on the plane, he still hadn’t arrived.

“I kept expecting my boyfriend to come running at the last minute, but he didn’t make it.”

Only when she got to her stopover did she switch her phone back on to find a flurry of texts and missed calls from him: “saying he was running late, asking where I was, asking what to do”.

When the woman finally arrived in Australia, “dead tired” and jetlagged, she copped an angry phone call from her partner who proceeded to blame her for the whole ordeal… because she really should’ve given him a ride to the airport.

“He was upset I left without him, he didn’t know he could have gotten another flight later, it was his fault he was late, there was traffic and the TSA lines were long, etc. … [I]f he’d been with me he would have been on time because I’m good at that stuff.”

When she asked if she should turn off her phone, ignore him, and go have fun solo and sans manchild in Australia, the internet was quick to respond.

You can read the thread here, although it’s been locked against further comments for now. (There are only so many ways you can say DUMP HIM.)

So, this is a call to action for any nice Aussie guys out there.

An adventuresome, extremely patient young American woman is here somewhere by herself. You must be punctual, respectful, capable of ‘adulting’ and have no tendency to blame people for things which are entirely your fault.

Dudes in their thirties who are actually multiple small children stacked atop one another in a trenchcoat need not apply.



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