The Internet Refuses To Let Crocs Die The Ugly Death They Deserve

Just stop it, internet, please.

The internet really has a way with viral fads, doesn’t it?

Just a couple of days ago everyone was completely obsessed with a something called the Vans challenge, which basically involved everyone with access to a phone throwing their Vans sneakers around and being shocked that the shoes landed the right way up every single time.

That’s old news now as there’s an even more bonkers viral challenge that’s put Crocs in the spotlight and somehow made those rubber monstrosities cool.

Are they though, Wade?

Taking a leaf out of the Vans challenge, Crocs owners have decided to throw their rubber shoes around in order to see what happens. To the surprise of many, Crocs were just as good at landing the right way up as Vans sneakers.

As you might expect, the internet was soon inundated with videos of people tossing their Crocs around and having their minds blown at the result.

And with the rise of this new fad, something I never thought would ever happen has happened: Crocs have inexplicably become cool.

Crocs. Are. Now. Cool.

No matter how many times I repeat that it still sounds wrong to me but it seems like some people are pretty stoked that Crocs are finally getting some love.

As for why Crocs also land right way up, I have no idea nor do I really care. This is worse than the time high-heeled Crocs were a thing.

I’m not upset, I’m just disappointed in everyone who refuse to let those pieces of rubber masquerading as shoes die the ugly death they deserve. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go buy a pair of Vans.

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